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Betty's Thurs. night with Denise and Fri. night with Sara.

This hiked up her dress exposing the pale yellow panties covering her pussy.

"What..." she hesitated, "Sir, I know I've been bad. Just tell me how you want to punish me."

I narrowed my eyes. "There you go telling me what to do again."

She flopped back throwing her arms out wide and moaned in desperation. I climbed up on the bed and kneeled between her legs, hiking her dress up above her navel. I looked down and noticed a wet spot forming on the crotch of her silky yellow thong. I started stroking her pussy lips very gently through her panties.

"If you keep wearing panties around me, eventually you're gonna run out of them."

She involuntarily bucked her hips and pouted at me. I stood up next to the bed and pulled her panties down and off, then stuffed them in my pocket.

"Oh please, Sir, please..."

I rolled her over. "Get up on your hands and knees."

She complied, "Oh Sir," she moaned, "fuck me, please, fu... AH!"

She cried out in pain and surprise when I slapped her bare ass. I spanked her again and she let out a high pitched gasp.

"I'm sorry I was so bad, Sir, I won't do it again." She looked back at me, a sexy combination of fear and lust in her eyes.

"Don't you look at me while I'm spanking you, unless I tell you to," I snarled and spanked her again. She looked at the wall and cried out as I spanked her over and over again.

I must have spanked her twenty or thirty times; sometimes harder, sometimes more gently, some blows came in rapid succession, some with pauses so long she thought I was done. When I did this I'd wait until she started to look back at me and spank her again. The entire time she whined and cajoled, as if she really wanted me to stop. Maybe she really did. But it seemed to me she liked getting spanked almost as much as she liked getting fucked.

"Oh, Sir, I know I've been bad! I'm sorry! Please, I won't do it again, I'll do what you say from now on! Sir, please!"

And then, somewhere in the middle, she stopped calling me "Sir" and went for "Daddy". "Daddy, please, oh! Daddy, I know I was a bad girl! Oh, Daddy! I learned my lesson! Please, stop, I'll be so good for you! I can be good! I can be good, oh! Daddy, please..."

I considered telling her to shut up, that I hadn't given her permission to speak. But it was sexy as hell so I let it go. I'd never been with anyone like her. This was just... I had no idea. It was different, that was certain.

I finally stopped. I slapped her ass one last time, watching the delicious shake of the perfectly curved little cheeks of her ass. After this last smack, instead of pulling back I left my hand on her ass. I let it rest there feeling the heat coming off her cheeks. After a minute I started to softly caress her butt. She... I can't call it a moan, the noise she made. She practically cooed.

"Oooooh..." she rocked her ass back into my hand. During her spanking she had dropped her head and upper back down to the bed and raised her ass up high. This caused her dress to fall so far forward that her naked breasts were exposed. I loved that she hardly ever wore a bra. I can't say I was in love with Amy, but I was deeply in lust. I caressed her ass a little more with one hand and adjusted my raging hard on with the other so I could move around more comfortably.

When I stopped rubbing her ass she started to make a disappointed noise, but fearing a negative reaction from me, she clipped it off with a tiny worried little yelp. It was funny, it was cute, and I almost laughed out loud, but I managed to bite it back. If I started laughing now it would ruin the mood. She was the bad little girl and I was the angry punishing daddy, after all. I stepped over to my nightstand and pulled the drawer open, retrieving a bottle of lotion I kept in there for... that I kept in there. Shut up, everybody does it. Anyway...

I carried it back to the bed and sat behind her. I squirted a shot of lotion into each palm and gently rubbed it into her red raw ass cheeks.

"Lay down," I ordered, and she complied.

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