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With his palm he cupped her and began to rotate his palm in gentle circles. Hunter gently bit her jaw and moved down over collar leaving a trail of kisses. He then latched on patch of skin near her shoulder and as he latched on he began to press harder and harder against her center. Grinding against her clit, he then bit down on shoulder hard and gently pinched her clit.

Hunter felt her body tense and she dropped her head back and moaned loudly while locking her legs tight around his hips. Hunter continued to pet her softly drawing his fingers lightly up the smooth lips of her pussy drawing the moisture at her opening over her hard clit and stroking softly around and around before dipping down again. At the same time he was feathering kisses over her neck, jaw and face. After a few moments her chest still heaving she began to relax against his body.

Feeling happy, and a little bit naughty, she wrapped her arms around his body and began to kiss him softly. Nibbling on his lip and circling his tongue with hers before drawing his tongue into her mouth and sucking softly on the tip before releasing him.

Smiling she picked up the bottle of body wash and began to spread the soapy lather over his chest and down his arms slowly. Reaching behind him she ran her hands over his bottom and then gave each cheek a slap and he promptly returned the favor. Laughing she moved his body feathering kisses over the smooth expanse of his chest. Once on her knees she reached out her tongue and ran it over the underside of his swelling erection while looking at him. "Is that how you do it?" she asked innocently.

When he smiled but didn't respond she circled her tongue around the head of his shaft and then kissed the very tip of his cock. "Is that how you do it? No?" This time she ran her tongue around the head of his shaft and then sticking her tongue out as far as she could go she enveloped his throbbing erection. Slowly she moved her head over him until she felt him touch the beginning of her throat. Easing back she swirled her tongue again and did it again this time with more suction. Feeling his hands on her head she pulled back. "Is that how you like it daddy?" She swallowed him again, this time literally, taking as much of his cock into her mouth as she could before making a swallowing motion with her throat.

Hunter pulled back and tugged Danni to her feet before reaching around to turn off the shower. "But, Daddy I was just starting to have fun." she pouted as he stepped from the shower and toweled off before running the towel over her body and then lifting her into the air.

With her moist pussy wiggling just above his cock he wrapped her legs around his hips and carried her to the bed. Falling onto the bed, Hunter grabbed her wrist and pinned them above her head. "You wanna play huh?" He grabbed a condom from the nightstand before kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear. Pushing his cock slowly within her moist heat until fully seated inside of her he rotated his hips, grinding against her clit. Pulling back he taunted "Is that what you want?" he set a driving pace slamming into her body. Danni began to moan and cry out while he continued his ruthless pace. Leaning down he pinched a nipple and bit her neck while rotating his hips again to grind down on her clit once again.

Danni began to struggle against his hand pinning her wrist to the bed. Hunter adjusted and brought her wrist down on opposites of her hand and pinned each wrist in his hands and continued his hard thrusting. Danni's head tossed back and her body shaking she anchored her legs tighter across his hips. "Is that how you like it?"

Danni groaned yes and cried out again a he ground his hips.

"I want to feel to cum all over my dick." he whispered into her ear as he pushed harder. "I want to feel you shaking underneath me while this tight . . . Wet . . . Pussy. . . Clenches on my cock."

Hunter's dirty speech set Danni on fire and moments later she exploded underneath him and lay shuddering as she felt his body tense and Hun

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