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The Adoption and a Divorce.

The black woman hadn't seen the sucker punch coming and her face hit the mat hard; everything was moving in slow motion as she was pulled up by her hair only to get her head slammed into the mat again after Dee performed a DDT. The crowd quickly changed sides, though some were still yelling insults at the white woman, the majority were calling for more brutality. Dee rolled the black woman over and pulled the straps if Daisy's swimsuit, exposing her slightly smaller and saggy breasts. Dee cackled as she twisted her claws in her opponents dark tits as Daisy awoke, howling in agony as her tender breasts were being shredded.

Daisy first tried to remove the wife woman's hands from her tits but when that failed she resorted to gouging Dee's eyes. Now it was her turn to shriek as Dee had been bent over, assaulting her opponent's ebony orbs, when she turned away; blinded, grasping for the ropes as she rubbed her burning retinas. Daisy took a moment to pull her swimsuit back up to hide her chest, as Dee was still wailing while bent over the middle rope on one knee.

Daisy grabbed the white woman by her short hair and pushed her face into the top rope. The black wrestler ran the distance along the ring, scraping Dee's eyes along the rough cable. She finally fell to the mat screaming and clutching her face like it was on fire. Daisy smirked as she watched the white woman roll around on the mat. She rubbed the back of her head where Dee had booted her earlier and decided it was time for some payback. The black woman kicked Dee in the pit of her stomach; this rolled her over into her back as she made a loud grunt followed by soft moans.

She three covering her flat, soft tummy but Daisy dropped a knee into Dee's abdomen over and over before kneeling down next to her opponent. She held Dee's hands to the mat above her head then cocked back her right fist to repeatedly bury it in Dee's stomach until she was retching like she had dry heaves.

Daisy started hammering her fist into Dee's breast, smacking it around like a punching bag before finally getting up to grind her knee against her opponents tit. Dee was crying, tears and sweat pouring down her face as she begged the black woman to stop. When Daisy stood to surmise her destruction, both hands on her hips, she bent down to grab Dee by the hair and was surprised by a low blow right between her legs.

The black woman stumbled back, clutching her pussy, as Dee slowly got up. She unleashed a hellish war cry and charged Daisy, spearing the petite black woman so hard the duo tumbled through the ropes and out onto the floor. The audience stood up, almost like meerkat on cue, as the Dee lay across Daisy's torso in a sweaty heap.

"Here, honey," Keith yelled over the din of other wrestlers cheering, hooting and clapping for their favorite. Dee saw her husband from two rows back hand his seat over the guardrail. She got up to take the proffered steel chair as Daisy began to stir. Lifting it high in the air after she folded the chair, Dee brought the pointy tip of the backrest down like a spear into her opponent's midsection.

"Oomph!" Daisy gurgled and rolled to her side, clutching her stomach. Dee took a step back, hollering "Four!" as she swung the seat like a golf club, cracking the black woman in her back. Daisy was in agony as her face cringed while her mouth was formed into an "O" shape of a silent scream. The referee was admonishing Dee while leaning through the ropes, ordering the two fighters get back in the ring.

"Fuck off," Dee hissed and, after gripping the chair legs with both hands, brought it crashing down on Daisy's back two times in succession. The black woman had rolled over onto her stomach from the first golf swing by Dee to rub where the white woman had struck her leaving her completely exposed and now she thought her opponent might've crippled her as she sobbed into the rubber mats which surrounding the ring.

Dee wasn't finished; she was trying to save face from her humiliating loss last time and wanted to leave the impression she wasn't someone

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