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Annual camping trip has a fireside visitor.

I felt a bit guilty and greeted her, handing over her gauze shirt top and the bikini bottoms that I'd brought in from the car. I also brought my swim trunks and a Hawaiian shirt, not knowing just how much we'd be dressed.

"Here, babe," I said, handing over the duds. She immediately donned both.

"Uh, the bikini top?" she asked.

"Oh, oops, I guess I left that in the car, and the driveways so far away! Besides, you look great in that top, and he's seen it all anyway, right? Everything else ok?"

"Yeah, I guess. He tossed the fish in the sink there, then disappeared back into the house. He's been a perfect gentleman - no passes, no groping, not even any verbal hints at anything other than being glad we met and looking forward to dinner. It could have been a lot worse, Mr. Leave Your Wife Alone Naked with a Strange Man!" she pouted a little, but I could see it wasn't too serious.

"Sorry - the way things shaped up, it seemed ok. He really was excited to get those fish, and I figured that serial sex killers don't get that worked up about fishing!"

She smiled, and I couldn't help getting a bit turned on, seeing her in the brief bikini bottoms (I knew she'd want that security), with her nipples visible through the gauze, making her, if anything, even more sexy than when naked. Looking around, we saw pretty typical magazines, nice furnishings just right for surviving being in a beach house, and some very G-rated family photos of Rick and an attractive brunette, all properly attired.

Rick reappeared at about that time and in turn opened a bottle of white wine, pouring one for Anne, then fetching me and him beers, then skillfully filleted the fish, then invited me out onto the deck to fix them. Anne picked up on the hint and volunteered to throw a salad together if the fixings were available, and Rick showed her the amply stocked refrigerator. That set, Rick and I exited to the deck with the corpses and tools of preparation, and he donned an apron then fired up the gas grill, remarking that he loved charcoal but that gas was so much quicker and cleaner.

Separated from Anne, we had our first time to do guy talk. "Rick," I started, "this is great that you've invited us into your home!"

"No, it's great to have the company. My wife Linda's off visiting her sister or she'd be here enjoying the beach and your company with me. Since she's been gone for a week, with another week to go, it's nice having company to talk to for a change. We beach folks mainly wave and smile - there's very little actual socializing, since most of them drive in just for a day, and since we modern humans aren't all that comfortable talking to strangers with our clothes off!" he chuckled and looked up for some reaction.

"Well, we're new, as you can tell from our tans, to this whole nude beach thing, so I think Anne is a bit shell-shocked that she ended up naked in a house with a naked man she's not married to, but she's good with that - thanks for making her unintimidated, by the way."

"No worries there. I'll have to admit, she's a beautiful woman, and all my thoughts haven't been absolutely ready for the family hour, but I'm also married to a beautiful woman, and I don't know about you, but I do get a bit of a thrill when I see naked women, and frankly I also do when my naked woman is seeing naked guys."

"And being naked with said naked women isn't exactly a problem!" I laughed.

"No, not usually - although I've been known to have to take evasive measures to keep that kind of problem from arising!"

"So I noticed, about the time of your 'helping' her cast that line, or rod, as I think she called it!"

"Ah, sorry about that - I apologize if I was out of order then," he said, suddenly serious.

"No," I laughed again.

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