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Becky after Work.

I would have liked to sink my teeth into those tits of hers and tasted them.

Under the covers, I slid down my hand to my panties and slipped my thumb inside them. I bent my knees up and moved the silky panties down. Then as I thought of Andrea's firm ass, I moved my hand back up and then down over my belly button and the few wisps of pubic hair and down to my pussy. I lightly brushed the surface of my already engorged pussy and that sent shivers up and down my body. Soon I was pumping one then two fingers in and out of my hole. My bed squeaked three times in succession, and I figured she must have known what I was doing, so I slowed a bit. Andrea rolled over and readjusted her blankets. I pulled out my wet fingers and licked them under my blanket. Though it was killing me, I didn't masturbate again that night, though I couldn't get her out of my mind.

A few days passed, and I was beginning to go crazy thinking about her. It was torture to live with such an amazing creature as Andrea, and not to be able to touch her or to even talk to her about anything sexual a bit. Perhaps I'd try something when she got back from wherever she was. It was Monday night, and the weekend had passed without Andrea's even so much as going to a party. I had met a few guys on Saturday, but opted not to bring any of them back to our dorm room. One of them had given me a bottle of rum-an unopened leftover from the party. Alcohol was tough for freshmen to get on campus. I went to the fridge to get the rum so that I could mix it with a soda. When I opened the door, however, I noticed that the bottle was much more empty than it had been. I'd had only a drink or two, and now the bottle was nearly half gone. Could Andrea have had it? It must have been someone else, I thought, though in fact I hoped it had been her who drank the rum. She could have used a little loosening up, and I'd have liked to see her drunk.

A few hours passed and it was almost 11-still no sign of Andrea. I was starting to worry a bit, so I flipped on the late night talk shows to get my mind off it. 12:30 rolled around, and I couldn't wait up any longer. I turned out the lights, peeled off my clothes and hopped into bed. I realized that I'd never, actually even once, gone to bed before her. It was only when she had gone home that I'd gone to sleep alone in the room. It seemed very strange to me now, as if I had to wait up for her.

A few minutes after I'd been laying in bed, I heard a few noises grow closer, and then the key turned the deadbolt. I laid back and pretended to be asleep as she came in. In she walked. Then I heard a voice whispering to her, and a desk light went on. I snuck a peek and could not believe my eyes! Andrea had come in with, and was now whispering back to, a young girl who appeared from her outfit to be either a stripper or a hooker. She was blonde-light blonde, with an athletic but slim body. She was tan and wore only a pink bikini which appeared to be made of something like latex. The girl had clear blue eyes and was missing a tooth in the side of her smile.

The two of them were giggling and Andrea pulled the girl to her by the string of her latex bikini. I tried to breathe naturally, as if I was sleeping, so that they would not hesitate to continue in plain view. The didn't really seem to care at all though.

The blonde girl rubbed Andrea's beautiful tits right through the fuzzy sweater she was wearing. Andrea arched her back and rolled her eyes in delight. Then she took a step back and reached down to her zipper. The girl looked on as Andrea did the sexiest dance and slid her tight khaki pants off, revealing her blue cotton panties like the ones I had seen on her.

"Ooh, you are sooo gonna get it!" said the blonde girl. She stepped forward and yanked Andrea's panties forcefully down to her knees.

"Eee," Andrea squealed with excitement.

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