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Mother and son go shopping for wild party.

Megan put her hand on her mother's side.

Something about the kiss seemed natural. Neither woman had the urge to instantly stop it and it lasted another dozen seconds.

When they finally separated, Jerry said softly, "Wow. You WILL do anything, won't you."

"No requests are out of bounds?" Mark repeated Megan's words.

Megan smiled. "Nope."

"Then how about more?" Mark asked.

Megan faced Amanda and restarted the kiss. This time they embraced. Megan flung one leg over Amanda's and her hand slid up to the middle of Amanda's blouse. After a momentary grasping at the material, she found the first unopened button and worked it with one hand until it, too, was free. Now the majority of both tits were visible. At least, until Megan's hand slipped inside the blouse.

At this point, Mark and Jerry were beginning to believe anything was possible. Their cocks reacted positively to what was happening on the couch and ideas of what might come next began to emerge. Then things occurred so rapidly they had little time to do anything except watch the show.

Megan was somewhat stunned by the fact her hand met a bare, braless breast. She hadn't expected her mother to wear the blouse without a bra, even on this occasion. So when her hand landed on an exposed nipple, she hesitated.

Amanda wanted to express her approval without having to speak, so she moaned very quietly. Megan heard it. The men never knew. And Megan's hand continued its exploration of Amanda's chest.

The men watched Megan slowly open one more button. There were only two left and they both wondered if she would...

Megan did. The last two buttons were undone in a matter of seconds. The blouse hung open and Megan's hand was moving up and down her mother's stomach and chest. They kissed once more and Megan pushed one side of the blouse aside while massaging a tit.

Mark was the first to reposition his erect cock inside his pants. Jerry followed suit as slyly as he could without being obvious. Of course, there was no need to hide it as neither woman was paying attention. They were in their own new world.

"Kiss it," Amanda whispered. "Lick it."

Megan was nearly shaking. Could she make herself do it? Or could she prevent herself from doing it? She was feeling sexual excitement she had never felt before and, strangely, had a deep, deep desire to suck on her mother's beautiful tit.

Megan leaned down and put her lips on the top of the breast. Inch by inch her mouth came closer to the nipple. And then, as Amanda had told her, Megan put her tongue on the swollen tip and lightly licked it. Both men saw Amanda stiffen at the sensation of her daughter's tongue on her nipple. A couple of licks ensued, followed by Megan opening her mouth and taking the end of the tit between her lips.

Mark and Jerry sat with aching cocks pressed firmly against their pants as they watched the women on the couch. They would have given anything to be able to release their erections. But they waited to see what the women did next before making total fools of themselves.

Amanda said in a shaky voice, "Stand up, honey. I think it's time to offer our guests some dessert."

Megan obeyed, not sure what her mother had in mind but always willing to trust her. Amanda stood directly in front of her daughter.

"Undress me, hon," Amanda said over her shoulder.

The smiles on Mark and Jerry's faces convinced Amanda she was on the right track. This was the most important deal she was ever involved in and it required the most dramatic action. As long as Megan hung in there, she felt confident.

Megan put her hands on the top of Amanda's blouse and pulled it off her shoulders. Soon, Megan held the shirt in her hand and Amanda stood topless in front of the men. She had nothing to be ashamed of. Her tits had maintained their natural shape and form and, for two men ten and twenty years older than her, they presented an exquisite view.
When Amanda didn't feel Megan continue, she reached for her daughter's hands, grabbed them, and moved them

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