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He's given his first gay experience.

Then she recommenced with a harder breast squeeze, drudging back and forth, repeating it again and again, quickening her grinding rhythm.

Nick swallowed, watching her work one hand to hold the cock into her boobies while the other hand was fingering her wet cunt, furious in her progression. Then she switched position from titties-fucking to an unexpected resurrection of a final blowjob.

Oh, fuck, he thought, here's come the dragon attack!

Dragon attack indeed. She impaled all of his cock with a shove and jammed three fingers into his crack of his ass at the same time, digging far into his anus. He was looking at a transformation from an innocent na__ve child to an insane teenage slut starving for a drink of cum. This act made all Hustler movies looked like a bunch of PG-13 flicks.

"Fuck, I can't hold on anymore! Fuck!"

Sophia responded from sucking harder and faster, penetrating her fingers deeper into his shithole. She looked into his eyes and smiled, finger-fucking him harder.

"Ack!" Nick tensed with a short scream, unable to hold his growing ejaculation, and went cross-eyed as he felt gallon and gallon of hot, brackish semen pumping down Sophia's tepid throat. The blast overflowed the inside of her mouth, causing it explode like a firecracker explosion. Most of his cum disappeared as she swallowed a whole bunch with one loud gulp, yet she kept pumping and sucking him like her life depended on it.

"Mmmmm." She swallowed more of it, still stroking his tentacles, leaving a trail of white substance dripping down her chin. After swallowing a handful, she whipped his dick out, jets of cum still gushing out of his prepuce, and let out a devious smile.

He felt his whole sexual development on the edge of impairment as more semen still squirted everywhere, spraying across her nose and across her neck and onto her chest. More splashed on her forehead, and down on the carpet, forming a pool of her brother love juice, a kind of substance that'll leave a disastrous stain.

"Fuck, you came so much, Nick," she murmured, kissing his dick as if she was in love with it. She looked at him, her face full of white semen, and hinted a smile. Her eyes was still full of lust and wonder, her tension heightening as she bit her bottom mouth.

Nick was gasping for air. His heart was pounding. He fell on his back and his eyes became clearer through the haze of cloud. His sister was licking the cum off her fingers, swallowing the rest of his juice like regular milk. She grazed more of his semen off her drenched chest and her stomach, and then slurped it in her mouth.

"How do you feel, cutie?" she asked

"Good, but tired." Nick was laying on his back, staring into the ceiling, breathing still.

"But we're not done yet. I want to do something else. While you're recuperating, would you like a taste my pussy? Suck it?"

Nick nodded, feeling his hormones on fire again, and started rubbing his cock. Sophia stood over his head and crouched down on his face, almost as if he was about to sit on him but she was able to maintain her position just an inch from his mouth.

"Man, Sophia, you have a cute ass."

"Oo, my, thank you." She wiggled her buns on his face and giggled." Then prove you like it, Nick. Come on, you fucking little pervert. Do it before I sit on you!"

Then Nick did it. He raised his head, feeling a little dazed, and started licking her clits. And it tasted like something he had never tasted with a smell he had never smelt. Again he licked her clitoris, slurping the cram-like creation, sucking the juices out of her. She moaned, clenching her teeth. The entire process was electrifying, bringing sudden lust into his balls. He couldn't believe it. Now he was tongue-fucking her own eighteen-year-old sister. All so sweet and wet and smelly.

So this is what a pussy smells like, he realized, taking a good whiff at it. No one can really describe it except for the fact that it's sweet and addicting. And it's my own fucking sister!

He licked some more, swirling his tongue deeper into her cunt.

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