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Conk & Jan caught having emergency sex on beach.

With her on top, Ryan continued to suck on her nipples, alternating between the two.

With Ryan's face occupied, Sarah looked up and made eye contact with Katrina, watching Katrina play with herself while she rode Ryan's cock. Katrina returned her torrid stare, and responded by increasing the pace of the hand in her shorts. Sarah watched the shape of Katrina's hand through her shorts, and at least one of her fingers was disappearing inside of her. Her shorts were low enough that on Katrina's more urgent thrusts, Sarah could see the top of Katrina's dark brown landing strip.

As she watched Katrina pleasure herself, Sarah felt her own orgasm begin to build as Ryan continued to fuck her. She put her hand on Ryan's chest and started to gyrate her hips so his cock was pressing into her just right, hitting her G-spot on every thrust. Sarah began to breathe heavily, and put more weight on Ryan's chest, and Ryan knew from past experience to quit moving when she did this, and Sarah took control. Her ass pressed down harder into his crotch, grinding his cock as deep into her pussy as it could go. She knew what was coming, and her hand started to rub her own clit that much faster.

The orgasm built quickly, due to the stimulation of her hand added to the excitement of being watched. Katrina watched with rapt fascination as Sarah's lower lip began to quiver, and the arm that was holding her up on Ryan's chest began to shake. Her nipples became so swollen they almost became painful, and Sarah locked eyes with Katrina right as she climaxed.

Sarah wasn't normally a screamer, but she let out a series of loud moans as the spasms of pleasure wracked her body. She ground herself onto Ryan's cock as she came, and when it was over, flopped forward onto his chest, spent. His cock remained inside her, still hard as a rock, but allowing her to rest for a minute to gather her breath.

Fifteen seconds went by. "That was intense," Katrina said, her own breath a little ragged. Sarah nodded and laughed gently, and noticed that one of Katrina's legs was within arms length, and she reached out and lightly stroked the brunette's leg. Katrina moved her leg a little closer so Sarah could get more contact, and Sarah started moving her hand gently up and down Katrina's calf, which had just grown a light sheen of sweat. Katrina's gaze met Sarah's as the brunette's fingers continued to work on and in her pussy.

Ryan noticed what was going on, and watched Katrina play with herself for a few seconds, and began thrusting back into Sarah. Sarah kissed him, and put her nipples back into his mouth, all while she continued to stroke Katrina's leg.

Ryan took all this in, and felt his own orgasm approaching. Sarah noticed the pace change, and looked down at him. His face started to become strained, and Sarah became concerned.

"You getting close to coming?"

"Oh yeah. I'm gonna blow."

Sarah stopped her thrusting, and put her hand on Ryan's chest. "Not yet. Stop."

Both Katrina and Ryan looked at her, dumbfounded. Both had stopped what they were doing.

"Why?" Ryan asked.

"Because we're putting on a show for Katrina, and you know what Katrina really, really wants to see?"

Ryan still looked confused, but Sarah wasn't looking at Ryan, she was looking at Katrina. Katrina looked blank for just a second, and then she smiled and nodded.

"Katrina?" Sarah asked, knowing the answer.

"I want to watch you fuck her in the ass," Katrina declared.

Ryan looked at Katrina, for a second, stunned, then looked up at Sarah. Sarah got off Ryan, got on her hands and knees with her ass pointing at his face. "Bring it on, Ryan. Or had you forgotten that I'm The Girl Who Loves It in the Ass?" Ryan looked confused for just a split second, then got with the program. Ryan got up on his knees behind her, and started to get in position.

Katrina spoke again.

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