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The girls have their first assignments.

such a baby!

No, I won't stop now; after all, you were the one who suggested I call Mistress Sheila about Spanking Night. We need the money, right? I'm afraid you will just have to live with this until Spanking Night has come and gone.

I will tell you what I will do,"she countered. "I will give you a choice. You can take ten blows at this level or twenty at half this level."

I knew she was right. I had encouraged her to call Mistress Sheila, big mistake. I then, realizing she wasn't about to stop, I considered her offer. I knew if I took ten blows with the cane at this level, I would be reduced to a sobbing sissy wimp. I told her to give me twenty at half pressure, another big mistake.

What I hadn't known was with each stroke of the cane, my bottom became more and more sensitive and the pain increased with each blow. After ten strokes I was begging her to stop but she completely ignored my pleas.

Twenty strokes later I lay there, sobbing like a sissy wimp while she rubbed some kind of soothing lotion on my bright red, swollen bottom.

"If I knew you were going to make such a fuss, I would have gagged you," My wife teased. "Oh well, next time."

Whatever she used on my bottom helped but I knew sleeping on my back tonight was not an option.

She threw me one of her silk nightgowns and said "Here you go sissy. It's better to rub against silk than your underpants or the bed sheets. Besides, after Master Dan, you seem more feminine to me now."

I was mortified. Yesterday I was cock of the walk. She would do anything I asked and I was king. Just twenty-four hours later, my wife had fucked another man and woman, fed me his cum, spanked me to tears and now enjoyed humiliating and feminizing me. Would our life ever be the same?

The next day I was watching TV when she came into the room. My jaw hit the floor and my cock hit my bellybutton. She had been shopping for something to wear that would be appropriate for Spanking Night.

She had a black mini-thong under full-body fishnets, knee-high stiletto boots, a black leather corset and elbow-high leather gloves. He beautiful breasts and nipple peeked through the fishnet making them so near and yet so far. She wore a Betty Page black wig and black cat-like mask.

I just stared in awe. My sweet little Angel had been transformed into a strong, sexy dominatrix.

"On your knees slave," She commanded. "do you like what you see?"

I fell to my knees on the floor dumbfounded and nodded my head.

"Good," She exclaimed. "It's time to practice spanking again. Lucky for you, I started out with the most painful spanking implement first. They say the cane is the worst.

Today I am going to use a wooden paddle. It looks worse that it feels. They are holes in the wood, as not to impede my swing. Don't worry sissy, I'm going to take it easier on you today. Now pull down your panties and lay across my lap."

It was true, I was wearing her panties. They felt much cooler on my irritated bottom and I must admit, I was kind of getting use to silk. I lay across her lap with my exposed buttocks, waiting for her wrath.

"Now, "she said, "First I want you to beg me to give you twenty-five smacks with this paddle and you are to count each one and say thank you after each blow. Is that clear?"

"Yes dear," I answered and quickly received a slap across my face.

"Yes mistress," she corrected. "You will address me as mistress while we engage in this type of activity, do you understand?"

"Yes mistress," I quickly replied. "Please spank my bare bottom mistress, I have been bad and need punishment. Please, please paddle me!"

"Very well," she replied and she brought the paddle smartly against my flesh."

She was right; it did not hurt as much as the cane, but my bottom was already sore so I felt it. "One, thank you mistress," I squealed. Two, thank you, three, thank you, four, thank you..."

By the time we reached twenty-five I was crying and sobbing again.

Angel just laughed and said, "I thought I married a man, not a little sniveling girly boy.

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