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Her smile brightened. "Lynette took my advice I see. You are very polite, and I find that almost irresistible in a man."

With that she pointed to the baggage claim and said, "Shall we get my luggage?"

"Yes, of course, ma'am," I replied. It took a few minutes for her bags to show up on the carrousel, and we chatted for a moment. She had just the trace of an accent. She began telling me about her flight and an adventure she'd had with a plane delay in Singapore.

Then her bags showed up, I was never more grateful to the guy who invented roller bags than that morning, because she had a lot of luggage. Even after I rented a cart there were three bags that wouldn't fit and she left it up to me to get them to my car. With a lot of effort I got everything to the car and put it in the trunk.

I opened the back door for her, but she said, "No. That's OK. I'll sit up front with you." I went around to the passenger side and opened the door for her. "That's very good," she said. During the nearly one-hour drive to Lynette's house, she told me a little bit about her life.

After her luxurious childhood, she had wandered the world for a while, but then gone back to college and gotten a masters' degree in comparative literature. She had since been all over the world working as a journalist. It was during this part of her life she had met Lynette. "She's so brilliant, and so pretty," said Lucia. "If she just let herself live she'd be the happiest person in the world. Won't you help me do that?"

"Yes, ma'am. I love to make her happy," I replied. "Good," she said. "When I get to the house I'm going to want to sit down and have a long private talk with her. I want you to stay in your room after you've brought in and unpacked my luggage, so you won't bother us, but so you will be there if we need you to do anything. Will you do that for her?"

"Yes, ma'am. I will." We arrived at the house and pulled in the driveway. I went around and opened the door for her, then went up to the house and opened the door to let her in. She rushed past me and saw Lynette standing there. They called out each others names and grabbed each other in a passionate clasp. I stared for a moment, but fortunately they did not notice. Then I went back to the car.

I made it a point to take a couple of minutes to arrange the luggage before I started bringing it in. By the time I started carrying bags, the two women were sitting huddled together in the living room talking softly and intensely. It did not take me long to realize they were not speaking English.

It took me nearly an hour to get the luggage in the house and unload it neatly where Lynette had indicated with little notes. I then went to the kitchen to get myself a drink of water when Lynette appeared there. She looked flushed and happy. "Open up a bottle of that good white wine," she said. "And get me two glasses."

I did as she asked, and then as she took the bottle and the glasses to go back to the living room, she said, "Go in your room and stay there. I'll see you in the morning." A couple of hours later I heard the door to the outside open and close, and then heard Lynette's car start up. I figured they'd gone to get something to eat. I took advantage of the situation to fix my own meal, and was back in my room and must have been asleep by the time they returned.

The following morning, my phone rang about 9 am. It was Lynette (we had separate phone lines). I know I sounded sleepy because she said, "Gregg, you're sleeping a little late for a day when I've go a lot of chores for you to do.

"I'm sorry, Mistress," I replied.

"Well, you're awake now, and it's hard to stay angry with you today," she said. "I had a wonderful time. We both did, and you impressed Lucia. She says you were a perfect servant and gentleman."

My eyes started to water.

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