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Chapter 3.

I can feel the moisture roll down my balls and stream slowly under them and slip between my legs settling between my cheeks.

I am completely engulfed now as she rests on top of me, lost in bliss. She has stopped me from moving by holding my hips down as I try to thrust but can't. Then she begins to move faster now as I try to thrust into her harder and faster. I want to touch her but can't as my hands are bound and I still can't see her. She is breathing heavier and can't hide her excitement now as she breathes faster and faster.

I can feel a familiar sensation building deep in my groin and balls with the sensation building in the base of my penis with the head getting more sensitive to a point where it is becoming unbearable. She is moving faster now, gasping and moaning loudly, heaving and sighing, slamming down on me while I thrust back hard and powerfully. I can hear her impact against my thighs as she slaps wetly into me with madness and a tight grip on me with her legs and vagina that won't let me go. She is moving like a piston as I thrust back in unison, while her vagina begins to grip more at every upstroke as it gets tighter and tighter with her building orgasm until I can barely stay inside her as she screams and cry's and lets go completely. I can feel my orgasm building to a point where I can't stop it and it begins to move up from deep inside my groin, from inside my balls, up my pulsing and twitching penis until I can feel the first slight squirt disappear inside her vice like grip, followed by another more intense squirt, followed by another longer and deeper jet, followed by an other stream of molten semen, and another weaker one and another final subsiding pulse and pulse and pulse. I can feel the enveloping warmth and moisture as she continues to move slowly while the mingled semen and vaginal cum washes out down my penis and over my balls and between my cheeks.

As she calms and slows I can relax and let the sensation flow over me as the pulsating pleasure subsides. Her cries have slowed to soft moans and as my hearing returns, which was lost in throws of ecstasy, I can hear that I am breathing deeply and moaning slowly in sync with her. I can't see her but can feel her soft and velvet body and can smell the sweet odour of our pleasure

I feel her vagina, still gripping, slide slowly up and off my penis, which rests against my stomach and begins to cool. She must sense this and replaces the blanket. I ask her to wait and she gets in next to me and wraps herself around me and holds me in a tight embrace while I smell her hair next to my face wishing to see her, but can't. Eventually, she moves away and I search for her from beneath my blindfold not wanting her to leave. She says that I will be released in the hour and won't be harmed but she won't tell me who she is, as I hear the door close. She is gone. I have to find her and I bide my time until my release plotting my sweet revenge.


I can feel a slight loosening of my binds and I begin to work on them, twisting and turning and making my wrists smaller to work them loose. There is a rough edge to the ring in the wall where I am tied, which I can reach with my wrists. I begin to work on this edge ever so slowly until I break one rope and then the other free. I take my blindfold off and see for the first time the dingy room I am in, the gloomy light coming through a screened and barred window high on a wall. I quickly release my leg from the wall rope and observe my surroundings closer. The room has stonewalls, wet and damp with various rings and chains attached to it. There is a door near a corner and I rise slowly to go over and see if I can open the door. It is a large wooden door with iron fittings and hinges and I get the feeling that I am in a dungeon. The door is surprisingly not locked and I hesitatingly crack the seal and peer into the passageway beyond. There is nobody there and I decide to make a quick exit to try to find a way out.

Nakedly, I have moved down some stairs, spira

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