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Jeremy's heartache after the break up with his mother.


"Bess, you can't possibly trust them?" Nancy asked, looking at her blonde friend as though she'd lost her mind which, as far as Nancy was concerned, she must have.

"I don't have to," Bess replied. "Look at Elor- I mean, Susan-"

"Elora," the sultry woman provided with a pleased smile for Bess.

"She's living proof that it's alright," Bess argued before gesturing to her cousin to add, "And look at George! My God, she was pretty before, but now... Wow! I want that!"

"Bess, stop being stupid!" Eloise snapped. "You don't know what you're talking about! These people are being controlled by-!"


It came out of nowhere, as fast and hard as the red imprint of Bess's hand that began to appear on Eloise's face. The mature woman of the group could only stare in shock at the suddenly angry young woman glaring back at her.

"Don't talk to me like that! I might be a slut, but I'm not stupid! I can make my own decisions, and I will!"

" ... Bess," Nancy dared, struggling for a tone that mightn't further upset the blonde, "You've been brainwashed by-"

"Shut up, Nancy! Talking to me like I'm a child is no different than calling me stupid! Do I sound like a child to you!? Do I sound stupid to you!? Huh!?" For the last time, I'm staying, and there's nothing you can do to stop me!"

At a complete loss for words, Nancy could only stare at Bess as Eloise was. Even George gawped at her, suddenly realizing that, if Bess had no fear of staying, of making this choice for herself, than what was holding her back? Looking around at the others in the room, she found that even Dr. Bolton stared at Bess Marvin, but now with approval and a new respect. And Bess only looked right back at them as George cleared her throat to make her stand as well.
"I-I'm staying here in Cinder Bay as well."

Now all eyes were on George and, amongst the faces of the group, it was Bess's that warmed her the most. Her fierce determination gave way to an understanding, thankful smile that spoke of blood and loyalty but, for George, it was completely beyond loyalty. Though, as her eyes strayed to those of Elora, she struggled to think of a way to explain her decision to Nancy and Eloise.

"George..." Nancy breathed with disbelief, "Not you too?"

"Yes, Nancy, me too. I'm sorry, but there's no other way."

"George?" Eloise prodded, shocked and somehow hurt by this decision to stay in Cinder Bay with her cousin.

"I can't go back. I could never explain..."

"Of course you could, dear," Eloise refuted. "Women your age go through physical changes all the time. Why, if you feel it necessary, you could come to New York with me. Nobody there would know any different, and we could... Sweetie, you don't have to stay here!"

A long pause ensued where George suddenly understood that Eloise indeed had some real feelings for her. It was written all over the pain of loss in the woman's face, but George knew that this had no bearing on the strange facts that Eloise was yet unaware of.

As George and Eloise looked at one another, each searching for something different, Elora's soft voice broke the pause, advising, "She'll never understand, George darling."

Eloise's expression changed in an instant, becoming as sharp as the surprising sting of Bess's slap on her face as she glared at Elora, snapping, "And what of you!? For God sake, I worried to death about you! I sent my niece out here looking for you while you played your little game of 'Who-is-she-now?' I thought we had something, Susan! After all the time I spent alone, wishing for the right woman to come along, you finally did, and then you pull this!? Don't the things we said to each other mean anything to you!? Everything was fine and then, suddenly, you need to run off on this God forsaken sabbatical of yours where.

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