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And learns a few things from someone she forgot she knows.

The heat in the room made me sweat instantaneously. The room was decorated with white walls and white sheets, which covered the floor. Sasha stood at an easel in the center of the room. I looked up at the painting on the easel. On the painting was a woman clad in shiny black leather. The dominant woman in the painting was penetrating a nude man with her black strap-on dildo. The man was bent over on all fours as the woman clutched the back of his head and shoulder. As I was also on all fours, I imagined me as the nude man and Sasha as the dominatrix. It was quite erotic.

"Stand up. Now, get out of those clothes for me." I stripped down to my underwear knowing full well that Sasha's dominance was in the air. "I want to see your cock." I took my underwear off fully exposing myself. "Now, let's go take a shower."

Sasha led me to her shower, and I ran the steamy water while I watched Sasha undress. When I saw her naked, my cock immediately became hard. Sasha placed her hands on my face sternly and looked me in the eye. "Do as I say, exactly as I say, and I may accept you as my lover."

I could hardly argue that. We stood naked in the hot shower as we kissed passionately. The excessively hot water cleansed our bodies. I began to lather every inch of Sasha's body. Sasha lathered my crotch with her hands and began stroking my cock. With the bar of soap in hand, she gently ran the soap in and out of my crack as she simultaneously kissed me and stroked my cock. She teased my asshole with her fingers, and I tensed up a bit. Sasha took the showerhead out of its holder and sprayed me clean. She bent down and sprayed my crotch and ass.

"The thing about caressing a man's asshole is that it makes his cock extremely hard and his ball sack tightens up and swells." She massaged my balls and gently kissed them. Sasha grabbed a razor and shaving cream. Opening the shaving cream she said,

"Yes, your balls are nice and tight just like I like them. You can shave much better when a cock is hard."

I looked down, and she began applying the foam to my groin. I would do anything to be able to fuck this outstanding specimen of a woman, so I let her shave me bare. I was smooth all over when she was finished. I felt quite trepidatious as this welcome stranger manipulated a razor around my cock. I stood there naked, and Sasha admired her work. "Oh, yes. That looks good. You are a lucky man. I'm simply going to have to make that cock all mine. Would you like that?"


"Good boy. I'm going to make that cock all mine. Say it."

"This is your cock."

"And what am I going to do with it?"

"Anything you want."

Sasha laughed. "Yes, that's right. Anything I want." Sasha grasped my cock and led me out of the shower. "Come on. I'm going to take my cock into my studio."

Sasha led her cock to the room we had left earlier. As I stood there naked, Sasha began to apply lubricant to her cock. She applied so much that much of it fell to the white sheets that covered the floor. I stared at the painting of the woman taking the man's ass while Sasha applied lube to my ass as well.

"Do you like my painting?"

"Did you do that?"

"You didn't answer my question, and yes, I painted it."

"Oh, yes. I like it a lot."

"Does it turn you on?"


"Do you want me to do that to you?"

"I, uh..."

Sasha laughed at my nervousness. "Have you ever had a cock up your ass before?"

"No, no I haven't."

"Then what turns you on about my painting?"

Sasha brought a black box toward me. She opened the box. I looked down into the box and saw a wet gray substance. "I'm going to place your cock in this plaster of paris mold and make a dildo of your cock. That way, your cock will ALWAYS be mine."

I couldn't believe that Sasha was actually making a dildo in the shape of my cock and balls. I felt so sexy. She closed the box around my erect penis and tightened balls.

"I'm going to need you to hold that in place. So, you didn't answer my question."

"I'm sorry. What was that?"

"I aske

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