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Stranded with the friends of his step-daughter. What to do?

Erica and Vivian were obviously not twins, and they could easily be identified apart; but still the family resemblance to each other was absolutely clear. They were both of similar height; Erica was about half an inch shorter. Their body frame was identical and their breasts were of same cup size and equally majestically impressive.

But the differences..vive la diff__rence...was what made them when together quite appealing. Vivian had fiery vibrant coppery red hair whereas, Erica's hair was golden blonde. Vivian wore her hair straight whereas Erica's hair cascaded down in curly tresses. Each hair style suited the appropriate sister enhancing their individual beauty. Erica's face was prettier but would be indistinguishable amongst an equal group of pretty females. Vivian's face was striking in appearance evoking a strong attraction to some but alternatively a strong aversion to others depending on tastes of the viewer. In any case, in any group of females that would include Vivian, her face would always stand out. Matt like Ray Gainer was one of those males to be very much attracted to Vivian's face.

The most striking difference between the two of them was the sound of their voices, and their seemingly apparent affectation of same. Erica, although five years older, had a youngish almost girlish lilting voice, but still which was very unmistakably adult and mature sounding. Her voice and manner of speaking was so inviting and pleasant that her listeners were always captivated by her presence. Vivian had a lower husky almost sultry voice but which was unmistakably feminine despite the fact that many male voices were higher in pitch. Her voice subliminally projected an alluring sexual appeal to some heterosexual males even those who would otherwise not be attracted to her.

As the girls twirled around Matt, boldly displaying their female charms, his penis hardened to a point that could not hardly escape their notice. Giggling in response to his plight, both Erica and Vivian dropped to their knees in front of him. Tugging at his belt, pants and shorts the sisters deftly freed his now very stiff rod from the constraints of his clothes. Without any hesitation the sisters applied their mouths to his manhood while his pants and shorts slithered down to puddle at his ankles. Each girl took turns in swallowing his balls whole; plunging up and down and sucking along the length of his phallus; thoroughly licking the entire flesh area of his cock.

If Matt had any intention to forestall his forthcoming ejaculation as a result of the double continuous and relentless oral attack on his cock, he was doomed to fail. For their part the Laaning sisters had an uncanny sense at when the eruption was to occur. Accordingly at just the right time they adhered their mouths together over his cock in order to capture the entirety of his exploding cum. As he climaxed his erupting sperm splattered in equal measure onto each of the recipient mouths.

Once Matt finished cumming the sisters allowed his cock to drop from their mouths. The girls thereupon embraced each other as they commenced a most passionate kiss. They thereupon exchanged and distributed his semen in their oral cavities all the while slowly ingesting the same equally. The fact that Erica and Vivian were sisters did not deter them from this spontaneous oral sexual activity. The possibility that many in society would view their comportment as incestuous and subject to a taboo did not cross their minds.

When all the sperm was swallowed the girls giggled some more.

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