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Sister reveals her feelings, brother hatches plan.

Very yummy indeed. She slung her long lissome legs over my hips and made to slip my cock into her body.

I stopped her. "I like to eat before I fuck." I pulled her up and slid down until confronted with her hairy purse. Only the outer lips were evident. I pulled them apart with my thumbs and ran my tongue up the inner lips tasting the tang of her arousal. There was hardly any bump where her clitoris should be but I massaged the area and sucked until I heard her gasp and whimper. A tiny seed like pearl hardened under my ministrations and I worried it feeling her squirm and shake. Reaching up, I pinched and massaged her small conical nipples feeling them harden and throb. Suddenly, her thighs tightened on my head and I felt a small spurt of hot juice scald my tongue. It was thick and creamy and I thrust my tongue into her cunt searching for more.

"No more," she gasped. I threw her over onto her back. "I like to be on top," Jaqueline demanded.

"Not tonight, Jaqueline. Tonight you can forget about being in charge for once. I want to give you endless orgasms." I spread her thighs and rammed my cock straight up her very tight but creamy cunt. I pulled her ankles up to my shoulders and started fucking her while massaging and palpating her glorious breasts in time with my thrusts. She came and my cock wore a ring of creamy excrescence. Her joy juice wasn't copious but it was thick. I flipped her over onto her knees, pulled her shapely arse up and plunged back in. Reaching under, I massaged her tiny clit and pulled on her elongated milk buds. Rising up, I changed the angle pushing my helmet against her frontal cuntal and sure enough, she went off again, almost cutting my dick in two as she spasmed helplessly. I pulled on her long red hair has I rode her hard and managed to time my orgasm with another of hers.

We slumped down panting and gasping. "So good, so good, the best, the very best. What a lover you are, Allen," she whimpered. "I've never cum so hard or so often. Let me rest, then can we do it again?" she whispered looking back at me with liquid eyes.

"Absolutely. I'll just massage you and you'll drift off. When you wake up, we'll start again."

We did and it was beautiful. She was nice and cuddly after the second bout and asked me to stay with her for the night. I agreed.

Next morning, having slept in, she rushed out of bed, showered, dressed and left in a hurry exhorting me to have breakfast from the housekeeper and to be sure to pick up the envelope on the kitchen table. I showered and found a robe and wandered into the kitchen. There on the table was an envelope with my name on it containing $2500 - a $2000 tip. Not bad for one pleasurable night. I heard a noise behind me and spun around. There stood a woman of obviously latina descent, hands on very broad hips, monstrous chest heaving.

"Hey, who you. What you do in Miss Westhaven house? I call police. She no have man here ever." Under my envelope was a note addressed to "Lucia". I passed it to her and after reading, she visibly relaxed and said, "I make you breakfast, like she say. You read paper." She planted a paper and shortly after a coffee was put before me. Not long after that I was tucking into a monster breakfast of ham and eggs while she sat opposite sipping on a coffee, her mountainous breasts resting on the table top.

"I hear funny noises in the night coming from her bedroom, noises I no hear before. Zat you."

"Yep." I continued reading, but looked up in time to catch her smile. She must have been fifty if she was a day and the flashing smile lit up her otherwise sullen face.

"Oh, you macho man then?"

"Nope. Just enjoyed myself with a beautiful lady. Hope to again one day, if she wants to."

Lucia was about to say something smart using her hands when she accidentally knocked her coffee mug flying, spilling the contents all over the table and floor.

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