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Wife welcomes sailor home after long trip.


"Soft swap?" I asked with a confused look on my face. "Yes, a soft swap is where all kinds of foreplay is allowed including oral sex but at the end you end up with your own partner completing the sex act"

"After that we enjoyed it so much that we eventually began full swap and it really enhanced our marriage. We are now as horny as ever with each other and we have full trust and confidence in our partner."

"Since they moved to Vegas a couple of years ago, we'd only seen them once and that was when Dina joined me on a sales trip for two days last year. They joined us in our motel room and we renewed some good old times."

By this time I was practically speechless. I love my brother but this really floored me. I wasn't being judgmental but I had never imagined him and Dina being that adventerous. Roger, knowing that I'm very seldom at a loss for words asked if I was ok.

"You know, Roger, if this makes you two happy then I'm happy for you both. I probably will have lots of questions in the future but I'm happy for you. I'm not sure if I should tell Lisa though. How will she act?"

"Big bro (Roger's pet name for me), that's up to you. She loves her sister too much to hold it against her."

Roger was quite right. Lisa and Dina had always been as close as myself and Roger. I knew even if Lisa disapproved, that this bit of knowledge would not tear them apart. Plus, Lisa had seen Jim's handling of Dina's ass and would expect some explaination.

After we finished our beer we went back to the pool. Dina, Lisa, Jill, and Jim were enjoying their conversation. They were all laughing and seemed to be getting along quite well. I excused myself to go back to our room and get a shower and looked at Lisa. She knew I wanted her to join me so she excused herself a couple of minutes later.

Part 4

When Lisa came back to our room I motioned for her to sit down next to me on the bed. I repeated the conversation I had with Roger. Lisa sat quietly but didn't look too angry. I wanted to make sure that this wouldn't ruin her cruise.

"Well Bob, it's obvious that they are happy with this. I guess I'm a little hurt that they never asked us to be involved."

Involved? Was my sweet little wife only bothered by the fact that we weren't invited to be part of their lifestyle?

I was trying to choose my words carefully. "Are you saying that if they asked us to partake of this lifestyle that you would actually consider it?"

"Well, I saw the big smile on Dina's face when Jim grabbed her ass," she continued. "I know her as well as anyone else and that smile was genuine and her hug and kiss she gave him was quite real."

"Shit", I thought. " Honey, you've always been so conservative in your behavior and you've never even acted slutty outside of our bedroom before."

"I know Bob but after watching Dina today and hearing what Roger told you I have to admit the thought intrigues me"

"Well, I've always thought your sister was quite attractive but even if she is a swinger I kind of doubt that she'd be interested in me"

Now, not that I'm that bad looking but I stand about 5'9 and have about and extra 20 pounds on my frame. Roger is about the same height but he's always been quite trim. He is one of those guys that can eat any food in sight and never gain a pound. Also, I'm not what a person would consider well hung. I max out at about 6 inches when erect. I don't know about Roger since I haven't seen him nude since we were little kids.

"Babe" Lisa interrupted, Dina told me years ago that I had a handsome husband and that we were both lucky that we landed such nice looking guys that were so good to us."

Well, I knew that Roger had told me years ago that when we married sisters that we got the two prettiest ones. There was no doubt that Roger would probably enjoy Lisa.

The rest of the conversation centered on how to talk to Dina and Roger.

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