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Melanie has a surprise run in.

"There's your husband obediently waiting for us just like you said he would."

I feel a strong hand shove me against the back of the chair as he closes the other handcuff around my wrist. "Get the rope."

"Yes, Master." Master? Lynn is calling him Master?

"Help me finish tying him to the chair." I feel ropes being wrapped around my torso and the back of the chair so that I completely immobile. Lynn pinches my nipple and says "I hope you enjoy listening to us tonight." When Roy is done with the ropes, he whispers in my ear, "Your wife likes to be controlled sometimes, but you are not man enough to do it. Tonight you get to listen as I use her as my slut and have her do things for me that she won't do for you!"

I feel a moment of panic. What have I done? Do I really want to be here? Do I really want Lynn to give herself to another man? My cock, though, has no doubt as it gets rock hard.

"Lighting candles? That's a nice touch, slut. Now slowly strip for me!"

I hear the light switch and then the sound of a shoe hitting the floor. For the next few minutes, I hear various sounds of clothes slowly coming off and appreciative sounds from Roy. I am taken aback that Lynn is okay with being called a slut and ordered around. I wonder what she is wearing. Which bra will she be taking off for Roy, which panties will she shove down her legs as she gets ready to give herself to him.

"Lovely, now get down and undo my shoes." I hear the sound of a shirt coming off along with the sounds to shoes hitting the floor. "No, don't get up. Stay down on your knees and take off my pants." I hear the sounds of belt buckles and such being undone. It is hard for me to believe that Lynn would behave so meekly, but she clearly is. "I want your cock, Master." I hear the pants hit the floor and get shoved away.

"No, first you will kiss my balls! .... Hmm, gently take them in your mouth one at a time. ... Caress my ass while you do that! .... Lick your finger and shove it in my asshole while you suck my balls!"

What?!? Lynn is not complaining. From Roy's moans it sounds like she is doing just as he told her to do. She has never played with my ass. I would never expect her to. It is a part of my submission to her that I pleasure her ass, but she does not reciprocate. I feel more submissive to Lynn than ever knowing that she will please Roy that way, but not me. I feel very jealous and yet feel that this is the way that it should be.

"Lick and kiss my cock! ... Yes, it feels good when you run your tongue along the shaft."

"Tell me how you like it. I want to be a good slut!"

"Do you want my cock?"


"Why? You have a husband."

"Your cock is so much more ... uh ... powerful!"

I feel shame at hearing Lynn say this, but I know that it is true. I feel glad that she is getting a strong virile cock.

"Open your mouth and take it deep!"

"No, I will gag on it!"

"I don't care! I am going to fuck your mouth!"

I hear Lynn's struggling to suppress her gag. I hear rhythmic groans from Roy. He must be forcing his dick down Lynn's throat. I want to come to her rescue, but I can't. As this goes on, it seems like Lynn is not struggling with it so much. This is torture. I feel so helpless. Roy groans are getting more insistent and then he yells, "Aargh! Swallow it, bitch!" I can't imagine Lynn swallowing his cum. "Yeah, that's a good slut." "Oh, Roy! I love the taste of your cum!"

What?!? That can't be my wife! She has made it clear that she would never taste my cum.

I hear them collapse on the bed. I imagine the sight of Lynn cuddling with another man. I am filled with envy. I love to cuddle with Lynn after I have come. It is such a time a comfort and rest. Now Roy is getting that joy. After a few minutes, I hear the sounds of kissing and gentle moans of pleasure from Roy.

"I love touching your body, Master. It is so strong and manly."

I can imagine Lynn gently caressing Roy.

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