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A hasty meeting was called by the small traders in town. A decision was made to fight fire with fire. The first salvo was the wholesale closing of bank accounts. Money was withdrawn from the Brookman branch of the major bank and transferred to the Foreston branch of the same bank. Outstanding loans held by the Brookman bank were renegotiated with more favourable terms than Brookman had offered. When news of this reached the head office of Brookman's bank a hasty visit was arranged by the CEO to find out what was going on. An audit was called for and this showed that Brookman's friends received much better than standard terms on all transactions from the bank.

At a board meeting in head office, the bank's CFO advised that business of the Brookman bank did not warrant having a branch there. It was decided to give the bank three months to regain its lost business. Failing an improvement, the decision was taken to close the bank.

Unaware of this decision, Brookman attempted to carry on business as usual, but it soon became obvious that there was insufficient business to keep it viable. He resorted to attempting to sell off some of his property holdings, and this was where I stepped in. At the auction held for the sale of my family's former property, there were a few half-hearted bids, and the Auctioneer was just about to call the whole thing off because bidding had not reached the reserve price, when another bidder entered the fray. After some spirited negotiation Brookman agreed to sell at a price below the reserve and not much higher than the rate valuation set by the Council. What Brookman did not know was that the agent who bought the property was acting on my behalf. If he had known that, I never would have got it.

The transaction made a large hole in my investment account, and I had to accept the fact that finances would be somewhat tight for some time.

At around this time Junior's case was scheduled for a hearing. There was some less than subtle pressure from the senior Brookman to have me drop the charges, to no avail. The trial did not go well for Junior. A Barrister had been engaged by Brookman to fight the charges, his fee would have been more than any fine levied by the court, but that was his decision.

There were several interjections (unsuccessful) about the admissibility of the evidence that I was presenting.

"Your honour," I addressed the Magistrate. "The evidence that you are about to see was taken by the dash cam that I have fitted to my private car. This dash cam has both a forward facing and rear facing camera." I had my dash cam hooked into my laptop computer which was linked by HDMI cable to a projector. The image was shown on a large screen. "As you will see, the vision from the rear facing camera, the defendant's vehicle had his headlights on low beam as he approached mine. When he was some fifty meters behind my car, he switched them onto high beam. While my car has a glare reduction setting on its interior rear view mirror, and I was able to reduce the glare, the same cannot be said for the exterior mirrors, and the glare from those mirrors was blinding, dangerously so."
"When he passed me, he cut in quickly, forcing me to take evasive action, and then he carried out a manoeuvre known as brake checking, he slammed on his brakes. I managed to avoid running up the back of his car by swerving onto the wrong side of the road. Fortunately there was no traffic coming from that direction, otherwise his actions would have caused an accident." The dash cam image clearly showed the manoeuvre, and his rear number plate. "If you look closely at the image from the forward facing camera, as I passed his car you will get a clear image of the driver. That driver is none other than the defendant." The image was of George Junior looking at my car before I had managed to stop it.

"Further to this incident, I had previously issued the defendant with an official caution about his driving.

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