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Older lady doesn't let a ruined evening stay ruined.

"You should never have taken Mother's car. You've made such a mess of things."

"Oh shut-the-fuck up." She pushed me and the couch caught the back of my knees so that I fell back on it in a sitting position.

"I'm sick of her and her nagging." She continued. "I'm fed up with wishing and hoping my dull life will improve. I'm tired of waiting for you to make a move. I'm gonna do something about all of it."

"What do you mean Renee?" I stupidly asked, scared but excited by what I thought she meant. "Don't go doing any more dumb stuff. You'll only be sorry afterwards." I reasoned.

As if to show me what she thought of my advice, she pulled her short little denim skirt up and I saw a flash of her white panties before she stepped out of her sandals and climbed onto my lap, facing me, with her knees on the seat each side of my hips.

"I'll shut you up." She wrapped her both arms around my head and pulled my face into her pillowy breasts. "Can't talk now can you?"

I tried to speak, but with my mouth and nose buried in the smooth yielding valley of her upper breasts I couldn't even think. My garbled reply was muffled. She pulled my face even tighter against her and wriggled her bottom on my lap, on my rapidly growing erection. She raised herself up a bit, grabbed my hand and pushed it between her thighs, right up against her silky nylon crotch, then rubbed herself against it.

When I started to remove my hand she commanded, "Robbie! Don't you dare take your hand away!"

Here would be a good place to say I pushed her off me and walked away, ran away, but I did not. Could not. As I said earlier I lusted for Renee. She'd flaunted herself around me, annoyed me to distraction. Maybe this time it would be different. That soft spot I had for her, was more of a hard spot by then. Perhaps it could be said she was taking advantage of my naivety, but if I wanted her to, was it still exploitation? I don't think so.

Shocking me even further, she urged. "Come on, you can do better than that. Finger me."

God help me, I did it. I knew full well how wrong it was, but I did it anyway. I stretched the leg of her panties aside and perpetrated one of the sins I had so often fantasised about, but never ever actually intended to commit. My trembling fingers brushed her curling pubic hair then slid lower, seeking and finding her opening. Her vagina. Renee's pussy. My own sister's cunt.

She purred when I stroked the swollen dewy lips. "Mm mm."

I felt a twinge of guilt but my desire instantly overwhelmed it. I eagerly fumbled about, until Renee grabbed my wrist and guided my inexperienced hand. She was as hot and wet inside as she had been in my imagination. She rode my two fingers for a couple of minutes then unbuttoned the waist of my jeans and whipped the zipper down.

"Renee!" My protest was weak.

She wasn't really fast or strong enough to enforce the outcome, but I admit I didn't resist as much as I really should have. To tell the truth I didn't resist at all, but helped her by raising my bottom off the couch cushion. With a few tugs she had my jeans and boxers down to my knees. Renee didn't waste any time removing her own underwear, she just hitched forward and moved my fingers aside to carefully ease herself onto my erection. The incredible softness of her pussy enfolded my cock-head in it's moist warmth.

'It's Renee,' I thought. 'Renee, and we're actually gonna do it.'

I felt unable to move, frozen in anticipation. Renee wriggled her body gently to aid the penetration and pressed down slowly. The heat inside of her increased as my virgin cock went ever deeper into her slick tightness.

"Oof! You're a big boy," she grunted, then began a delicious up and down motion that had me shivering.

In the eyes of society, what we were doing was completely wrong, bad, illegal even.

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