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Next steps in Karen and Jamie's relationship.

In no time flat I was licking and sucking on Lynda's cunt and clit as if there were no tomorrow! And she was vocal in her enjoyment of it. We were both in seventh heaven. But whatever I did to Lynda, whether with tongue, finger, fingernails or teeth, though she seemed continuously close, I could not bring her to orgasm.

After an age, Lynda said,

"Darling, you are doing wonderfully. However, maybe we should move up a notch?"

Of course I had no idea what she meant, but by this time I was completely under her spell.

Lynda directed my attention to a drawer on the underside of the plinth at the center for the room, where we had serviced the Guests. Inside I found a variety of instruments, and in particular the 'pussy whip' Lynda nodded was what she had in mind. It was short and had a thick, leather thong.

"Perfect," was Lynda's comment.

She sat on the couch with her legs splayed so that her cunt was fully exposed.

"Ten strokes on the right lip, ten on the left, and let's take it from there" was her comment. "Make sure you don't miss! That thing can mark your thigh for a month!"

Of course I was horrified. But as I said, I was under Lynda's spell and whatever she asked me to do I was going to do.

I began tentatively, aiming the whip at the right cunt lip and trying hard not to 'miss', as instructed. But Lynda was scathing in her response.

"That's no way to whip a cunt," she said scornfully. "Give it some gas. It needs to hurt."

And so I increased the force of the stroke, more and more until Lynda was reduced to grunting rather than protesting. Ten on the right, ten on the left. Then lick, suck, fingers, nails. There was no denying Lynda was responding.

"Ten more on each side," she panted.

And as I complied, I found somewhat to my horror, that I was enjoying whipping that cunt and my strokes became more and more ferocious. I would whip Lynda into submission.

"Jeez! That was better! Now you're getting it!" was Lynda's comment as I got done and started again licking, fingering and sucking the aroused flesh of her vagina. Her pussy lips were now bright red and engorged.

"Now spread them and ten right up the middle," Lynda said, her tone suggesting urgency.

Again I obeyed. I spread her cunt lips apart and laid the whip hard right down her cleft so that the thick thong of the whip almost entered her vagina and the tip struck her clit. I increased the force with every stroke, encouraged by Lynda's grunts and cries. When I was done, Lynda was squirming with pain, though undoubtedly pleasure too.

"Now tongue the clit," she stuttered through clenched teeth.

And sure enough, a few minutes of clit tonguing had that gorgeous torso shaking with the onset of orgasm. And it kept on shaking, and on and on! I sucked her clit deep into my mouth and out again, working the soft flesh with my teeth. And did not let go until she was fully spent and had collapsed back on the couch, comatose.

When she recovered, Lynda said,

"Bet you enjoyed that almost as much as I did!"

And I had to admit she was not far wrong! Again I felt almost like pinching myself to ensure this was real. Until recently anticipating life as a staid 'homemaker', I had just administered a serious cunt-whipping to a confessed lesbian, one who obviously thought I also was one, and, Yes! I had enjoyed it. What did that say about me? Was I not only a lesbian but a sadist as well!?

"Not at all," Lynda replied to my inquiry. "You were administering pleasure. Your pleasure was in giving me pleasure. Think of it this way, would you have continued if I had said stop?"

And I had to agree with her. I would have course not have continued if she had asked me to stop. Nevertheless, the pleasure I had felt administering pain was disquieting.

Mischievously, Lynda thrust her hand between my legs.

"As I thought," she said. "Hand me that whip!"

"But..but," I stammered, desperately "I owe you two more orgasms!"

"Don't worry about me," Lynda replied.

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