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Sarah struggles to find love in the BDSM club.

He knows exactly what he is doing, and so do I. I lean back and give him a kiss, my soft lips meeting his, my tongue slowly probing into his mouth, finding his own tongue, teasing and tasting.

We break our kiss and he grabs my shampoo, and pours some into his hand and then he works it into my hair, massaging my scalp some more. He grins as he hears me purr and lean back into his hands, all the while my hand is snaking around behind me lightly tracing up his inner thigh. My hand finds what it is looking for and I slowly run my fingers along his cock, I can feel him hardening under my touch. He groans softly in my ear as I touch him, and his mouth finds my neck and he nibbles on it lightly grazing his teeth against my skin.

I hiss in pleasure as I feel electrified from his touch to my sensitive neck. He tells me to lie back down in the water so I can rinse off the shampoo, I remove my hand from behind me and I slide down into the water again. His hands run thru my hair rinsing all of the shampoo out of it. I slide backwards so my head is in his lap and decide to give him a show as I let my hand run down my body and between my legs. His eyes grow wide in anticipation, as I spread my legs so he can see every move I make.

Slowly I run my finger over my slit, dipping just barely into my pussy, I do this a few times more teasingly before I spread my pink folds open, revealing my swollen clit. I start to rub up and down over my sensitive little nub, I can feel my nipples start to harden, though it seems I am not the only one whose noticed. His hands start to kneed my breasts while pinching my nipples between his fingers, my breathing becomes shallow as I run my fingers faster over my clit, occasionally dipping into my hot tight pussy.

I look deep into his eyes and start to sit back up and turn around but he stops me from facing him and he pulls me back against his chest. I can feel his hard cock against my ass and back, he starts to kiss my neck slowly working his way to my shoulder blade. I am also aware of his hand sliding between my legs, rubbing against my clit, as he starts to rub faster over it, he bites down gently between my neck and shoulder, instantly sending me into an orgasm.

I cry out, as my body starts to quiver, and he grabs my hips and pulls me up positioning me over his hard cock. I move my hands to the sides of the bath tub and I slowly lower myself down over him, filling myself fully. We start to rock slowly, his fingers still on my sensitive nub, flicking over it, my hips grinding down as I love how he feels deep inside me. I lean back against his chest, My hands move over my breasts massaging them, pinching my nipples between my fingers.

I hear a soft moan escape you as you watch me touch myself, you grab my hips more forcefully and tell me to stand up and bend over my hands against the wall. I move slowly off of you and do so, as you reach around and un plug the drain, and turn on the shower hot water cascading down our bodies. You move in behind my your hands rubbing down my ass to reach between my legs to my wet pussy, you slide a couple of fingers in and out of me slowly and cry out in pleasure.

You ask me if I want your cock in me and I whimper out a soft yes, you tell me to tell you what I want with a slight rough tone, I cry out "I want you to fill my pussy with your cock", You grab my hips again and slide yourself deep inside me, you continue to thrust deep and fast into my wet hole. My hips buck trying to match your own thrusts, so hard and deep, I feel myself about to cum over your cock, and I tell you so, you speed up your pace waiting to feel me lose my control.

My muscles clench and I can't hold it back anymore as I let loose and my cum washes over your cock as you continue to pump in and out of my dripping wet pussy.

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