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A pretty blonde wife is seduced into joining a sex cult.


"Is that a compliment? Or was it meant as a warning?" asked Steve with a straight face.

"I think that Jared and I will call it a day, after we stop and see Cheryl. I have superiors that are interested in any photographs or videos of today's attack. They want me to deliver a memory stick rather than try to send anything over the internet. For some reason, governments don't think that all internet transmissions will reach their intended target. Steve's trip to Iraq drove that point home."

"Thank God Cheryl wasn't with us when we walked in on Gwen and Steve," chuckled Charlotte. "I don't know it would've increased her crush on Steve, or frightened her to death."

"I've been thinking about that eye patch of yours, Gwen. How about we find some red cloth and make it a red patch," suggested Stephanie. "Lots of pirates and some others wear black ones, but the 'Lady in Red' should wear a red patch. We'll get several different shades of red so we can match your different outfits."

The next day, the group traveled to the future location of the new hospital. It had taken some effort to get the Russian government to agree to the site chosen by Lady in Red Productions. It was in a poorer part of Moscow. Lady in Red Productions was able to acquire two old warehouses that covered a block and a half of the city. The Russians had tried their best to get Lady in Red Productions to purchase property in an upper class neighborhood. Coincidently, friends of President Novokov were willing to sell the land, but at a rather inflated price.

"It wasn't easy, but Steve finally explained that we'd build the hospital here or not at all," stated Jordan as she told the others the story of the difficult purchase of the property. "The reality is that the Russian government can make some sort of claim that the hospital is important to the national interests of Russia and assume possession of it at any time. We aren't going into this venture with rose colored glasses. As long as we're able to operate it, we'll help people all that we can. That's our only long term plan here."

Television, internet, and newsprint reporters formed a large group as they waited for the ceremony. The attack on Novokov's son at his wedding was the big news story of the day. Information on the attack was sketchy, at best. Novokov had announced the prior evening that both Vlad and Anna were expected to recover from injuries received, but didn't elaborate on his son's condition or the attack in any way.

Shortly before the ground breaking ceremony was scheduled to begin, a procession of black limousines pulled up at the site. Numerous military suddenly appeared on the nearby streets and on roof tops in the area. No one emerged from the vehicles for several minutes. Finally, the drivers stepped out and opened the limo doors for the occupants.

"They've really stepped up security for Novokov," observed Jason. "I heard today that he and his wife were supposed to be at the wedding party's reception yesterday, but he had to attend to some international situation and was running late. It would have been a lot worse if Novokov was injured or killed."

President Novokov led his wife to the area where the ground breaking was to be held. Cameras rolled as Mrs. Novokov walked directly up to Steve and hugged him tightly.

"This young American helped save my son's life. He fought like a true warrior against the cowardly jackals that attacked my son and his wife. My husband and I are personally indebted to him. We wish him a speedy recovery from the injuries he sustained in the attack and his defense of innocent victims," declared Mrs. Novokov to the many reporters in her native Russian.

Then she let go of Steve and moved to Gwen and embraced her. As the two women hugged, Mrs. Novokov whispered her thanks into Gwen's ear. Then she released Gwen and again turned to the waiting reporters.

"This young American woman saved my son's life.

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