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What's hot in art, continued. . . .

He felt her shudder, and thrust her hips toward him. He removed his mouth and stood, smiling.

His penis stood out, board stiff in front of him. She stared down at his erection. He was circumcised, his mushroom tip smooth and a deep purple form the blood that filled the organ. The rod pointed slightly upward. It was long, perhaps 7 1/2 inches. A collar of wrinkled flesh from the circumcision lay around the tip. She touched the tip with a finger, pressing downward. When she released, it immediately bounced upward. She giggled. Debra took the soap and lathered her hands. She reached out her left hand and gently cupped and lifted his balls. He closed his eyes, tipped his head back, and let out a low moan of pleasure. He felt her fingers close around his shaft. Her hand began slowly stroking. His body shivered as her fingers moved over the smooth sensitive tip.

Without warning, she stopped moving her hands "I think that's enough for now," she said in a hoarse voice. "We don't want you to cum now. Remember what we're here for." She gave a last squeeze and released his manhood.

Grasping his hips, she guided him to turn around. She again lathered her hands, and washed his back, moving slowly down to his flat, white buttocks. He feld her hands moving around on the cheeks of his ass, lifting them apart with each circular movement. Then, there was a finger at his most private entrance. Small, circular motions around the rim of his anus, first. Then, the finger, pressing inward. His first reaction, involuntary, was to tighten and resist. He felt another hand gently caressing his balls, as the pressure of the finger increased. He willed himself to relax, and the finger slid in. There was no pain. It felt exquisite, as the soapy finger slowly moved up his tight rear channel, past the first knuckle, to the second knuckle. Hesitating for a moment. Pushing in deeply, until he could tell that the entire finger was buried inside of him. He pressed his hands against the wall of the shower to brace himself, opening his legs wide. He felt her finger begin to move in and out of him, slowly, getting him used to the invasion. He felt her curling her finger, exploring, rubbing against his prostate. The feeling was intense, exquisite, like nothing he had experienced before.

He felt the finger pulling out, and attempted to grab it and hold it in by tightening his asshole. To no avail. The finger withdrew. The finger again rimmed his anus. He felt a pressure again, against his back entrance. This time, he did not resist. He pushed his bunghole open, as if he was pushing out. Trying to open himself, to invite a return of that intense stimulation. But the finger did not slide in so easily this time. The pressure grew. There was a moment of pain, deep in his gut. He felt it pop in again. He felt a sliding in, smoothly, yet much more tightly. He realized there were two fingers, this time. They only invaded to the second knuckle. Again, she slid them in and out, probed, stimulating his prostate. He felt stretched, but he also felt deep pleasure. He leaned his forhead against the wall and moaned, surrendering. To soon, the fingers began to withdraw. He leaned, there, waiting, his knees trembling just a bit. He barely knew where he was. He was just surrender, pleasure, stimulation.

His reverie was broken by her voice. "Come on, lets get out of here. We have a lot more to do." She grasped his still stiff manhood, and playfully pulled him to follow her out of the shower. She stepped out. He felt weak in the knees, and was slow to follow. He turned off the water, and exited the bathroom.

He found her, leaning back on her bed, heavy breasts hanging free, legs apart. "I need to cum," she commanded in a soft but firm drawl.. "Get your face in here right now." He crawled onto the bed, between her legs, and pressed his lips against her thigh, just above the knee.

He began to slowly lick up the inside of her leg, inching closer and closer to the center of her female nature.

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