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Not if Will gave her an open door. The fates conspired yet again, by changing Will's shift at work. Her only response to their change in circumstance was to give him a key to her room so that he could move the coffee maker there so that she and the third man could still have coffee in the morning. Lynn and Will were now ships that passed in the day. He had also told her that he was casually dating one of the women in that office. Lynn decided that her foolish fantasies needed to take a back seat and tried to encourage his potential romance, though she and Will continued to flirt. Will was, apparently, still having trouble getting laid. She wasn't all that surprised now that she had spent some time with him and realized that he wouldn't sleep with someone strictly out of convenience. That would have been too easy and he seemed to prefer a bit of a challenge.

One night he teased Lynn that if he didn't get lucky with his date, he would show up at her room and it would be nice if she wore something sexy. She went to bed in a satin thigh length camisole, certain that he would never show up. He did. She was surprised to see him, but let him in. He was cool about it stretching out on the second bed in her room and finishing off the burger and fries that he bought on the way back to the hotel. They talked about the movie he took his date to and kept the conversation on a friendly level. He finished his dinner and left for his own room. They didn't talk about what could have happened until he IM'd her at work. There was a cat and mouse game afoot. Will didn't want to make a move because of her "situation" and frankly neither did she. They continued to remain professional at work except for the IM's which only took place when she was there and he was at the hotel.

Lynn was not going to cross that line without more encouragement from him. She could have thrown himself at him. She certainly wanted to, but if she was going to make a compromise to her own ideals, she needed someone else to help share that burden. At one point they decided to cuddle, in his room, on his bed. Will had a single with a king size. He was warm and it was comfortable lying next to him. She was still afraid to touch. He had to tell her that he wanted to hold her. She feigned some reluctance, but she wanted it as much as he did. They spooned and he held her while they dozed. She didn't sleep, but he must have. At some point his chivalry kicked in instinctively. Will's arm was around her, her shirt had slid up and his hand touched the bare skin on her side. If he had slipped his hand up slightly, he would have been touching her breast. Instead, he tugged her shirt down, slung his arm across her chastely and kept sleeping. Lynn smiled despite herself, but the near miss only made the heat in her body increase. She was actually getting wet at the prospect. Again, they did not take it any farther.

The next time they flirted on IM it became more intense. Hinting at what they both wanted, she finally shared a fantasy with him.

"You are asleep and I slip into your room", she typed.

"Oh yeah?" he responded, "and then what."

"I slide into your bed, but you don't feel it move."


"I ease in behind you, you're back is to the door..... I reach my arm around and feel for you kissing you on the neck."


Lynn kept up the tease until he told her that he was masturbating to her fantasy. She was hot and very, very bothered, but she was at work and, therefore, a little ashamed of herself. Will offered her a key to his room asking if she would use it. He offered to wear his boxers to bed even though he slept in the nude, if it would make her more comfortable. Now it was real, all too real. She told him to leave her a key. She would worry about what to do with it after she got it. When she got back to the hotel, the key was on her dresser. She wouldn't use it that night.

She did use it though.

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