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I cum in my sister's mouth with pee play too.

" Really all she has to say is 'undress me', but if she wants to stretch this out, who am I to complain. I start working her neck and I 'accidently' start kissing it very lightly. Instead of stopping me, she pushes my head into her a bit. She moans from deep within her chest. As I work her buttons down, I brush the frilly fabric of her new purple bra. I elect not to stop there, but continue on down.

She leans back, propping herself up with one hand while keeping the other one in my hair. I keep working the buttons down until I have to pull the shirt out of her skirt to finish the job. She's looking at me funny. I lean in and her lips part slightly.

"You need to keep moaning," I whisper. Her eyes widen a bit, she nods and moans again

I think she needs help, so I put one hand on the small of the back and push her into me. That earns me an 'ugh' followed by an 'aaahhh'. My other hand moves along her belly until it is right beneath her left breast. I look at her, waiting for her to tell me to stop. Instead she closes her eyes and tilts her head toward the ceiling.

I start to rub the fabric of the bra over the nipple and watch it harden into a tight, thick nub. She spasms against me. She's moaning so much that I have to admire her acting skills. I imagine she's thinking about her husband right now, lucky bastard.

"Tell me what he does for you, if that helps you imagine better," I tell her. She lowers her head down and gives me another strange look.

"Kiss me here," she says softly as she takes her hand from my hair and puts it to her lips. I respond as directed. "And here," she points to the corner of her mouth, "and here," so I follow along. She starts purring. Soon she stops talking. I kiss along the line she draws with her finger. I nibble her ear, throat and down to her breast. For a time I kiss through the bra until she reaches under her bra cup and pulls the upper half of the breast and nipple out.

I begin to work it hard with my lips. I stop pretending to kiss and begin to suckle. Her hand reaches back to my head and pulls me in. Her breathing becomes more difficult and labored. I hear louder noises coming from the direction of my office sofa. I pull off her nipple fighting her insistent pressure.

"We can stop now," I tell her surprised eyes, "I think your plan has worked."

"Huh?" she murmurs, "oh, I see ... and hear ... thank you for noticing," she responds with a bit of confusion. "You can get your hand off my breast now," she adds.

"Your husband is one lucky guy," I tell her as I slip my hand away.

"Yes," she laughs bitterly, "he's one lucky guy." I pull her down, letting my hand slide off her ass. She looks at me with curiosity. I pad over quietly to the door.

"Why didn't you keep at it? I didn't hear them," she continues.

"I would never do that to you Peggy. You are too important to me," I whisper back with a smile.

"Who else would book your vacations?" she responds as she comes up to where I'm peeking through the door.

"Who else can I trust?" I reply quietly. "Otherwise I could end up stepping out of a plane in Anchorage with nothing on but a swimsuit and a smile."

For some strange reason she hugs me and wiggles around so she can see through the crack in the door as well. Malcolm and Brianna are going at it, or truth be told, going at it as much as their clothing allows.
For the life of me I can't figure out how hard it is to unbuckle someone's pants. I do it all the time, but Brianna seems to be having problem with Malcolm's. Malcolm is trying to squeeze Brianna's breasts, reach inside her shirt, cop a feel of her ass and help her get his pants off all at the same time. Even I know that he has two arms too few.

"Should I go and show them how it's done?" I whisper to Peggy. It really is painful to watch.

"Do it and I'll castrate you," she snarls softly.

"Okay ... Peggy, what does castrate mean?"

"It means I'll cut your nuts off," she emphasizes by reaching behind her and grabbing my crotch.

"We could make it a four-way," I say hopefully.

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