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Giving the neighbor's wife a little help with her pool.

Not knowing how to even begin, afraid to approach men, which men should she approach, to ask them if they wanted to be part of her circle jerk, there was already one in progress. The circle jerk already happening took the pressure off her to have one. Yet, more than that, it gave her first hand experience to watch and learn how it's done. She watched a woman in her thirties on her knees and surrounded by four men.

The first thing she noticed is that none of them talked. The second thing she noticed was that she wouldn't even talk to any of these men, never mind stroke and suck any of these men. They all looked so nasty. They looked perverted. They were nothing like the men she imagined doing in her fantasy.

With talking so much a part of sex with her, she thought that was weird that neither the women or the men talked about what they were doing or what they wanted to do. She continued watching the woman blow one and masturbate another, then as soon as she got the man she was blowing to cum, she'd switch to blow the man she had been masturbating and reach out for another cock to fill her hand. As disciplined as she was masterful, the circle jerk looked too scripted. She couldn't help but feel that she was watching a third rate porn movie.

Unlike the way she'd look having her own circle jerk, the men appeared to be enjoying the woman getting them off, more than the woman appeared to be enjoying it. Obviously, it was more of a power thing for the woman doing the circle jerk than it appeared to be a sexual one. It wouldn't surprise her if the woman hated men. In the way she looked at the men, as if they were more victims than sexual partners, she certainly didn't respect men. She had that disinterested and faraway look of a prostitute.

It was obvious to her, by her look of distain that she had on her face, that she thought less of the men, while giving them so much pleasure. For this woman, it was more about control than it was about sexual gratification. If that were Diane on her knees, she'd be in total rapture. As erotic for her, as it was for the men, she'd treat the act of making them cum more as a personal experience than a forced one. She'd be enjoying her time with the men, as much as the men enjoyed their time with her.

Certainly, after seeing her first live circle jerk close up and first hand, she learned a lot from watching this woman dispassionately service so many men. She was more machine than she was an emotional woman. Yet, looking at the men's faces, they didn't care. For sure, they didn't even notice how she viewed them. She could have been a glory hole in the wall for all they obviously cared, which is why she knew that she had to hand select who she wanted to have participate in her circle jerk.

This woman she so closely watched was a production line of suck and stroke. As soon as one man was satisfied, men continued to step up to patiently await their turn to be masturbated and blown by her. The whole affair lacked the eroticism that it should have had. These men could have been at a doctor's office being weighed and their blood pressure tested for all the sensual sexuality this circle jerk had.

The circle jerk lasted nearly two hours and she counted thirteen men that woman satisfied with her hand and her mouth. Frustrated with herself for not having her own circle jerk, quivering with the sexual anticipation of having her own circle jerk, when she returned home, it was something thought about and she masturbated over for months. That is, until now, when she attended the swingers' Halloween costume party and decided to have her own, private, by invitation only, circle jerk.

Tonight was Diane's turn to have her own circle jerk and to experience the sexual fantasy she so longed to have.

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