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Lonely neighbors find what they need in cyberspace.

"Jack? What happened? Did you do something to him?"

"Maybe a little something," Jack glanced down at the table, then back up to her. "But I went easy on him."


"He attacked me. I had to defend myself." He pulled up his t-shirt to show her the already fading scar on his chest. "Thought himself a slayer."

Kim looked from Jack's wound to his face and back again, her eyes and mouth wide open. "Oh my god," she whispered. "You could have been killed!"

She ran around to his side of the table and threw her arms around him. She held him tight for a while. Then she raised up.

"Where's Benny?" She looked around the kitchen as if her sister-in-law might be hiding there.

Jack drained the rest of the tea and set the cup down. "Up in the guest room. I talked to her when Matt left, but she wasn't in much of a mood for it then. She wanted to go straight up to bed."

Kim nodded, eyes still wide. "I'll check in a bit to see if she's asleep, make sure she's OK."

She stood up and stretched. "A shower sounds real good about now, and then I'll see you in bed, Mr. Roberts, now that you're able to get yourself off the couch." She gave his shoulder a lingering, playful squeeze.

Jack's cock twitched at that. It seemed like forever since he'd been in bed with his wife. He adjusted himself and watched her ass walk out the door to the living room. His eyes settled on the fridge for a moment, then back down to his paper.

Jack finished the paper, rinsed out his cup, and went upstairs. He walked past their bedroom and the harsh sound of the blow-dryer in the bathroom, on to the room at the end of the hall. He put his ear to the door and listened to the sound of Benny's heart and the soft rush of her breathing.

He felt really bad for her. After Matt left, he'd tried to calm her down, make her realize everything was OK-he wasn't hurt, he wasn't mad. She kept crying and apologizing, all the while backing away from him, her fear rolling through the air.

For once, he didn't feel like lecturing her about anything. He even told her he was sorry she had to see that; he hadn't intended to scare her. But she wouldn't be comforted, wouldn't go near him. Instead, she escaped upstairs, closing and locking the door behind her.

As bad as he felt about it all, Kim's news made him realize it would all be over soon. Help was less than 24 hours away. Again, his wife had come through for him just in time-the reversion was happening faster than he'd imagined. He thought of Dr. Campbell's subjects who'd reverted quickly.

I'm not like them, he decided. He could fight the parasite; he was strong mentally, just like Kim said. He'd proved that back when he first turned into a vampire, mentally fighting it all the way until Kim found help.

He moved silently back down the hall to their room, undressed, and stretched out under the covers. It had been so gradual, he hadn't noticed just how bad his night vision was on the antidote until now when it was wearing off. Things around the dark room stood out in fine detail.

Moments later, Kim came out of the bathroom and slipped into bed beside him, completely naked.

He pulled her smooth body against himself and inhaled her fresh smell. His face nestled against hers, then he dropped soft kisses along her cheek and jaw, enjoying the excited thud of her heart. He moved down to her neck and was aware the second she stopped breathing.

Lingering at her throat still, he nuzzled and kissed gently on the pulse that ticked below his lips. But Kim was quiet, unresponsive. Too quiet. Except for her heart. It was kicking wildly beneath his palm.

He raised his lips a few inches from her sweet skin. But there was another smell mixed with her own scent, one he recognized easily-fear. His mouth went back to her neck.

"You're tickling me. Jack, stop it!"

"What?" He raised up, looking down into her wide, blue eyes. "You love it when I do that."

"Well...tonight it just tickles."

He bent down again and planted his lips against hers, relishing her warmth and sweetness.

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