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After her rebirth, she's invited out with her transformers.

Day 11

As we were eating breakfast I was looking at the CFM. I had this thought that we could turn it into a 2 girl operation. I thought that it could be set-up to tease a pussy, rather than fuck it. After I'd finished eating I turned the CFM round on the sunbed and pulled a chair to the end. I asked Sarah to sit on the front edge of the chair with her legs wide open. I adjusted the sunbed's place until the dildo part was touching Sarah's pussy.

I got on the sunbed and started pedalling. Yes, Sarah could just sit there and let me pedal-fuck her. Good, but not quite what I was originally thinking of. I got off the sunbed and moved it closer to the chair. The dildo was resting along the length of Sarah's pussy and pointing more towards the sun. I got back on the sunbed and slowly pedalled. The dildo slid up and down the length of Sarah's pussy, rubbing her clit as it went.

Sarah smiled and said that it felt good. I kept pedalling. Sarah discovered that she could adjust its position by moving her butt on the chair. She begged me to keep pedalling.

While we were having fun, Dimitri appeared. He looked at us, then at Sarah and said, "Can I fuck you Sarah?" Sarah looked shocked and said, "No."

"Please; Amy and Ella let me fuck them." Dimitri replied.

Sarah looked over to me and Ella. We smiled.

Sarah repeated her refusal. Dimitri turned to Alexi and said, "How about you sis. Do you fancy a fuck?" Alexi's jaw dropped; then she said, "The only fuck you're going to get here is 'Fuck Off'; go and have a wank Dimitri" Ella and I laughed. Dimitri stormed off.

Alexi looked at me, so I said, "Better that he learns from me than some slut down an alley somewhere." Alexi thought for a minute then said, "Yes, you're right, thank you. It's a shame that your brother Ben didn't come with you."

Ella was the only one of us that Apollo hadn't fucked, so when he came walking round the corner Ella called him over. She gave him a bit of left-over breakfast then shuffled to the front of her chair. She opened the jar of honey, got a spoonful out, and smeared it on her pussy. Then she got Apollo to lick her.

"Ooooow, that's nice." Ella said. Apollo kept licking and Ella got more worked up.

Ella looked as if she was getting close when Apollo decided that he wanted to mount her. As his front paws landed on Ella's chest, she looked a bit surprised and shocked. Alexi pulled him off and Ella got down on her hands and knees.

Alexi let go of Apollo and he quickly mounted Ella who said, "Owww," as his paws scratched her sides.

Alexi guided Apollo's cock in to Ella and he started fucking her.

Ella came first, just; then said that Apollo was getting bigger. They stayed like that for a good 5 minutes before Apollo got off Ella; who promptly collapsed on her back.

"That was, errrr, different," she said.

We weren't in the mood, or had much energy, so we stayed by the pool; not even clearing the breakfast things.

After about an hour we heard noises and assumed that it was Dimitri doing something. Imagine our surprise when this cute guy came round the corner carrying a long pole with a net on the end, and a tool box.

All 4 of us were naked and lying on sunbeds.

The guy looked at us, saw Alexi and said something in Greek. By that time Alexi was bright red and had closed her legs. Alexi said something in Greek back to him and he smiled; then looked at us 3 again. None of us 3 had tried to cover up, or close our legs.

Alexi and the guy had a short conversation, then Alexi said, "Ladies, this is Andreas, he's come to clean the pool. I forgot all about him coming today, sorry."

"I'm glad that you did forget Alexi, he's quite cute, and does he speak English?" Sarah said.

"Only a few words." Alexi replied.

"Well don't let us stop him doing his job." Ella said.

Alexi had another conversation with Andreas, who then walked on, towards the pool.

Andreas says that he likes English girls Alexi said. "And we like him too!" Ella said.

Andreas got on with his job as the 4 of us watched him.

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