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He observes professor taking advantage of wife's colleague.

" She untied the control for the vibrator and switched it off. She could see his body go limp as the vibrating stopped. She noticed his scent then. As she stood close to him she breathed it in deeply, feeling its effect like a drug. Damn he smelled good, she had always loved his scent and now mixed with the smell of raw sex she knew that very soon she would have to cum yet again. Watching had made her so wet she knew she had soaked herself clear through her shorts.

She reached down and carefully removed the vibrator, leaving the condom in place. "That is a huge load in there she said as she lifted it with the palm of her hand. How many times did you cum faggot?"

"Twice Mistress" he replied breathlessly.

She took the condom off his still semi hard cock very carefully making sure she didn't spill a drop. She held it up for him to see. He had never seen himself cum so much, there had to be at least 3 or 4 tablespoons of his milky white cum hanging before his eyes.

"Open your mouth and stick out your tongue, you know the rule don't you tiny?"

"Yes Mistress" he said hesitantly. She was going to make him eat all that cum. It was different thinking about eating his load when he wasn't in the throws of orgasm. It seemed much more perverse somehow.

She noticed his hesitation and said "Open your fucking mouth and stick out your tongue bitch, NOW!!" and she grabbed the clothespin on his right nipple and started twisting it.

He did as he was told as the pleasure/pain of what she was doing to his nipple shot thru him.

"Now keep it open and don't swallow until I tell you to" She then began to pour the contents of the condom slowly into his mouth, She loved seeing it run out onto his tongue and into his mouth. She took her time making sure his entire tongue was coated in the milky liquid. She wanted to make sure he got a good taste and didn't just swallow it down quickly. She squeezed the last drop onto his tongue and said "Swallow it faggot"

He forced himself to swallow it. It didn't taste bad, a bit salty, but it was thick and he had to swallow 3 times before he had it all down his throat. No matter how many times he swallowed he could still taste it on his tongue.

"You will eat all your cum from now on, and if I decide to give you head I will always share some of it with you, so you might as well get used to it"

All he could do was manage a weak nod.

She smiled at him "Good Tiny, now you are getting it!"

She walked over to the dresser and got the eyepiece for his hood and returned to him putting it back in place. She then knelt before him, his cock level with her face. She reached down and released his shriveled balls from the parachute that had held them so tightly. She started to reach down to start untying his legs when his cock brushed against her cheek. The pulsing in her pussy intensified. She leaned into him and started licking his cock. Usually when she sucked his cock she worried about making it feel good for him, now she could simply enjoy his cock. She loved sucking cock, it was one of her favorite things to do and she was damn good at it if she said so herself. It was wonderful to be able to go at whatever pace she desired with sucking his cock, to treat it like a special treat or a piece of expensive chocolate.

From her vantage point she could also see his stretched little asshole surrounding the cock she had stuck to the door to hold him in place.

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