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Joey watches his Mom strip to her underwear, topless & naked

The pull made the fabric on her mons tighter, biting how she liked it. She pulled it tighter, like a sweet punishment as it drew like a rope between her wet lips. She pulled again, rubbing her clit on the bunched fabric. Every built up need of the evening, the women on stage, the few handsome men in the crowd fell away leaving only the couple. Only their faces swirled and swept over her as her fingers plunged inside. Even her own high groans aroused her as she listened to the wet sounds of her fingers and pussy echo softly around the room. She wanted it so much she couldn't stop when the restroom door opened and banged shut. Two people walked in, but did not go to the stalls or the sink.

For the woman in the stall, it was so hard to stop she almost cried as she let her g-string loose and pulled her fingers out. She knew whoever was there could smell her, and that she had better leave. For their benefit, she flushed the toilet, and opened the stall.

She saw the couple, and it was as if a mutual fantasy had been conjured from the common lust. They stood by the door, him behind her, both facing her. Even through the haze of need and wetness, she felt an embarrassment as the couple's eyes pinned her. In a sudden moment, she saw them suddenly as the strangers they were. The last part of her mind not lost to lust propelled her towards the door. She opened it partly, until the husband shoved it back closed. Then he locked it.

The woman from the corner stepped back until the wall pressed her ass. The wife watched her in silence, smiling, as the husband brushed her hair from the back of her neck and kissed her.

"What's your name?" the wife asked.

"Johanna," the woman from the corner said. Nonsensically, she wanted to say 'yours.'

"I'm Eva. This is James," Eva said as he lifted James' hand from her stomach to her breast. "We'll just keep you a minute."

With her other hand, Eva pulled down her top until both breasts were nude. Then her eyes left Johanna and she curled her head around to kiss James. His hands lifted her breasts, fingers pressing sweetly into her skin. His thumbs brushed her nipples the same as they would fingering rose petals. Johanna watched as Eva's areolas tightened and grew dark brown with blood. She could feel her own do the same.

Breaking the kiss, eyes glazed, Eva moved to face the restroom door. She unlocked it, then pressed her hands to it, almost as if ready for a police officer's hand search. Almost because her ass curved out and up, as would a bird presenting for a mate. Her eyes found Johanna's again as James lifted Eva's skirt. From his pocket he took a penknife and cut away the strands of her g-string. The fabric fell to the tiles as his fingers fished through his zipper.

Johanna looked down to see Eva's thighs wet, and her lips shining and beautiful. She couldn't move her eyes from it, the glistening creases thick with blood. Eva sighed even while sound drained from the room for all involved. Her back arched even more, pushing her pussy towards James. His cock was out, and moving close. The skin in the cleft of her ass, cool from the air, grew hot as James' cock pressed there, and the head traced down towards her wetness.

Johanna watched as his mushroom head pressed Eva's lips. They parted around his rigid form, puckering slightly as it slid inside thick and deep.

"Oh God," Eva said through a heavy sigh. Her eyes stayed on Johanna, even her lids fell a bit from the lust of being fucked. The skin of her ass dimpled under the grasps of James' hands, pulling her back as his cock pushed her forward. There was a wet, pulsing sound coming with each stroke. Eva's pussy seemed to grow heavier with blood and hunger as James' cock slid in and out. Her lips bowed out with each pull, and folded in with each thrust.

Johanna's eyes could see nothing else, ears could hear nothing else.

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