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Gloria submits to enlargement of her nipples, tits, and ass.

I noticed that one of her nostrils was so covered in cum that with each breath some cum would be sucked in and than a bubble form as she exhaled.

Ben took me back to her and said "This slut of yours looks such a mess, perhaps you should find us a replacement for the rest of the session - that little brunette Julie looks great and she is a lot younger."

That got Chantal glaring, well as much as her gummed up eyes could, and splutter noises coming from her gagged mouth. "Messy whore go and take a shower, I'll take you gag off but don't you dare say a word" She stood for a moment looking from me to Ben and back again but than walked rather unsteadily to the shower room.

After about ten minutes she came out looking nice again and walked over to the group of us who were all in the middle of the room. She did not say a word but just stood and looked at Ben. "Well slut do you think I should call Julie in now, you may answer" She looked him straight in the eye and said "I am willing to continue, of course, but if that is what my customer wants I will go out now and send Julie in"

Ben stood looking at her for a few moments and than with a huge grin covering his face said "You wonderful Chantal, I am sorry for being mean to you- I can't, and definitely don't want to, change your attitude to the job. You give pleasure to everyone who meets you and the fact you get enjoyment only adds to that pleasure. Would you now please act your usual superb self and entertain me and my friends."

Chantal did let a smile cross her face but quickly said "Bastard! Now where's that lovely Andy at least he has got a cock long enough to give a girl pleasure." With a smile at Ben she went and dragged Andy to the bench and said "Come on put that lovely tool wherever you prefer".

The total session lasted for a little over four hours and Chantal used her talents to make it extremely satisfying for all participants. - She gave everyone the opportunity to try everything they wanted to do, singly, doubles or multiples.

As Ben called a halt he said to Chantal "That was an unbelievably enjoyable session thank you from all of us, I will apologise for the way I started but I think you can guess it was because I knew you would enjoy it" She gave him a cuddle and with a smile that embraced everyone said "Thank you for all the pleasure you have given me, that was a very pleasant way to pass a few hours."
"As for you Ben I did enjoy very much indeed the first part of the session. If you want to have the pleasure of Julie's company in the future you are of course very welcome, but there is no need to rub in the fact she is younger than me." Ben than did the dirty on me and said I had given him the name he did not even know which she was.

She than turned to me and said "I might of known you had something to do with that, you go on home and I will see the boys out; may see you later."

She soon joined me back at the house and gave me a huge cuddle and said "That was a lovely session, a pleasant mix of sensations. That first part I really was been used, it was lovely just lying there while they had their pleasure. Of course I expect you noticed that I gained a certain satisfaction most of the time."

"I did expect him to make me drink it when they finished, I would probably have liked that better than having it all over my face for ages I was glad when I was allowed to clean up, than Ben started on about changing me for Julie I guessed he was winding me up but played along."

"I was very glad he was kidding because than I was allowed to pleasure twelve men and one woman for ages. That one woman does need a long soak in a bath; I think all my muscles have been overworked, followed by some nourishment."

A bath, a good meal and a normal night's sleep had my dear girl completely recovered.

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