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The unusual sexual awakening of a woman.

Anyway after dinner as we headed to the car she took my hand and pulled me away, leading me up the street to a nice downtown hotel.

We walked into the lobby but instead of heading to the check in desk she had me sit down near the elevators. I watched as she stepped away, pulled out her cell phone and made a very short call. She then returned, grabbed my hand, led me into the elevator and pushed the button for the twelfth floor.

When we reached the floor she took me to room twelve twenty five, slipped the card into the lock and opened the door. Once inside I immediately grabbed her and kissed her, running my hands over her ass, squeezing hard.

Breaking off the kiss she said, "Just a moment, I have a surprise for you."

"That's what I was counting on when you opened the door."

"Slow down, I have something to do first. Now I want you to watch me... understanding I am fully clothed now. Right?"

Intrigued, I nodded.

"Promise me you won't say a word, you'll just watch."

"Okay, okay," I replied, wondering what she had cooked up.

She opened the door to the adjoining room. The second door into the other room was already open. She stepped into the adjoining room and waited until I moved to the doorway, "Now stand right there and watch... just watch."

I stood at the door as she walked into the room over to a bed where a naked man, maybe mid-twentish was sitting. I started to move inside when I heard my wife say again, "Just watch."

Feeling uneasy I 'just watched' as she went to the desk, grabbed a glass, unwrapped the clear plastic covering and then knelt down by the naked man. She took hold of his cock and began stroking. The man closed his eyes and leaned back, enjoying what my wife was doing to him. In just a short time he moaned, sat up and came, spurting his cum into the glass my wife held.

After milking all of the cum from him, she stood up, thanked the man and then walked over to me saying, "Still completely clothed." She then walked back into the room and said, "Close the door and lock it."

I followed her instructions as she placed the glass on the nightstand and undressed. I quickly pulled off my clothes and stepped over to her where she sat on the bed, opened her legs and asked, "Will you eat my pussy?"

Wow, that was the first time she ever just right out and said something like that so I immediately knelt down and dove in, pushing my tongue into her, tasting her. As I moved up to her clit she moaned, "Put your fingers inside me."

I slipped one finger into her and as she got wetter I slipped in as second and then a third. Still working my tongue on her clit I moved my fingers in and out of her. In just moments she came, falling back onto the bed and lifting her hips. I could feel her pussy pulsing around my fingers as I eased my head up and looked at the satisfied expression on her face.

When I slipped my fingers out of her she immediately said, "Bring my bag over here, that pink one."

"This one?"

She nodded.

I carried the bag over to her where she pulled out a short tube and reaching down she worked one end of it into her wet opening. When I looked at her she said, "Now pour that glass into the tube."

I looked at the glass holding the copious amount of cum the naked man in the next room gave my wife and then looked back at her.

She smiled slyly, "You said you wanted to fuck me with my pussy full of cum."

"Ah... I did, but..." Damn, she wanted me to... to pour that guy's cum into her and then...

I grabbed the glass, carefully poured it into the tube watching the white fluid flow down its length and seep into her pussy. When it was all gone I put the glass and the tube back on the nightstand and then looked at my wife.

She smiled and said, "Now fuck my cum filled pussy. Fill me up some more."

I practically dove on top of her where my cock slipped easily into her.

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