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Gail flies out the closet to join Mother/Son.

Then I reached back and gave you a hard spank.

"Fuck you," you shouted, "that fucking hurt." But I noticed your pussy get wetter.

"Don't lie to me, or I'll do it again." I spanked you again. You moaned.

My cock was rigid, and bigger than I had ever seen it before. It glistened in the soft light, still coated with your spit. I lined it up with your pussy, and shoved it in. I could feel your knees buckle as I entered you, and my cock was the only thing that held you up. You felt incredible. Your pussy was on fire, and the position made it feel twice as tight. Or maybe my cock was twice as hard.

"How does that feel, bitch? Is that cock big enough for you? Or are you still dreaming about rubbing your pussy all over his?"

"Yes...Jesus..." you panted. I didn't know if you were answering my question, or still thinking about his cock. I didn't care. I began to fuck you. Hard, and fast, pulling my dick all the way out of you before ramming it back in all the way. I bottomed out inside your pussy, and you started bending your knees a little as I pumped you, pushing into me as I thrust into you. I spread my legs a little wider, and felt my balls getting wet as they slapped against your clit.

I looked down at your pussy, and noticed your ass for the first time. Because of the angle, whenever my cock pulled out of you, it was almost as though I was pulling straight up, and as I did, the swollen head of my cock would push against your asshole from the inside. Every time I pulled out, your little rosebud would open for a split second, and then reform as I pushed back into you. I noticed your asshole was slick and wet, and every time I pulled out, I noticed a little of your anal juices were coming out, too. My cock got harder at the sight as a thrill ran through my body.

"Don't fucking tell me you don't like this." I said. "You're so wet, even your ass is leaking." You didn't argue with me. I don't even know if you had heard me.

I spanked you again, then put my thumb in my mouth, getting it wet, before lowering it to your ass and pushing it in. It slipped in easily. I could feel my cock ravaging your pussy, seperated from my thumb by the thin membrane. I started working my thumb in large circles, and felt your asshole pull it in. I decided I wanted to make you feel just how big my cock was, and you let out a slight gasp as I pulled my cock and thumb out, and then bent over and started licking your asshole. I could hear you panting.

"Pull your cheeks apart for me, I want to stick my tongue in your ass," I said.

Still bent over, you took your hands off the floor, and brought them to your ass. You pulled them apart violently, and I felt your rosebud give way as I shoved my tongue. I could taste your ass, and it tasted great. My cock jumped yet again, and you started moaning as I licked as deep into your ass as I could. After cleaning you out, I stood up straight and turned you around, kissing you deeply, mixing the flavors of your ass, my cock from your mouth, and liquor. I inhaled deeply, and enjoyed it.

"Get back down on your knees and get my cock wet again." I ordered.

You nodded, and bent over and starting sucking my cock again. Apparently you had enjoyed the previous experience, as you started deep throating me again, coating my cock in your spit, as well as the more slippery liquid from deep in your throat. I pulled my dick out, and led you over to my desk.

"Bend over with your elbows or hand on the desk." I said, but instead as you bent over, you pulled your ass cheeks apart for me. I looked at your slick, open asshole, lined my cock up, and started to push in. Much to my surprise, as soon as my cock touched your tight sphincter muscles inside, they relaxed and opened up, letting my cock slide right in on the first push.

"Fuck," you grunted, as my cock pushed all the way in, bottoming out deep inside your bowels. As you put your hands down on the desk to brace yourself, I said, "I'm going to fuck you now, and you'd better take it."

I didn't wait for you to nod, and started pushing my cock in and out of y

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