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They go to Frank's party in Jen's hometown.

She looked me in the eye and reached to her left to hang her panties on the tip of Jim's hard on.

Since Jim was already nude, he had no choice but to accept a dare. Mary again surprised me by upping the ante and daring her husband to kiss Lynn while rubbing her tits for one minute. Jim got up, walked around the table and knelt down next to Lynn's chair. He helped her turn to face him and they began kissing, slowly at first and then more passionately as he darted his tongue in her mouth and kneaded her tits. Jim reluctantly stopped when time was up. Mary dealt the cards again.

This round Lynn won with a straight. Lynn dared me to kiss Mary passionately and rub her breasts and pussy through her clothes for one minute. I walked over and began to kiss and squeeze Mary's big tits. I moved my right hand down to her lap and began to rub her pussy. I could feel her warm, wet lips through the sheer material. Mary moaned softly and pulled me close to her. When my time was up I started back to my chair.

Lynn directed her attention to Kris and dared her to sit in Mike's lap and make out for one minute. Kris looked at me then got up and moved past Lynn to sit in Mike's lap. His hardon was pressing against her naked ass cheeks as she began to kiss him as she rubbed his chest. As the time ticked by the kiss became more heated and she dug her fingers into his chest. He responded and squeezed her tits and rubbed her stomach. Kris got up and walked back to her seat. I could see the moisture glistening on her pussy lips when she sat down next to me.

Lynn now dared Jim straddle Kris and make out with her. Jim waked over with his long dong bobbing and straddled Kris as he did this his cock brushed against her belly. They began kissing and the more they kissed the brighter red Kris got. Both of them were pretty worked up when they finished. Kris had two different men touch her with the cocks in the last few minutes and she was excited.

As Kris cooled down Mary removed her bra to reveal her large soft 38 D breasts. Lynn then turned to Mike and told him to kiss and massage Kris's body from her neck to her waist for one minute. Lynn was making it a point to sex up my wife. Mike began gently fondling Kris's nipples and squeezing her tits as he kissed her neck. He began to work his way down her torso and ended by licking her belly button for the last twenty seconds. I watched as she held the back of his head and she quietly moaned as her chest heaved.

When they finished Lynn began to deal again. Jim won this hand with a pair. Mary stood up wiggled out of her panties and everyone clapped. We were now all nude. Jim looked at Mike and told him to straddle Mary and kiss her he had done with Kris. Mike proceeded to lock lips with Mary as he sat on her lap and pushed his cock against her body. When he finished she was flush and giggling like a school girl.

Next, Jim told Lynn to give me a one minute lap dance. My heart was racing and my dick was throbbing as Lynn walked over confidently and sat in my lap. She put her arms around my neck and began to bump and grind. I felt the moisture from her cunt as she slid her pussy lips back and forth on my hard cock. About half way through the dance she leaned forward and ground her hard nipples into my chest. Next, she put her head on my shoulder and began sucking on my neck. I almost shot my load all over her as I groaned holding it in.

Jim told Lynn to stay where she was when her time was up. He looked and me with a big grin and told me to suck on Lynn's tits for one minute. I lowered my head to her chest and gently began to lick and nibble her breasts. She squirmed and moaned with pleasure pulling at my hair.

Kristin was next, Jim told her to give him a one minute lap dance.

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