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Cop lovers friend is sent home.

Again, my friend turned on the dim light and got up and pulled back the curtain to see who was out there. He opened the door and greeted the guy. I think he introduced me to him also.

It was another hot looking number and he got naked like the first one and laid down in bed next to me.

Then my friend got on the bed between the guys legs and began sucking him. I think I was stunned watching this so close to me. So I thought maybe I should help things along a little and began to rub the guys chest and belly. If his abs were not a six pack then they were sure close to it. You know, there's nothing like a little help from your friends.

I guess the guy was super horny because he couldn't last more than five minutes. He moaned, "Oh fuck yeah," and he unloaded his cum in my friends mouth. He then got up and dressed then left quietly out the door. My friend turned out the light once more and I fell back asleep again.

Again, I heard a pecking on the glass and yet another guy entered. I put my glasses on so I could see better and the guy looked like he was in construction. That late at night, I'm sure there wasn't any construction going on, but maybe he looked like that 24/7. His jeans looked almost white to me and they had some black pouch attached to one of the belt hoops.

My friend seemed to know just what to do as he knelt down on the floor and the guy loosened his belt and dropped his jeans just low enough to expose a massive cock.

My friend sucked this guy different because it was more slow and precise. He had his shirt off and it looked to me like he could pass for a hot roofer with a nice tan.

The guy stood there while my friend slowly sucked his dick and even I was getting aroused, just watching.

"That feels damn good, the guy said. "Suck it just like that."

It looked like the guy was getting more into it by moving his hips in and out. Then while his dick was all the way in, he put his right hand on my friends back head and held it there.

"Just about to cum, he said. Then, "Oh yeah!"

I could see a little of the base of his cock and it looked to me like it was contracting along with his balls rising up each time. He must have been holding his breath because he let out a loud exhale and then shorter ones.

He began to ejaculate and I noticed the base of his cock was contracting along with his balls rising up at the same time. He finished climaxing and withdrew his cock.

I don't think I could have handled one that size. I did meet a guy once that had one like it and when I told him I didn't think I could do it justice, he said to me, "Just suck the head of it. That'll get me off."

I did it his way and it worked!

After that guy left, there were no more visitors and I was able to get some sleep.

The next morning I told my friend that staying over night at his place was like watching, "A Christmas Carol," all over again. Except that Scrooge got the best of the guys that came by in his story.

I spent a lot of time over in that town next to mine. It was my gay place away from home and I met several gays there and became good friends with them. My best friend was, The Bird-man and he and I got along well. We all called him, "The Bird-man," because he raised canaries and sold them in town to a store.

He too once lived in the big city and grew tired of it and moved back home again. Bird-man was quite popular in the area and it seemed like there was always one or more visitors at his place when ever I went by to see him.

There was a Federal Prison nearby that was built to replace Alcatraz when it closed. There was a section in it for non-violent people and those guys might be in for only a few months to maybe a year or two. Then they would be let out to a half-way house in town.

My friend told me previously that he liked to take walks and make it a point to walk by that house.

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