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The story of a young lady's love of exhibitionism.

"Well, Sarah and I have a wedding to arrange," I grinned. "And we have to sort out somewhere more permanent to live, though I'm very impressed with the officers' quarters."

Commander Sridhar acknowledged the compliment. "I understand you'll be working some of the time in Kolkata?"

"Yes," I said. "The company has an office there, and I'll be doing some consultancy."

"And your daughters?"

"Amy wants to do some further study, then get a business job. Laura is an artist, so she'll be painting and sketching mostly. She has an exhibition back in the UK next year."

The Commander nodded. "Good," he said. "May the gods favour your endeavours."

He looked around. "Now, it's time we went in. We're quite traditional here; I know you'll go in with Sarah, but would your girls like to partner with my pilots for dinner?"

"How about it, girls?" I asked. "Think you could cope?"

Laura grinned. "No problem," she said, offering her arm to one of the pilots.

"Why not," said Amy, moving to the side of the other man.

We went into the dining room, and were seated. I'd almost expected servants in Raj-style outfits, but apparently the Commander's definition of 'traditional' stopped short of that; the staff who served us, obviously Air Force personnel, wore khaki uniforms, the creases sharply pressed.

We enjoyed the meal, and I could tell that Laura and Amy were getting on well with their dinner partners. When we had finished eating, port was served; the girls didn't seem that keen, making faces and swallowing theirs like medicine. They grinned at me, and I winked, appreciating their bit of play-acting.

We thanked our host, and walked slowly back to the bungalow.

"What shall we do tomorrow?" I asked.

"I don't have to fly till the day after - though that means no more cocktails for me!" grinned Sarah. "I'd like to take you out into the villages, to meet some of the people I know."

She pushed open the screen door, and we went through into the living room.

"It's much cooler now," I said.

"Yes," said Sarah. "There are plenty of quilts for when we go to bed, though."

Amy grinned. "Well, I think the best solution is for us all to snuggle up together," she said.

"Sounds good to me," I said.

We went through to the master bedroom, and as usual, Sarah and Amy changed into their cotton nightdresses, while Laura wore nothing.

"Brr," she said, "I've got goosebumps."

I glanced across and saw that her nipples were hard with the chill in the room.

"Come on, hop into bed," I said. I undressed, and got into the bed, pulling the quilts up to my chin.

Laura slid in next to me, then Amy on my other side. Sarah got in on the other side of Laura.

"Well, here's to our first night in India," I said. I wrapped my arms around Laura's naked body to give her some warmth, then lay my head down on the pillow and slept.


The morning warmed up quickly, and I woke to find that the girls had pushed the quilts off. I admired Laura's naked body; she stirred and opened her eyes, stretching.

"Enjoying the view?" she teased.

"Always," I said truthfully.

Her expression became serious. "That pilot I sat with last night was pretty dishy. Now we're here, what happens if someone takes a liking to me or Amy - and if we like them too?"

"Amy and I talked about this when we first got together," I said. "And Sarah and I thought about it when we wanted to move here. We love what we have together - we love you - but whenever it's right for you to have someone special of your own, all you need to do is say."

I paused, then said teasingly, "But his family had better have good land and plenty of cows to offer for you."

Laura looked thoughtful. "It really does work differently over here, doesn't it."

"Don't worry," I said. "Sarah knows what she's doing, and we can afford to help you get started - a bit like Sita."

Laura leaned over and kissed me. "Thanks, Tim," she said, her voice emotional. "I'm really glad I let you buy me lunch, when you came to meet Amy that day at the university."

Amy stirred. "Someone mention lunch?"

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