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Miranda and Jesse share their fantasies with Brett.


To stop her screaming for help I gagged her, breaking her little finger for her to finally open up her mouth and accept it, loving the fear in her eyes. I'm a woman of my word, I told her I would do it if she refused to do as I said. Another little bonus for me.

Once arriving I was explaining to Linda what I had in-store for her and every word, everything I growled in her ear and looked her in the eye caused more fear then I ever hoped.. "Be patient, savour this.."- I had to remind myself. Still, already feeling enthusiastic that everything was going beautifully, better than I had hoped and I hadn't even gotten to the best bits...

I told her, reminded her sour being, of all the nasty things she had done to me and how she was never going to be allowed to forget, for as long as I lived, this place, that small cage in this house would be her bed. At least I was a kind host and offered her a drink upon arriving...

"Drink it or I'll give you your first mark." I commanded as I ripped the ball gag off of her face and threw it across the floor.

Confused, scared and rather curious; the look she was unable to hide all rolled into one.. She refused, "Go fuck yourself, you freak!" and then tried to spit on me. This stupid little cunt had a thing about spitting, I caught her spit in my hand and I stroked her face with it.

"Now, now, that's no way to speak to your host, I have laid a lovely beverage out for you, now be a good... guest.. and fucking drink it or it won't be your spit you'll have to worry about being put on that pathetic little face of yours, with that, I gave her three hard slaps, the last I let my nails graze across her face, leaving beautifully uniformed scratches, they were not going to heal fast anytime soon.

"I told you I would mark you, now drink!" As I pointed to it this time.

It was a water bowl, like you buy for dogs, in the bowl was a fresh and delicious batch of my cum, this cum was special though, it was made thinking of this entire plan..

Linda, rather shocked at herself for giving in quite easily, I believe. Knelt down and began to drink, I didn't make it easy though and kept her bound, every time she looked too comfortable, I kicked her over.

"Drink it bitch", She would get up faster than lightning and begin drinking again, how delightful she was already looking, sweat from fear already seeping out of her pores, again and again she would drink but this time, I placed my foot on her back and pushed hard, then on her face, forcing her entire face to be smeared with my wonderful juices.

"Now don't you feel more replenished," I said smirking at her.

Afterwards I grabbed her throat and forced her to Linda's knees, dragging her over to the wall where there were hoops in place to tie. I tied her in a starfish position, the most vulnerable look that can be given.

"Who am I?" I asked her.

"A fucking weirdo, let me go!" She screamed into my face.

"Wrong." I smiled. Went over to one of the biggest dildo's I could find and shoved it down her throat while fingering her ass, ignoring her discomfort.

"Seems a better use for your mouth, such shit you spew, so repulsive, just think, this huge cock will go into your tightest hole.." I gave one more hard pound with the dildo in her mouth and left it, too big for her to spit out, her jaw would ache for awhile.

"Who am I?" I laughed as she tried to speak and that's when I got the whip. I began straight away over her breasts and she began to moan, not her original moans but more sexual. The little bitch was beginning to enjoy the sensation.

I took the dildo from her mouth, "I told you I'm a woman of my word" and forced it hard into her anus, the screams were bliss and while she screamed, mouth gaping open, I continued to spit all over her, letting it hang and drip from her nipples, letting it fill her mouth and seeing her trying not to swallow. While the dildo was in, I whipped her some more, making the pain worse from the impact on wet skin.

Linda finally started to understand..

"Who am I?"

"Mmmistress??!" She said, finally looking at me with

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