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Re-modelling of the office takes on a new meaning for Tom

Erica reached down between her legs and guided his swollen dick to her quivering pussy. She gasped when he first entered her tight opening. Erica then went to work on him. The muscles in her vagina pulled and sucked on his dick like a milking machine. Unfortunately, Maurice was already primed and the dam broke. A mini-geyser spurted into Erica's more than willing receptacle.

Maurice rolled off of Erica. He was spent like he had never been spent before. The two lay together in her bed the rest of the night. Erica got him hard one more time. This time, she was on top and did all the work. All Maurice had to do was watch the pretty French teacher in action by the light of the burning candle. Erica had several but his own orgasm was much more controlled this time. That was the first time that he had ever cum twice in one night of lovemaking. Maurice fell blissfully asleep wondering if his own wife had made him a cuckold this very evening. With the lovely Erica in his arms, he really didn't care.


The week went fast for Maurice. Every night of the week, he had a different partner to share God's love with. While not all of the women in the group were real beauties and turned him on as much as Erica did, he would envision Erica beneath his thrusting loins.

Maurice saw his wife at meal times and at the prayer meetings but she was always with Edward. She kissed him good-bye when he left to go to the airport and catch his plane back home. Edward drove him in the old Peugeot that someone had left to the Family.

Maurice was truly concerned about the well being of his own wife.

"Will Miriam be okay?" he asked Edward.

"Yes, I'll make sure of it. Besides, Erica will be there to make sure that she is well taken care of."

Maurice's wicked thoughts flashed momentarily to his first time in bed with Edward's pretty wife. He wondered if Edward had already sampled some of Miriam's womanly charms.

Edward shook hands with Maurice as he dropped him off at the airport. The training of Miriam would begin in earnest after her husband left the Island. He made sure that Maurice got on the jet heading back to the States and then smiled to himself. Miriam was such a lamb and needed the Family's guidance. Edward had other things in mind for the newest member of his religious sex cult. He planned on taking Miriam as his 'second' wife.


One of the ways that The Family raised money was by singing in the many cafes and nightclubs along the boardwalk of St Maarten. Miriam and Erica made quite a team raising more money than any other pair. There were many men at these clubs and they were very attracted to the two lovely blonde Americans. Some were Dutch from the other side of the Island, some were the many tourists streaming off of the docked cruise ships in Phillipsburg, a good number were French as this was the French Caribbean playground but the majority of the men were Negro. They had been originally brought to the Caribbean as slaves from Africa to work the plentiful sugar cane fields.

While they were no longer slaves, they now made up the largest racial segment of the Caribbean Islands and St Maarten was no exception. There were several times when Miriam was appalled at her singing partner as she sang and flirted with all of the many black men. Miriam saw the way that the Negro men looked at and lusted after the two pretty blonde women. Their black hands would run across Erica's buttocks as if they belonged there. She also had a problem with the one wife concept but she had since succumbed to Edward's insistence and had committed adultery with him.

Miriam had been brought up in the 'Bible-belt South' and had been taught by the Church and her parents that adultery was wrong, very wrong. Wasn't it one of the Ten Commandments? She had also been taught that the mixing of the races was strictly taboo. The deflowering and degrading of the purest flowers of white womanhood was just not supposed to happen. If God had wanted all skin color to be one and the same, he would have made it so in the beginning.


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