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She was feeling faint.

She explained "I hope you girlfriend likes the taste of my pussy?

"I think so" I just managed to reply.

So this chick, Judy kept sucking my cock then asked if I wanted to fuck her.

"Fuck yeah!!" I exclaimed.

"Hey share that cock!" the chick sitting next to Judy said and started sucking my cock.

They took it in turns until one guy from the kitchen came over and shoved his cock in the other chicks mouth.

About then Jordan and Graham came into the lounge.

"Man your missus sucks a mean cock." Graham said panting. "I blew my load down her throat. Such a slut."

"Thanks" replied Jordan.

All the girls looked over when they heard Jordan speak.

"So." one asked. "are you bi?"

"Do I lick pussy do you mean? Yes I do" replied Jordan

A chick on the mattress held out her hand to Jordan and said "show me."

Jordan took off her top and dress then knelt down on the mattress.

The chick laid back and opened her legs. All the guys were watching, including the two that were still fucking chicks.

I had the best view and was still getting a head job from Judy.

As Jordan was licking pussy one of the guys went behind her and looked at me.

"Bareback?" hes asked.

I just nodded and he slipped into Jordan's wet pussy. She groaned so loud that everyone looked over.

"OK!" Judy said "now you get to fuck me seeing my hubby is fucking your girlfriend or is it wife?"

Jordan was groaning and puffing in extacy.

"Yeah wife" I said as Judy deep throated me.

Judy's husband pulled out of Jordan and he was massive. Had to be 10-11" and really thick. Almost as thick as a Coke can.

He pulled Judy's hair back and shoved his huge cock in her mouth.

"Suck me clean slut!!" he said in a voice that sounded like a wounded bear.

Judy sucked him clean. I looked at my cock and I felt like I was 7 years old comparing my cock with an adult. He then slid his huge cock back into Jordan's gaping pussy and she groaned again.

Judy bent over and said "fuck me now".

I slid in and seriously it was like a sausage in a hallway. I barely touched the sides. Judy had obviously been stretched and abused by her husband over the years. She had a massive pussy. Ok I'm a little over 7" and reasonably thick but wow.

After about 5 minutes Judy turned to me and said "fist me!! Fist me fucking hard!!"

I pulled out and slid my fist into her gaping hole. No resistance. Straight in.

Judy grabbed my arm and forced my fist into her. "Like that!" she said.

I was seriously slamming my fist into her cunt so hard I thought it would come out of her mouth.

"Hey. I take Viagra!" I heard the bear say "so I can fuck you all night!"

I wasn't sure who Judy's husband was talking to but I hoped it wasn't me.

"Yes please!" Jordan cried out "Don't stop. Keep fucking me!! Please!"

Jordan's face was wet from licking pussy plus he face was getting forced into that pussy by the bear. The bear turned her over and dragged her towards him then slammed his cock back into her.

The guys in the kitchen were watching closely now.

I had never seen Jordan's pussy so stretched before and so red. The bear was unrelenting and covered in sweat.

I changed hands and kept fisting Judy.

She said "try two hands" and rolled on her back.

I then heard Jordan groan so loudly and call out "yes more".

Now I saw it was a competition between the bear and Judy. Judy grabbed a cock and sucked hard on it while I managed to slide my second hand into her pussy. Judy groaned.

I looked over and the slut Jordan was licking out was sliding on her face while the bear was puffing and slamming Jordan.

Guys were filming and taking pictures with their mobiles as they couldn't believe what was happening in front of them.

Judy grabbed a beer bottle, pulled my hands out of her pussy and started fucking the bottle.

She took the other guys cock out of her mouth and said to me "blow in my mouth now!"

The other guy looked pissed off and walked over to where Jordan was being abused.

"Arrrrrrgggg" I heard the bear cry out.

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