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Just me and you, my chair.

"What brings you to a football tournament anyway, Robert?"

"I came to watch my granddaughter but her team lost their first match and they went home. I thought I'd stick around and watch some more football. When do you play again?"

I turned his hand so that I could see his watch. "'Bout half an hour, we'll be on the far pitch." I pointed across the park. "Would you like to come watch me play? I'd like that a lot."

"I think I'd like that too," he said as he paid for my water.

I stood on my tip toes, pressed my titties against his chest, and gave him a kiss as thanks. I let my tongue run across his lips just to let him know I was interested. I drank the water as we walked across the park where I met up with the rest of The Stingers. He took a seat to watch and I ran onto the pitch with my team to warm up.

It was a good game, but we lost in extra time. Robert cheered enthusiastically every time the ball got near me. I thought this was an excellent sign for my chances after the game. I worked up a good sweat and when he offered his condolences after the game he offered me a ride home.

"Your condolences are appreciated but unnecessary, I've got no regrets, Robert," I told him pulling my jersey over my head, "It was a good game and I had a great time." My black sports bra was wet and my nipples were hard. I have tiny tits but pretty nice nipples and, Robert was noticing the way they were trying to punch through the cloth of my bra.

In his car I thanked him for the ride home and asked if he would give me a ride to his home. Not mine.

"What do you have in mind, CJ?" he asked. I answered by smiling, licking my lips, and lifting my bra.

He drove fast and neither of us spoke during the short ride to his condo. As he parked he asked if I was sure about this.

"Never been more sure of anything in my life," I told him.

As soon as we made it through the front door I took off my bra and dropped it on the floor then I helped him pull his shirt over his head. He had a fine coat of soft hair across his chest. It was the same colours as on his head, dark going to grey and it tapered down across his abdomen to his belt line where it ducked inside his trousers and hid. I wanted to see more of him so I pulled on his belt. He was pushing my shorts and panties down.

Soon I was wearing nothing but socks, shoes and shin guards but I was still struggling to get his trousers open.

"You gotta help me here, Daddy," I said to him, "I don't seem to be able to get your pants off." I quit trying and simply rubbed his stiff dick through his khakis. It seemed to be a comfortable size - not too big, not too small. Reluctantly, he let go of my ass, undid his trousers and pushed his pants and jockeys to the ground. He kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his clothes. The hair that I had been so curious about curled around the base of his dick and coated his balls. I had been right about his size. His boner was about 6 inches long. It pointed up and the knob on the end was engorged and deep purple in colour. I touched it with the tip of my finger before I cupped his balls and, once again rubbed my tits on his chest.

"Where can I shower?" I asked. "I'm still all sweaty and I should clean up."

"No, don't."

He took my hand and led me through the kitchen to a dining nook with six chairs and a sturdy looking round wooden table. The kitchen was behind us the living room was open to the right of us. Ahead and to the left sliding glass doors brought in lots of natural light and a view of a lush, verdant, green belt behind the house.

"Lean over the table," he ordered.

I put my hands on the table top and bent forward at the waist. I felt his eyes crawling all over my ass.


He knelt behind me and spread my cheeks apart.

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