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Cindy finds her calling in a pool hall.

In a matter of seconds my pee started to flow, slowly at first and then heavier as I relaxed more. It ran through my fingers, sprayed against my pubic hair and ran down my legs onto the floor and around my feet. I rubbed myself faster and felt just a small gently second orgasm flood through me. A second in ten minutes was pleasing. It didn't have to be huge. A small, quiet cumming was just right for my mood. I didn't shout, or scream, I just murmured like a contented cat.

I suppose at this point a little reality came back to me. I was feeling more satisfied and the high lust was subsiding. I had risked being caught but had got away with it. Now it was time to clear up and get on with the day. Just one more risk I thought. I would clean up my pee whilst remaining naked. Once the floor was clean, I would allow myself to put my robe back on. I grabbed a handful of kitchen paper towel and started to wipe the floor.

Just as I was finishing the task and preparing to cover my nudity, the ultimate reality kicked in! Frank came wandering into the kitchen. He was three paces into the room before he saw me crouched down by the sink wiping the floor. I instinctively stood upright and covered my crotch and tits with my hands.

There was a silence that seemed like eternity before Frank spoke, "Christ!, sorry Mum, I didn't realise..."

I cut in, "No, sorry Frank, I forgot you were in..." I lied and then trailed off too, not really knowing what to say or do next. I thought Frank would turn and run but not so. Coolly he stood there and asked with some tone of surprise, "Do you always do your housework in the nude mum?"

I felt strangely and unexpectedly relaxed as I responded, "Yes, sometimes but only when I'm alone. Now are you going to leave the room and let me cover myself?"

Again Frank didn't go. He took a moment to think and then said, "Well don't mind me mum, if you want to go ahead and finish off be my guest!"

"Frank!" I exclaimed, "I'm not going to carry on in front of you."

"Why not? Are you embarrassed?" he asked.

I realised I had to regain control of the situation, "No I'm not embarrassed, but you should be!" I said looking directly at the obvious bulge now growing in his shorts.

Frank looked down as his dick tented further against his shorts and then, with perfect timing, sprang out of the fly opening. He made no attempt to cover himself.

Proudly he said, "That's the effect you have on me mum. Ever since that day at Anne's all I can think of is you and her. I've been jerking off three times a day just thinking about what happened. I just can't help it."

I relaxed my guard a little and dropped my hand from my breasts but kept covering my pussy, "I'm sorry Frank. That day at Anne's probably shouldn't have happened and I don't want to know about your masturbation habits."

"Probably shouldn't have happened...?" he asked.

"Well almost certainly, it shouldn't have happened."

"So you regret it?" he continued.

I dithered a moment realising he was pushing me, and responded, "No, I don't regret it exactly but I don't want it to cause problems between us. It just happened, we can't go back, so best just forget it."

"But I can't forget it mum. Like I said it's constantly on my mind. I've been on heat ever since." He said, "can't we do it again? Please mum!

I knew this was it. A crunch moment. After a long pause I replied, "Frank, I'm sorry if my and Anne's actions have caused you so much frustration. I suppose, if that's the case, then I owe you an apology which I am prepared to make 'in kind'. If you want to do it again that much then you may jerk off again now, in front of me. Is that what you want?"

"Oh god, yes mum!" he said, "but can I erh...can I..."

"Can you what?"

He hesitated, "Can I cum on you again mum?"

I smiled, "Frank, you dirty little boy! That's what turned you on wasn't it? Not just masturbating in front of Anne and I but the fact that you came on me."

By this time I was getting turned on again myself and had dropped my other hand to reveal my total nudity to Frank.

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