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Wife gets help to realise she is submissive.

She wrapped her arms around his neck and their tongues began dancing, probing one another's mouths.

Curtis lifted himself off of her and removed his t-shirt, revealing his tanned, taut upper body. He reached down, lifted her upright and helped her out of her top and bra. His eyes welcomed the sight of her large tits and his hand automatically reached out and cupped one of them as he laid her back onto the bed and kissed her. His fingers rolled her hardened nipple between his thumb and index finger causing her to moan and push her chest out towards him.

He nudged her to the center of the bed before planting wet kisses down her neck to her heaving tits. Alexie squirmed when she felt his hot, wet tongue lapping, licking on her nipples one by one. He knew exactly how to get her engines going. She reached up and held his head while he lavished her tits with his tongue and mouth. Meanwhile, Curtis was working on unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. Once that was accomplished he slowly worked his way down to her waist and continued licking and kissing her bare skin as he slipped her jeans down her hips and legs.

Alexie felt her jeans as they slipped beyond her ankles and feet. She could hear a slight thump as it hit the floor. Curtis now began to work his way up her inner calves and thighs to the feast that awaited for him, her pussy. He could smell her sweet, musky excitement as he drew nearer and his cock strained in his jeans. He needed relief from his restraints so he climbed off of the bed, stood on the side of the bed and reached for the button. Alexie sat up quickly and brushed his hands away; she was taking control now.

Curtis looked down at her and watched his girlfriend slowly work the button free from the hole then lowered the zipper carefully knowing he never wore underwear. Once that was completed she hooked her fingers into the waistband on the side of his hips and pulled the denim clothing down until it fell on their own accord to his ankles. His cock sprang freely in front of her eyes and the tip bumped her in the face. She giggled and she smiled at her innocence.

"Suck it, princess," he softly told her.

She didn't need any prodding from him because sucking on his cock was exactly what was on her mind. Alexie stuck her tongue out and licked away the dewy droplet of pre-cum clinging to the tip and Curtis took a deep breath. She tasted the salty sweetness then proceeded by swirling her tongue around the tip down to the rim as if she were eating an ice cream cone. This made him moan in delight and this made Alexie happy knowing he approved of her actions.

Finally, she wrapped her lips around the head and worked her way down the long, thick shaft slowly until it pressed against the back of her throat. She knew very well she had to relax or she wouldn't be able to take all of him down her throat so she eased back, readjusted herself upon the edge of the bed, relaxed her throat and slipped his cock back into her mouth, down her throat.

"Oh, fuck princess!" he gasped, tossing his head back.

The feeling of his cock penetrating deeply down her throat was heavenly and he was proud of his sweet, petite princess. She had learned a lot and rather quickly. She was also eager to learn and experiment or try something new.

Alexie always believed in trying something once because if she didn't she wouldn't know if she'd like it or not. She was unlike her siblings who were very conservative and never talked about sex or anything related to the subject. She thought they were your typical moral majority, bible clutching people who were, at times, a bunch of hypocrites. She was the prime example of the younger generation who believed in expressing themselves and experiencing life to its fullest and doing it their way. She was the epitome of a Catholic school girl who rebelled against the teachings of the church, nuns, priests and parents.

Curtis knew he couldn't hold back too long if she kept deep throating his cock so he eased himself out of her very tightly, vacuumed hold.

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