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Alema Rar makes a deal with a slaver.

Once they were finished, they stood back to admire their work.

"Come on you two," Lisa said, "it's time to start devouring me." Jason and his mother then each started to lick the whipped cream off of Lisa's breasts.

"Mmmm . . . that's good," Lisa cooed. As they cleaned off Lisa's breasts, both Jason and Dianne started to nibble on her now rock hard nipples.

"Even better," Lisa said, "but don't forget about my pussy." That said, both of them licked their way down her body with Jason reaching her cunt first. Jason then sucked some of the whipped cream out of her pussy, causing Lisa to shake just a little.

Dianne watched for a few moments, then said, "Jason, now just nibble on her clit." Listening to what he'd just heard, he focused on his aunt's clit. Jason was also aware that his dick was harder then it had ever been. His heightened state of sexual arousal was also causing him to breathe more heavily through his mouth. This meant that as he nibbled on his aunt's clit, he was also blowing on it too.

"Oh, baby . . . that makes my cunt so hot," Aunt Lisa said as she began to squirm around on the desk.

Lisa then grabbed Jason's head to focus it on her pleasure point and said, "Keep it up honey . . . my cunt's about to pop."

"Now she's really close," Dianne said to Jason, "Stay right where you are, but start humming." The effect on Lisa was instantaneous; her hips started to jiggle, and the pressure she was putting on the back of Jason's head greatly increased.

"Almost there . . . ALLLmost there," Lisa continued. Then finally, she shouted, "OOOOOHHHHHHHH FFFFFUUUUUCCCCKKK" and her body jerked uncontrollably as she went through a mind-blowing orgasm.

Eventually she released Jason's head so that he could come up for air. Her body calmed down, and she looked up to Jason and said, "You, Jason, are one good cunt sucker." She then laid her head back, and began to giggle in pure pleasure.

Jason stood up, and his mother realized that he was in desperate need of attention. She saw that his dick was sticking straight up, and quivering a little. "Honey, you really do need some relief, don't you," she said.

He could only look at her and nod his head. She walked around the desk, pausing to retrieve the bottle of vegetable oil from the cooler. Taking him by the hand, she led him to the couch, and got him to sit in a corner. She knelt on the floor in front of him, and propped his right leg on the couch, thereby allowing her maximum access to his cock region.

She opened the bottle, and liberally splashed oil all over his cock and balls. Jason should have realized that this was going to be cold, but he shivered slightly as his cock reacted to the cold oil. Dianne also poured some oil on her hands before putting the bottle down. She then rubbed the oil thoroughly on her hands. With a very mischievous grin on her face, Dianne then reached out and grabbed his balls, one in each hand. Rubbing them like the soft marbles they were, Dianne looked up from his cock to see how Jason was reacting. She saw his eyes flutter, and he relaxed so much that if his back hadn't already been lying in the corner of the couch, he would have fallen flat on his back.

"Mom," Jason said, "that's fuckin' great." She continued working on his balls for a couple of minutes until she began to see some precum emerge from the tip of his cock.

"Looks like you're close to a fabulous cum," was all she could say. Then she released the ball in her right hand, grabbed both balls with her left hand, and firmly grasped his cock in her right hand (or as firmly as she could considering all the oil that had been used.).

Aunt Lisa, having finally regaining her composure, came over to where Jason was sitting, cupped his head in her hands, and offered him her left breast. Almost like a baby, Jason glued his mouth to her tit, and began to noisily suckle. "That's it, Jason," Lisa said, "suck that tit."

As Jason's pleasure level increased, he began to moan, although it was somewhat hard to hear as his mouth never left the tit.

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