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He gets to have sex with his lactating friend.

The need to share my thoughts, feelings, etc... with my Mistress freely and without reservation and knowing that whether or not she agrees with those thoughts, she will accept them for what they are-the complete, unrestricted access to who I am, is the keystone to happiness, to waking up every morning and knowing that I have found the yin to my yang.

I was a very sensitive child-in tune with suffering and very empathetic. Over the course of my life, I have built walls, donned masks to hide my true nature, to become one of the guys, to not get hurt. Waking up every day and knowing that my true being is known by one person, that I don't have to hide, don't have to build walls or put on a mask, will allow me to wake up every day and say "Yes."

2.The pleasure of serving

In both sexual and non-sexual ways, I have always gained satisfaction from serving another.


I love to feel my partner, my Mistress, receive pleasure. It is almost as if I feed off the energy that is created when my partner orgasms and the knowledge that I provided that release increases the intensity of the energy. I find nothing more satisfying then being on my knees, orally pleasing someone who is multi-orgasmic, feeling the tension and release as she builds up and orgasms and again and again.

My own release is at most secondary and often not even anticipated. Once I achieve orgasm, I feel a loss of energy. Denial of orgasm is not a punishment to me, it is my Mistress keeping me in a state of expanded consciousness, where the intensity of every touch, every word, every action is heightened. In this state, my need to submit and to please expands and completely overwhelms my senses. The only thing that exists for me is Her.

Waking every day and knowing that my purpose is to please and pleasure Her and knowing that She will use me to give Herself pleasure, will allow me to wake everyday saying "Yes."


I enjoy bringing more beauty and more comfort into the lives of those around me. Making the life of the One who has chosen me (me at the core of who I am) easier, more beautiful, more comfortable brings me great pleasure. This includes activities such as cooking, I love to cook, especially for someone special. I would desire to assist you in your daily rituals, such as bathing you, washing your hair, brushing your hair, making you feel, with every action, thought and word, that I exist for you and because of the duality of our natures, we exist for each other.

The reward of hearing a sigh of contentment, seeing a smile of approval and an invitation to curl naked at your feet, collared and leashed and caged will echo a resounding "Yes" throughout my being.

3.Desire, beauty and everything that is feminine

I revel of the wonder of femininity. The feminine has always held a great allure for me, especially confident, successful, intelligent women. I find the confidence incredibly sexy, which is why I'm drawn towards dominant women. To see, every day, this epitome of femininity, of power, of sensuality--Yes, yes, yes, yes.

4.Physical use and abuse.

I am not a big pain slut. In fact, pain has to be built up over a period of time for me. I have sensitive skin. Giving my body to You, knowing that no harm will come to me, but knowing that you will use me, abuse my body and knowing that I am offering myself to you completely to be used for your pleasure, whatever that pleasure may be is incredibly powerful and erotic for me. This is the physical manifestation of mental submission.

This is the way that I can show you that I am yours, that I trust you and give myself to you and any marks left will be relished, touched over and over again as a reminder of my position and your position.

A further exploration of this would possibly include a tattoo or some other symbol of your ownership and power over me. I have no tattoos or piercings and to have a visible marking of me as yours would remind me every day that I am where I belong. Yes.


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