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Naked outside during the day witnessed by new neighbor.

"Have you found anything interesting back there yet?" She asked innocently.

"Ill be quite honest, I am so far at a loss", he replied without looking back. "I've checked all the connections. All the leads are good, so it isn't a problem with the TV itself, but I meant to ask you if I can check your Ethernet connections around the house, maybe something came unplugged".

Claire suddenly felt a little guilty for having made him wait this long, but was nonetheless flattered by how thorough he had been in his inspection. He truly was a professional.

"Well", she said. "I really do appreciate all the work you've done, and I'm sorry the solution has been so complicated." She sat down on the couch. "You've been working non-stop for almost an hour, why don't you sit and have a drink with me?"

Thomas now looked back at Claire sitting on the right side of the couch in front of the television he was working on, noticed the two glasses of champagne in her hands, and with a little smile, agreed.

Thomas took a seat about a foot away from Claire on the sofa, picked up one of the glasses of wine and drank heartily. He had not noticed until now how thirsty he was.

For a while, they chatted. Claire went on about her job and her lazy co-workers, Thomas talked passionately about bicycle science, and by their third glass of champagne, neither Claire nor Thomas were thinking about anything business related any longer. Claire's desire for Thomas had become almost irresistible. His modest swagger was having an undeniable effect on her; the sound of his voice alone sent shivers up her spine. She wanted to see him naked. She wanted to see his penis and feel it become hard in her hand as they teased each other in her bedroom, and she wanted him to undress her as well.

Thomas too, was feeling his emotions start to rise at the sight of Claire. The dress she had chosen fitted her almost perfectly, it almost seemed to be a part of her. Her breasts were not noticeably large, but they were well proportioned and fit her body well. He began to imagine what her nipples might look like, whether they were dark like her hair, whether they were large or small. He had succumbed to these kinds of thoughts before, but never with the intensity he was feeling now.

As they talked, Claire's eyes began to wander over Thomas' body. He was dressed very casually, but she could still detect the muscular build underneath his clothes, and she wanted nothing more than to see it for herself. She imagined her hands running up and down his arms, feeling his chest and traveling down toward his pants.

Suddenly, she didn't know whether it was the alcohol or whether she had fallen back into a trance like she had looking at the rain fall outside the kitchen window, she unexpectedly found that that was exactly what she was doing.

She immediately withdrew her hand from his bicep in embarrassment. She couldn't believe what she had just done. Claire momentarily looked completely away from Thomas, who she was sure was looking at her with that strange look a cat gives a person when it is touched by someone unfamiliar. She was afraid that she had blown it, but when she looked back at Thomas, she found that he was staring directly at her, and in his eyes there was a determination that she had not seen in them at anytime before this moment.

Thomas put his hand on Claire's cheek, all the while looking directly into her kelp green eyes, and pulled her lips toward his.

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