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An evening walk in the park on a clear Fall night

She hardly spoke to the three girls, and sat on a canvas chair during takes to observe their performance as if they were depraved animals.

"Is this a private party, or can anyone join?"

Pandora could barely turn because her strapon belt was intimately attached to Lulu, but she recognised the voice of female authority. Before she could rise from the grass her wrists were bound to the metallic click of handcuffs. The scent of perfume told Pandora that her captor was a woman. She leant close to whisper into her ear.

"Did you sluts think you could fuck in public in my county and get away with it?"

Within seconds all three 'performers' were on their feet and cuffed. Only later did Pandora recall that Tar, Bob and Sandra were not even taken to the police station. The two male officers holding Lulu and Mandy began to explore the girls' bodies, dwelling in their moist crevices. Mandy wriggled in her cuffs as the officer inserted a thumb into her anus.

"We're searching for concealed weapons." Pandora later remembered Sandra's laugh. The officer examined his stained thumb and wiped his finger on Mandy's hair.

"What the fuck?" she shouted, writhing in her chains as she tried to draw away. The female officer stepped forward and slapped her across the face.

"Listen you slut. You're just a whore, so don't try anything with me or you'll live to regret it."

Pandora now saw that her captor wore the badge of a sheriff. Her skin was a light olive tone, with her black hair swept back with a short tress trailing down behind her shining cap. It was early morning, but she was wearing sunglasses and her light green shirt stretched across her ample breasts. Pandora recognised a shirt worn too small to accentuate a figure. The enticing image was aided by tight black pants and knee length boots. The badge told Pandora that she was in the company of Sheriff R. Ortiz

"Now, I'll not have you ruining the seats of my car, so we'll walk to the station. You bitches are used to showing your holes to everyone."

The handcuffs grated against her wrists as Pandora was led through the quiet streets of Harmon to the police station. It was nearly eight in the morning, and the town was waking from a hot Texas night. So, there were only a handful of people abroad, but everyone stopped to gape at the three naked women in cuffs walking in the middle of the road. As she was paraded around the town square Pandora felt the officer's fingers pressing against her anus, fumbling for unwelcome entry.

"Head back and tits out you fucking slut," she whispered. "Put on a show for the good people of Harmon." Pandora felt her thighs parting as the officer's gloves forced their way through the muscle into Pandora's anal passage.

"Please don't."

"A fuckslut like you must have had hundreds of dicks up your hole. Well, get used to it. Here in Harmon County we have a lot of fun with our prisoners, especially fat bitches like you."

The three girls had collected an audience of the curious, the outraged and the aroused as they were marched along the dusty streets. The glass doors of the police station were already open, held by grinning officers surveying the naked flesh on display. Ortiz spoke to the men at the door.

"Take your hands off your dicks and get the cells ready for our guests. Make sure they have a proper welcome."

Pandora was taken to the booking desk and recited her real name, her age and her California address. Ortiz signed her forms without removing her finger from Pandora's anus, knocking her foot against Pandora's shins to draw her thighs further apart and ease her passage. By now the digit had penetrated almost to the knuckle, and most of the small crowd gathering in the booking hall had noticed her special means of prisoner restraint.

"Get your fist in Sheriff.

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