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Mom and Dad teach their son about sex.

I was astounded to realize I had now seen a man's member in real life and was surprised by the size of it, it seemed as if the ghoul's member would rip the servant apart but she seemed to enjoy it. This is when I saw that the vampire was on her knees on the table by the servant and had her dress hiked up around her waist, behind her another attractive ghoul was slamming himself into her as she sucked on the cock of the male servant who had been brought to her. Finally as he neared his own climax I realized she had her teeth out and had gently bitten his cock and was sucking both blood and his seed at the same time. I thought surely he would scream in pain but he seemed to be crying in pleasure as his cock stayed hard even as he came. The male servant then grabbed the serving wench and thrust his still hard cock into her obviously greedy mouth as the ghoul continued to fuck her.

Mind you I was confused about many of the things I was seeing, I had only known that a man was built different from a woman because of the conversation my governess had had with me when I was first engaged to be married before my fianc__e died. It was not until later that I would learn the terms of what was going on around me and to understand the pleasure they seemed to be having.

I then noticed that the room was full of noises of pleasure, that all around us on the floor and tables vampires fed while the humans around them had sex. I was shocked to see a woman on her knees like the vampire I was watching had been with a man in her mouth and one between her legs and that the two men were passionately kissing over her and stroking each other's bare chests. I did not know such things happened and so when I noticed a pile of bodies writhing on the floor I was not nearly so shocked to realize all 4 of the people worshiping at the body of a dainty young looking female vampire were also women. The women were licking and kissing every inch of the vampire's body and finally the tiny vampire grabbed one of the sturdy young women and pushed her between her legs. I couldn't look away as the wench began to lap at the vampires bare pussy, devouring it as if it was the finest fruit. Two servant wenches who looked as if they might be sisters were suckling the breasts of the petite vampire who was feeding off of the breast of the forth woman. All of them seemed to be enraptured and as the one being fed off of changed places with one of the sisters I realized I had seen these girls dusting rooms before and always looking very proper and fully dressed. To see their bodies naked and glistening with sweat while their faces were contorted with a pleasure I had never known made me very confused about the feelings that were flowing through my body.

I sipped on my wine as my father announced that he had a special present for our honored guests and also for me. I looked up as the doors opened and the three handmaidens who had so tormented me earlier were brought in.

Unlike the other servants who were obviously well drugged the handmaidens looked terrified and only mildly dazed as they struggled against the guards who were dragging them in the room. Each of the handmaidens were stripped bare of their tops and I saw that their bodies where full and ripe, covered with a blush from face to bare chest and for the first time I wondered if I would look that way when stripped bare as well.

As they were brought to the dais my father looked at them and said, "So you think you have the right to terrify my daughter? That you are somehow worthy of inflicting pain on someone so much higher in standing then you? You enjoyed telling her what it would be like to be fed upon so now you will see what it is like."

My father offered the girls to the two lords and for the first time I heard lord Di Mercurio speak.

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