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"Hi dad," we said casually.

Behind Aaron are three black hooded figures. All three of them are in black wool capes completed with hoods. The middle guy has a big red jewel that keeps the cape closed. The other two have bright blue.

At least we know who's the boss.

Aaron recovered the shock of us being downstairs (because we're supposed to be upstairs training and studying) and went to introduce us. "Mr. Cain, these are my children, Sharp, Ethan and Elizabeth."

One of the blue jewel guys stepped out of their triangle and held his hand out. "It's a pleasure to meet the three of you," Mr. Cain says. I remembered he's a few years older than me. But I feel like I'm meeting an old man.

"This is your cousin," Aaron gestures to the other blue jeweled guy.

He came up to us and squeezed our shoulders saying, "So glad to meet you."

After he was done, Aaron introduced us to the last one of the three. "This is Mr. Carson."

Mr. Carson just nodded.

Wow, ain't that a bitch.

"Shouldn't you three be studying?" Aaron said.

Sharp shrugged, "I ran out of energy. I went over my limit." Again.

"My sharks need to eat," Ethan said. He has a tank of nurse sharks.

"I had a fight with my guide," I tell him.

"So that's what the yelling was about," my cousin said in an amused tone. "I feel sorry for your guide."

I shrug. "He'll live."

"Kids," dad said. "The Order decided to stay a bit. To, uh...keep watch."

That doesn't sound good.

"Elizabeth," Dad said. "Show them their rooms."

Damn, all the guests rooms are near my bedroom. I smile, "Yes Dad."

When I start to lead the way, I looked behind me to see that they're on my heels. Creepy. Two of my guards are behind them. More creepy.

When we turned to the hallway, I see Quinn right outside my door.

"Shit," I hear him mutter.

"Looks like your guide has been waiting for you," Mr. Carson said. I knew it was him because he has the sense of authority. It also sounds oddly familiar.

"They can't hear me," Quinn says. "But give me-Mister Carson the guest room next to you."

Weird. I nod and did what Quinn said. I showed my cousin and Cain the rooms across the hall.

"Mr. Carson," I said, walking to the door next to my room. "This is your room." Opening the door, he steps inside.

Looking around, at least I think he is, he said, "Nice room." He then held out his hand, "Thank you."

His hand wasn't bare. It's a black leather glove I shook. "If you need anything, Mr.Carson," I said. "Please feel free to knock at my door."

He lets go. "You're too kind," he said, his tone sounded like he didn't want me to be kind.

I nod and went next door to my bedroom where Quinn was waiting for me.

"They came early," Quinn shook his head. "That's impossible."

Anger out of the way, I asked, "What do you mean?"

He closed his eyes. "Now, I see why they came early."

"What?" I asked, impatiently.

"We- they are gonna evaluate on you and your brothers," Quinn said. "I'm supposed to be gone before they came."

"So you're leaving?" I didn't want him to...

He looked at me and gave me a smile. "We're not saying goodbye forever. Plus, you're a strong girl and I know you can show them that you're capable of doing anything."

I slowly start to tear. Even though we fight almost every day, I will miss his company.

Quinn walks over to me and put his finger under my chin. "Remember what I told you," he said, making me look up at him. "Never give up on me once you see me."

I nod.

He leans down and gives me a soft kiss. That soft kiss seems to wake up my whole body. When he pulled away, not too much, I opened my eyes to see he started to fade.

He winks and gives me a small smile. "I love you." Then, he's gone.

Wait, he loves me?

I wipe the tears off my face, but it keeps on streaming down. Does this mean that I love him too?

All I knew was that I need Quinn in my life. Now.

It has been a silent week. The Order didn't come out of their rooms. The wall between Mr. Carson and I has been silent.

One day, my brothers and I were called up to Aaron's office.

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