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A White hero saves a confused Black beauty.

"I can assume then, that today you needed a release huh?" she said smiling more.

"You could say that." I replied, relaxing slightly.

Beth then moved toward me and slid her hand down inside my shorts, just stroking my growing cock. The aroma from her perfume made me weak in the knees as she stood close to me and held my cock in her hand.

"You seem ready for release now, but I better get outside before Julie begins to wonder where I am. I would hate for her to find me jacking you or something more." She said winking.

Beth walked to the door and looked back to find me pulling my cock out and stroking it slowly.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," she laughed, "be back to talk more later."

I stood at the window watching as Beth ran from the house and joined her sister swimming. I could tell Julie was asking what took her so long and Beth replying that she had a phone call. Julie dropped the subject and they both swam for about a half hour before they got out and lay back in the sun to tan.

I continued to watch them, bringing myself to the edge of several orgasms but always stopping short of cumming. Finally I left my room and went into the family room to watch a baseball game. Fifteen minutes later I heard the back door slam and knew the girls were done swimming. Julie walked in first, her towel over her shoulders, shivering from the air conditioning. I could only imagine how hard her nipples were from the cool air. My mind raced when Beth walked in, her towel around her waist and her wet top combined with the cool air made her nipples stand proud, straining against the fabric. They both sat down on the couch and watched the game with me for a few minutes.

"Well I need to get changed," Julie finally said, "I am supposed to meet my friends at the mall. Are you going with me Beth?"

Beth looked me right in the eye then glanced away saying, "No, I'm going to pass, think I will stay here and watch some TV, maybe go swimming later."

My heart leapt at the thought of my now knowing stepdaughter staying at home with me alone. My mind wandered for the entire 30 minutes it took Julie to change and to finally leave. Once I heard the back door close and watch as she pulled out of the drive I knew something would happen, I just didn't know what for sure. Could I convince Beth to forget about the earlier conversation or maybe go forward in my quest to be with her?

My questions were soon answered when Beth stood up, dropped the towel from her waist and walked toward me. I sat upright in my chair and Beth sat down on my lap, smiling.

"Now where were we? I don't remember but I think it had something to do with how I look and dress. Is that right?" she said laughingly.

I just nodded at her and smiled.

"Well I guess I will start things off then, should I remove my bikini so you mind wont wander any more?"

I just nodded again.

Beth reached behind her back and pulled at the strings holding her top on. First she released the strings around her neck then holding her top up she untied the strings running around her back.

"I hope you will like my tits, I think that they are still growing but need someone to look close and tell me."

I was breathless as she dropped her top and exposed her breasts and nipples to the cool air.

"MMMM that feels good, do they look good to you?"

I leaned in and found a nipple and sucked it into my mouth, Beth threw her head back and moaned lowly.

"That feels good Daddy."

It was the first time I had been called Daddy and was taken back. I don't know why but being called Daddy I got even hornier then normal.

"Do you like being called Daddy?" Beth laughed. "I thought you would, I finally checked out the site that sent you the e-mail. They have some really hot stories there don't they?"

I just sucked harder in her nipple and nodded my head pulling on her nipple more.

"Well then Daddy maybe I should stand up and see if you are really glad to see me, you know, see if you are ready for more?" Beth said pulling from my grasp and mouth.

Beth stood up and ran her hand across my now tight

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