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A new boss has a new pet project.

A moment later, I heard him speaking to the boy who was supposed to be on look-out duty.

"Is everything all right, lad?"

The boy's face would have been a picture, I'm sure. Len's approach would have shocked him out of his reverie, his role as long-range lookout having long been forgotten. Glancing through Len's peep-hole, I saw the boy scampering down the slope, waving franticly. I couldn't help feeling some embarrassment for Amy, as she struggled to do up her blouse as fast as she could. She gave her face a quick, rough wipe with the towel, which she then rolled up into a tight bundle. As I watched her run a hand through her hair, trying to regain some kind of composure, I saw myself, in just that situation, and I suddenly warmed to her.

I couldn't resist the urge to pick up the binoculars again, to examine the scene more closely. Amy seemed shaken. Strangely, she kept looking this way, and at one point she began to walk towards the hut, then appeared to change her mind.

The two lads who'd been with her sidled away rapidly, and were making their way as fast as they could towards the main gate. One had grabbed up Amy's sports bag, presumably expecting her to follow, but at a discreet distance. Meanwhile, the so-called look-out had disappeared completely, in some other direction. Amy smoothed down her blouse, straightened her skirt, and strolled slowly away.

Before I could get too lost in my thoughts, Len came back into the hut. He seemed pleased with himself. "I think I warned them just in time." Before I could make any further attempt to extricate myself from the situation, he altered his manner towards me, all of a sudden charmingly attentive.

That was a side of Len's character that I'd thought I was familiar with. I'd taken him at face value, as an honest chap who genuinely cared about me. Now, though, it dawned on me that perhaps I'd been deceived. I had to consider the possibility that I was dealing with a clever, devious and thoroughly manipulative character, with more complex motives than I could imagine. In any event, this man had a certain advantage over me, in terms of adult life experience: more than 50 years to my zero.

In a strange kind of way, though, for all my eighteen years of relatively sheltered existence, I didn't feel wrong-footed by him. In fact I started to find him even more attractive. I felt as though I could see through his tactics, and I wasn't about to be taken in. At the same time, I also realised that he didn't need to know that! If it suited me, on occasion, to let him think that I'd been fooled, then: so be it!

In the quarter-century or so since these events took place, I've come to the conclusion that there's a psychopath inside every one of us. I've also realised that, where psychopathic tendencies are concerned, I've got rather more than my share.

So I reckoned that I had a pretty good idea what was on Len's mind, and I felt reasonably sure that it had something to do with the impressive bulge in his trousers. For the moment, though, it suited me to play my part as the na__ve and suggestible admirer, while he proceeded to treat me to a series of highly flattering compliments.

"Well, that was quite something, wasn't it? Two lads at once. And she swallowed the lot. That was a surprise, I must say. Quite a surprise."

Then, edging closer, he lowered his voice just a little.

"I have to say, though, Ellen, that she's not in your league. Given the choice, I'd much rather have been watching you. Aye, much rather."

"Len, for goodness' sake, what's going on? Watching with that thing, it's like you're just inches away from what's happening. And to think that you could see me that close, as well. It doesn't feel right at all ... "

"That's just it, though, Ellen, I've never seen you that way. You've always been much more discreet, tucking yourself away, behind the hedge, out of view. You've no idea how tantalising that's been at times."

I could very easily have tried

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