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The Secret is Out!

I ask him about the lack of tourists and he tells me that is because of the ghost...It seems that the resort was built on the spot where a rich family once stayed and was killed by Indians. One member of the family, a beautiful young woman named Conchita was raped and left for dead-but instead of dying, survived and lived alone in the ruins of the house till she al! so died. Legend says that her spirit wandered the land around her former home, unable to have eternal rest...This resort was built on the spot where her house used to be and tourists have said that they have seen her roaming the halls after dark, searching for some unknown thing. After listening(and yes laughing)at the story, I went back to our room to find you getting ready for dinner. As I took a shower, I told you about the legend and you laughed as well...If we only had known what would happen later....

At dinner we continued to laugh about the legend and other things while enjoying the fine food. After dinner, we took a moonlight walk around the grounds, enjoying the cool mountain air warmed by the fading rays of the sun. You get that playful look in your eyes and decide that you want to go swimming. We go to the room and instead of you putting on a suit, you just grab a towel and head for the door..."What are you doing?"

"Well, since there is nobody here and the staff is asleep, I thought we could do some skinny-dipping." After a few seconds, I stripped down to nothing, grabbed a towel and followed you to the pool. When I get there, you are already in the water and saying that it is so warm and nice. I jump in and the usual hi-jinks start-splashing each other, holding each other under, that sort of thing. You swim over to the edge of the pool, sit on the steps and watch me swim towards you. Coming up beside you, you notice the familiar look of lust on my face as I lean in to kiss you. Our lips meet and your arms wrap around me as my tongue plays with yours and my hands travel your wet body.

Your head falls back as my lips move along your neck to your ears, nibbling your lobes and sending shivers down your back. My hands run across your back, around to the front and up to cup and squeeze your breasts and nipples. Your hands take a similar journey to end up at my growing black cock. I move from your neck and ears down to your wet titties, catching drops with my tongue while moving ever so closer to your hardening nipples. I lick around them, feeling you arch them towards my mouth but moving away. Little kisses and nibbles just driving you mad and gasps and moans starting to escape from your lips. As I'm teasing you, your hands are busy as well-stroking my cock, playing with my balls, slowly tugging and squeezing them.

You pull me to you, rubbing the head of my cock between the lips of your wet pussy, letting me feel not only the water but your juices soaking my cock. I move my hips forward, pushing my shaft into your pussy and feeling you squeeze it with your muscles. A small scream shatters the quiet as you feel my dick going deeper and deeper in you and you wrap your legs around me to pull me in even farther. A moan escapes my lips as I feel the heat, wetness and pressure on my dick and my tongue and teeth begin their assault on your hard nipples. Sucking, lashing, nibbling and biting your tits and nipples, feeling you thrash beneath me as my hands grip the edge of the pool for balance. Our bodies moving in that timeless rhythm, as old as mankind itself, all other considerations forgotten outside of this moment.

I ease my dick out of your pussy, hearing your pleas to put it back in as I tell you to get on your knees.

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