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A son watches his father defeated as his mother is seduced.

She truly was having fun and looked over at her Daddy who was definitely enjoying this. All the men in the room watched her hairy cunt go up and down and up and down on the bed.

Sam was smiling and clapping his hands shouting, "higher! Faster!"

She was out of breath as she looked around and all the men were smiling and stroking their big cocks again through their pants. She finally landed down on the teddy bear sitting on top of it. Sucking her thumb she slowly rocked back and forth on its face. There was a deep primal grunt from every man in the room including Jon who had stayed in the background and quiet the whole night. She knew this might push them over the edge but she didn't care. She was aroused and wanted some relief. She moaned and mounting the bear again she used its nose against her clit. "Ohhhhhhh," she groaned.

"Mmmmm she heard the men say in unison."

"Te-ddddddddy," she whimpered.

"OHHHHH FUCK someone shouted in the back and came in his pants."

"Tedddddddd-yyyyyy." She said again humping the bear's face. Sam was speechless as he watched her writhe on her bear. "F-uck meee, tedddddyyy." As she rapidly rode his face. It didn't take much and she orgasmed all over the bear's face living a thick white goo on it. She sighed and looked up at them. Two more men had wet spots on the their slacks.

Daddy picked her up and she was still holding her teddy bear. She handed it to Sam while her Daddy carried her upstairs. He whispered in her ear, "Mmmm, baby girl we'll be moving to Hawaii in no time."

Daddy could tell that she was exhausted and told all the men to go downstairs in the basement and strip off their clothes. Daddy knocked on her door and she opened it naked except for a leather collar around her neck and stilettos. All of the men requested that Daddy put a chain on the collar and walk her in. Daddy was naked at her door and when they saw each other they started kissing each other passionately. They couldn't stop, because of all the excitement Jessica was ready for anything. Her arms were tight around him and she kissed him deeply both moaning like crazy. They kissed for several minutes and Daddy was ready to fuck her hard at that moment but he broke the kiss and pulled away and she moaned in agony.

"Daddy, I will do whatever you say. I love you." She said breathlessly

"I love you too baby doll. Should we give them a real show?" He said looking at her body hungrily.

"Daddy," she said seriously looking him in the eye. "I need you to fuck me in the ass."

Daddy was shocked. For one, he had never seen her so aggressive. Daddy always seduced her and she always submissively agreed. They hadn't been fucking for that long and he was eventually going to introduce anal but he never thought she would want it this way. At that moment he knew now that he opened a door and that she was changing quickly. He didn't respond to her right immediately.
She repeated, "Daddy I want it up my ass. Please? Please?" She kissed him again and he felt delirious. All he could do was nod his head. As he walked her down the hall he stopped by the bathroom and took out a bottle of lube from the medicine cabinet. He never needed to use lube on her and this bottle was left there from his days when he was still married to her mother and he had to whack off alone every night.

Daddy took the chain to her collar as they entered the basement.

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