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Can Mia and her husband survive being sex slaves?

He pulled away so he could undo her buttons, relishing in the slip of each one through its hole, bringing him closer and closer to finally viewing that beautiful body of hers uncovered. She looked at him hungrily as he worked, pleased that he would finally discover her secret. The more he unbuttoned, the more of her skin he saw-but no other fabric-he continued all the way down until he realized, pleasantly surprised that she was wearing absolutely nothing under that robe-she never did-not one single Sunday. Nothing but a pair of black lacy thigh highs and shiny black heels. He pushed back the panels of fabric and drank in the sight of her milky white flesh completely exposed as she leaned against the altar.

Full breasts heaving, cherry red nipples hard against the parish air, just begging to be sucked and bitten-but not yet. His eyes continued downward, past the soft skin of her abdomen, her round, curved hips, her thick white thighs interrupted by that lace. He couldn't stand it anymore. He pushed her down onto that table where she had served communion so many times before and stood before her, ready to worship at the altar. He ran his hands down the length of her body, squeezed her right breast, and slowly drew its nipple into his mouth. She moaned loud and it echoed off the arched ceiling above them. He sucked her breast hard and hungry while his hands moved up and down her body, riding her delicious curves like a skier on the slopes.

He moved to the other breast, biting this one just slightly as she moaned some more, her hands undoing his tie, fumbling with the buttons of his shirt. He licked his way down her stomach, stopping to dip his tongue lightly into her navel before he focused his attention on her soft, thick inner thighs. He ran his hands up and down her silky skin, spreading her legs, kneeling before her, drinking in the sight of the exposed pink lips of her dripping wet pussy. She propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch him gaze at her. She was on the edge of melting with desire. "Lick me" she begged at this transfixed man between her legs. Far be it from him to deny her.

He wrapped an arm around each leg, drew her down to the edge of the altar, spread those thick lips with his fingers and took one long lick up the entire length of her slit. She cried out in ecstacy as he slid his tongue into her, hard, deep wet strokes into her wetter pussy. He pressed his mouth hard against her mound has he sucked and licked and tasted all the juices she had to offer. Her gasps and moans bounced all over the stained glass, the columns, the empty pews before them. She arched her back and bucked her pussy, grinding it against his face as he ate her-deep and hard and slow, sampling every inch and every fold her silky sex had to offer.

She threw her head back and screamed out 'Oh God, Oh God' , which set his still rock hard cock throbbing against his still clothed leg. She felt herself cumming all over his face and she let herself go, completely surrendering to the pleasures her flesh had to offer, the alb still under her ass now soaking wet with her juice.

She pushed him out from between her legs and sat up sweaty and shaking but starving for him. Immediately her hands were on his belt, undoing the buckle, the button, the zipper. She seized him so hard, he stumbled back, leaning against the pulpit as she yanked his pants down and wrapped both her hands around his thickly veined shaft. Hers was the mouth that prayed for him, that preached to him, that talked to God on his behalf, and now here it was sliding down over the head of his massive erection. She swirled her tongue around it like a lolli pop as she gripped it tight, letting the very tip of her tongue slip into the slit to get at the drop of precum waiting for her. She then took it, deeper and deeper-all the way down until her nose was lost in his hair.

His cock was down her throat, and she sucked as she pulled it back out ever so slowly at first, then building speed, in and out as she clutched his balls in her hands.

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