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Eve tackles her Master's cock.

Before Matt knew it, Jared had unbuttoned the top of Matt's jeans and undone the zip. His jeans and his underwear were down his thighs before he could react, releasing the 7 inches of throbbing penis that had been concealed under clothing.

Matt followed suit and fumbled to undo Jared's jeans - he had no experience in undoing another guys trousers, this was his first and it was making him shake.

When he finally managed to get Jared's jeans opens and down his legs a little, he was present with an impressive manhood - he had seen pictures of it, and had seen Jared playing with it in video calls, but none of that could have prepared him for the sheer size of it - it was larger that he expected, or imagines, at least 10 inches long and full of girth. He could have easily stripped Jared bare and jumped onto rode him, but he held back, savouring the moment. He took it in his hand, and began stroking, soon realising that this was more than just one single hand could handle.

He carried on playing with Jared's cock in his hand, whilst Jared played with his. Then, he slid down the bed, keeping one hand on Jared massive dick and using the other to completely remove the jeans.

He was nervous about the next part, he had never done this, he was not even sure he would be any good at it, but it went for it, and ever so gently licked the underside of Jared cock.

It was not until this moment, when he was face to face with it, that he realised the sheer size of it, and it scared him a little - how the hell was this going to fit inside of him - he shrugged of the thought and continued to licked the cock; around the base, along the top, and then twirled around the very tip. He took and deep breath and slowly slid it into his mouth. Going slowly at first, trying to fit as much of the meat as he could into his mouth and throat - he felt like he was choking on it, but he ignore the feeling and carried on.

He lifted his head up and down, loving every sensation that the cock gave him, and it tasted almost heavenly. The rhythm with which he pleasured Jared began to speed up. Twirling his tongue around every inch, and his lips rose and descended, turning with every thrust into his mouth. By the sound of the moans of pleasure coming from Jared, Matt was doing alright at this.

Jared quickly grabbed Matt by the waist and hoisted him upwards, so they were face to face. Jared kissed him hard, tasting his own cock on Matt's lips.

"Are you sure about this?" Asked Jared looking sweetly into Matt's eyes.

Matt nodded, "I've never been more sure of anything." He smiled, kissing Jared lovingly on the lips.

Jared wasted no time in undressing himself and Matt, and once both of them were completely naked, Jared turned to his bedside table, and from the draw, he removed a comdom. He turned Matt on his back and positioned his legs in the air, spreading his butt cheeks and revealing Matt's specially shaven asshole.

Jared swiftly ripped open the comdom packet, and slid the large comdom on with ease.

"Are you sure you'll be able to take this?" Asked Jared, as he reached for the lube onto of his bedside table.

Matt nodded. "We can try!" He leaned his head back, and placed his hands upon his smooth, peaches butt cheeks, and spread them apart.

Jared took this as a signal. He lubricated the tip and the shaft of his cock, and threw the lube onto the bed. Using Matt's legs, he pulled himself close, close enough that the tip of his cock teased Matt's hole.

Jared took his cock into his hand, and guided it slowly and gently into Matt's ass.

There was a moment of pain for Matt, he was expecting it, but as the cock got further and further inside of him slowly and gently.

Then he stopped for a moment, once it was in as far as it could possibly go. "Are you okay?"

Matt nodded, and decided to make the first move. He slowly began to thrust his ass into Jared's groan. Jared got the message, and began to grind himself close into Matt, his cock thrusting in and out, and in and out.

This was the most amazing feeling that Matt had ever had in his whol

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