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Don't go chasing waterfalls.

I believe you will stay within our rules." He paused for a second, watching Ronny play with Symone's boobs (though, with her turned away like that, he couldn't actually see much). "And...anything you do with her, just her, is OK with me, too. Just tell me about it so I can enjoy it, too. Though I would like to be there if possible..."

"Well," Lori said, "I've never been into women that way, but she does have a certain something about her that tempts me-" she cut off.
A powerboat, the Feeling It, pulled alongside them and cut throttle to almost idle as she matched speed. The boat belonged to their friends and neighbors Sam and Cary Kinder, both of whom were waving from the cockpit.

"Ahoy, Sea Mist! Great figurehead you have there! So lifelike!" Sam shouted, pointing at Symone. Charlie and the others laughed.

"Ahoy, Feeling It!" Charlie shouted back. "No head yet, but the day is young!" Ronny, still cuddling Symone from behind, laughed loudly.

"What are you guys up to?" Ronny shouted.

"Just messing around," Sam said.

"We're going to Consta Marina for lunch. Want to join us?" Cary asked.

At Lori's quiet approval, Charlie looked a question to Ronny and Symone. They smiled and nodded approval as well, so Charlie said, "Sure! We ate, but would love to stop and have a drink with you guys while you eat."

"Great!" Sam replied, "Last one there is a rotten egg!" He and Cary laughed as they powered away from Sea Mist.

* * *

As they approached the marina, Ronny and Symone returned to the cockpit. The women went below to change out of their swimsuits.

"Sam and Cary swing, too," Ronny said as Charlie furled the sail and started the engine as he started maneuvering to the dock.

"Really?" Charlie said. "I had no clue."

"Yeah, they're good people. You guys could do a lot worse for playmates than them," Ronny said. Charlie considered this as he worked the boat carefully forward.

"I don't know, Ron," Charlie replied. "I don't think we are ready for swapping or whatever. We may never be."

"I hear you," Ronny said. "But Sam and Cary can help you experience the things you are ready for while respecting your rules. Besides, there's only so much I can do to personally enhance my sister's sex life. Even if she is my best friend's wife!" Both men laughed.

Together, they managed to get the boat docked. Charlie and Lori were members of the marina country club, so all they had to do after that was wait for the women to come up from below. As they waited, Ronny mentioned that Symone had told him of the women's morning activities.

"Are you good with what they did?" Ronny asked. "I got on Symone's butt about luring Lori into playing without you like that."

"No, no, I'm good," Charlie said. "I am a little jealous that another man got to see Lori playing with herself, but, to be honest, it makes me more horny than angry."

"Yeah," Ronny said gazing off into the distance, "that 'jealousy,' it's a thing. Even though it still comes up a little from time-to-time, it does get easier to handle as time goes by."

"It's not that big of a deal," Charlie said waving it off. "She didn't let him touch her. She didn't even let Symone touch her, I guess. I got a horny wife out of it." Charlie grinned. "It's all good."

Their wives came out of the cabin at that point. They were dressed in knee-length dresses with deck shoes. Symone's boobs swayed under her dress as she moved, and Charlie wondered if she was panty-less as well as bra-less. She had no panty lines that he could see, and he grinned as he met her eyes. She smirked at him as she swished her skirt, then joined Ronny at the gangway.

The surprise, though, was that Lori, too, appeared bra-less. She stepped into him for a kiss, pressing her boobs lightly into him. As he kissed her, he stroked her back down and onto her butt.

"No panties?" he asked, looking down into her blushing eyes. "Very bold!"

"Oh, no!" Lori said, "I have a thong on.

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