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The trio enjoy their morning on the beach.

e strange?"

Ken shrugged. "It's your house, you can dress or undress as you please."

I considered that a moment then nodded with a smile and unbuckled my belt as I headed into the bedroom. As I did I felt Jim's briefs, and lovingly took them and put them in the drawer with Dave's. I'm glad I thought of keeping trophies, I thought as I slipped the skirt off and folded it into the drawer, then turned and went back into the hall.

Ken stopped me before I headed out into the living room. "How about a quick suck for me before you go back to him?" he asked.

How could I refuse? I gave him a peck and whispered, "Just for a minute, though, we don't want Jim to get suspicious, do we?", then sank to my knees and sucked his lovely, familiar cock deep into my mouth as I had done with Jim just moments before. I then swirled my tongue around and around it and sucked it gently but insistently, like a straw. I could see Ken's eyes close in joy, but I really had to go and finish with Jim, so I pulled back, stood up and told Ken so.

He sighed and nodded. "Go for it, lover," he whispered, and patted me lightly on the behind.

As I got into the living room, Jim was sitting at the end of the couch again, talking to someone on the phone - his buddy, I presumed. I sat on the floor in front of him and began to stroke his cock and balls, rubbing them ever so gently, almost tickling them, and blowing a gentle stream of air on them as well. It didn't take long for his tool to regain most of its hardness, and I quickly put him in my mouth again, and started going up and down his shaft. As I was licking his cock, my hair fell down around his balls like a veil, hiding what I was doing in an air of mystery and tickling the sensitive area at the same time.

As he continued to talk on the phone, I smiled up at him with his cock going in and out of my mouth. I could feel it getting harder as I sucked, I could see and feel Jim start to squirm, and I could hear him having a difficult time concentrating on his conversation. Suddenly I heard him say, "Hey, Ted, I gotta go. Talk to ya tomorrow, bud." Then he hung up the phone.

I pulled back off his cock and looked up at him mischievously. "Does that mean you're ready to go to sleep now?" I asked him innocently.

He laughed in a near hysterical manner for a moment. "Kathi, sweet girl, I don't plan to go to sleep until you and I have fucked ourselves up a frenzy for the next little spell." He stood up and pulled on my hand, indicating I should get up as well.

"This time y'all lie down," he said gently, "and let's get the show on the road!"

I quickly lay down with my pussy toward Ken in the hall, then put my right leg up on the back of the couch and let my left dangle down toward the floor. "Is this what you had in mind?" I asked, again in my most innocent voice.

Jim's only answer was a quick grin as he knelt on the couch between my widely spread legs. Then he leaned forward, putting his hands on either side of my neck, and I felt a battering ram knocking gently at my crotch.

I abandoned my innocent act and reached down, guiding the cock into the portal of my ready pussy. Jim pushed forward and entered me fully in one thrust, wiggling his cock around for a moment as if to settle it once it was fully in. Then he carefully lowered his torso down onto me, wrapping his arms around me in a warm embrace while supporting most of his weight on his elbows.

He began then to move in and out, slowly at first, but gaining momentum as we both felt our passion begin to climb. I corralled my legs in, wrapping them around his back and using them to urge him on. At the same time I tightened and loosened the grip of my cunt on his cock, alternately squeezing and releasing as with a nether hand.

"Harder," I panted, "fuck me harder! Deeper! I need it in there, Jim, I need you in there as hard and deep as you can get!"


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