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A bad day turns out with a fulfilled fantasy.

I had time to kill so I stripped the pants off and waded out into the water until the waters had reached my waist, then I dove into the water.

I was swimming slow circles in the water when I sensed her presence nearby. I can't describe in human dialect how I knew she was present, it is that sense between feeling and hearing that humans refer to as ESP or "being watched." A demon, or an angel or any creature accustomed to that "extra" sense call it "honing" and for us it is as natural as hearing or seeing is to mortals. She wasn't trying to hide her as she sat comfortably on a low tree limb.

Treading water I turned to face her, brushing my soaked locks from my face. She was laying in the weeping willow, one leg hanging down from the branch, her hands resting a top her knee, with her chin resting a top her hands. She was trying not to smile as she looked at me but it was as much from fear as amusement. "Hello Asylum." She spoke my name so clearly that I briefly considered the idea that she wasn't afraid of me.

"Greetings Arcot." I continued treading water. "What can I do for you."

"Let Gayle have control of his life." She responded.

"Must we go through this?" I shook my head and swam toward her. "We are one, leave it alone. I haven't done anything to you since we came to that agreement."

"Do you think we forget?" She shuddered, even at the distance I could feel her grief fill the air. It was a thick feeling that left little room for anything else. Even as it strengthened me I wish I didn't have that effect on her.

"No I don't. Nor do I expect you to forgive me. Still if you have nothing to say you can avoid me. I do my best to stay clear of you." I swam past her in the tree getting out of the lake.

"I came because I need something from you." Arcot said and leapt down from her tree her waist length tiger-striped orange hair trailing behind her like a cape to the grass.

"Speak." I pulled on my pants and started walking towards the mansion pulling my green streaked black hair over on shoulder.

"Shinku." Arcot was behind me to my left, unarmed. Even knowing that I still didn't feel entirely comfortable around the assassin. There aren't many beings capable of killing demons but one of them was standing in the room with me.

"What about him?" I asked not turning to face her. I opened the doors to his mansion and walked into the patio sitting down on the lawn chair.

"I love him." I knew that before she spoke. I felt the emotion like a cold stab when she mentioned his name.

"What does that have to do with me?" I got up quickly turning toward her.

"He loves me." I nodded, another answer I could have provided without her input. I had been near Shinku since her "disappearance".

"Tell me what you want." I growled standing tall and throwing my hair back with a spray of droplets.

"I want him free. Get him away from Sean for me."

"What makes you think I can do this?" I asked her. I doubted I could, Sean being too strong of will to fall under my thrall.

"You do what you want." It was true.

"What will you do for me. I'm not Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny or Mother Teresa so tell me why am I even considering this?"

"I will do whatever it takes." I waited silently for Arcot to continue. I had no interest in Shinku whatsoever.

"Why not go to Sean with that deal. You know what you could offer him." I had started to walk already when she stepped in front of me baring my way to the doorway.

"I can't." Her eyes brimmed with tears. Genuine as well I noted with a satisfied smile.


"He can't know I'm alive." Almond shaped eyes focused somewhere on the floor.

I raised a brow and shook my head. She obviously had her reasons, none of which meant anything to me. "You will do anything?" I wanted to be perfectly clear on this.

"Yes." She nodded to confirm her words.


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