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"Two decades later thinking to capitalize on the family's grief, there was another attack. This time Richard died defending Emily. No-one knew too much about True Ones then. After a couple of days of setting her affairs in order, Lady Emily stood out in the sunlight until she perished. Although she could with heavy heart survive the death of her child, she couldn't go on with out her other half. Reece was left to take care of the family. It was then he decided to pack everyone up and move to the Americas. He has been looking after everyone since. He has never mated. I believe that he wouldn't accept anything less than what his parents had." Charles sighed. Eirini had tears in her eyes as he finished his tale.

Later that night Eirini was experiencing a mixture of emotions as she prepared for bed. There were thoughts of awe and sadness about Reece's past. But there were more thoughts about the scene witnessed in the 'play room'. She was thinking that she wouldn't mind terribly if Reece touched her like that or even fed off her. She was having some very wicked fantasies before sleep finally took her.

Reece continued his nightly ritual as he slipped into the bed beside her, inhaling her sent before he drifted off to sleep. He woke to her moving against him. For one panicked moment he thought she found him out, but then realized that she was still asleep. 'She must be dreaming.' he thought as she continued to move about. His rapidly hardening cock was nestled between her butt cheeks, which she was presently grinding against him. She was also moaning softly and sighing in her sleep. All of which was driving Reece absolutely insane.

Reece never thought that he could become so aroused just my listening to a woman's sounds and a little pressure but here he was. She continued to move against him and he felt like he was going to explode. He didn't think that he could contain it. As Eirini tensed and came in her erotic dream, Reece also came as she pressed harder against him. 'Damn, that must have been some dream' he thought as he groaned inwardly.

This woman was going to drive him man. He could feel his fangs start to lengthen as his desire for her only increased instead of being sated by his release. He got out of there fast; he didn't want to loose control.

Eirini woke that morning and blushed recalling the erotic dream she had. She blushed even harder when she remembered that Reece was the main character. As she was getting changed she briefly wondered why the back of her t-shirt was damp but she didn't think anything of it as she continued her day.


Later that night Eirini was sitting at a restaurant waiting for Kate and Chantelle. It had been too long since they'd been out and she was looking forward to a normal girl's night out. She was early so she began checking out the menu when she looked up Reece in all his devastating beauty was sitting in front of her. "What are you doing here?" she asked in shock.

"Manners?" he responded with an arched brow.

"Touch__." She smiled. "Hello Reece, how are you?" she tried again.

"Fine thank you." He said smiling at her so that her breath caught in her lungs.

"I'm waiting for my friends." She said by way of explanation.

"I know I passed them on the way in. They were arguing about how to tell you they were going to cancel tonight." He smirked.

"What did you do?' she grilled him.

Reece threw his hands up defensively and said "Nothing I swear, this one is all them". Over his shoulder Eirini noticed Kate and Chantelle approaching. She never read her friend's thoughts but this time she wanted to make sure that Reece hadn't interfered.

Kate was thinking 'Oh my God who on earth is that gorgeous creature. Finally Rini picked up a real man. I hope he fucks her senseless. This whole virgin thing is getting old.'

Chantelle: 'Wow nice one Rini, I hope he treats you well.'

There was no duplicity or interference; they really had to cancel because of work.

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