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Something was different about this house.


He packed away the essentials from the shopping, cold stuff before turning to find his muse close in front of him. He forced her back against the counter and forced himself upon her. Pushing his tongue into her mouth her kissed her passionately. He slid a hand up under her shirt feeling the loose, well-shaped flesh that drove him into ecstasy. She began to undo his shirt and he let it fall to the floor.

Now it was a race to get her out of these clothes. In full view of the street through the kitchen window he slipped a hand into her bra and flopped out one of those mammoth tits. It flopped down onto her shirt holding a beautiful melon shape, topped with a huge tea plate sized areola and puffy nipple. She held it up for him to feast on and, obligingly he suckled on the pink teat as she let out a soft moan.

Biting and pulling at her breast he found his way to the buttons of her shirt and released them one by one to bare her pale freckled body. Releasing the lacey mass of material that consituted her balconette bra her tits flopped down to perch on top of her belly. He pressed himself against them feeling their warmth and softness.

He explored the folds of her body paying close attention to her nipples as she offered one, then the other to him to suck. She took one in her own mouth, nibbling on the tip and sending waves of sensations through her body as Jack planted kisses over her chest.

In a moment she turned the pace and had his trousers undone. She forced down her own skirt and jack ripped open the thing tights to reveal her soaking wet cotton panties. He dropped to his knees and lapped at the sweet juices running through the cotton and down her legs before rising to bring her a taste of his enjoyment.

Now naked she pushed him onto one of the kitchen chairs facing the window. He sat, looking up at this giantess of a woman, poised and wet with passion to feel his cock inside her.

"I want all of you inside me," she said. "Give me 10 inches of pleasure, make me scream as you suck my tits and probe my pussy with that massive rod."

She straddled him and placed the dripping lips of her pussy against the tip of his cock. Her love juices dribbled down his long thick shaft and onto his balls. Slowly she slid her body down, around his huge member. She pulled away only increasing his pleasure before plunging down further. He travelled deeper into the folds of her pussy as she let gravity take effect and within minutes he was as deep as he could ever be inside a woman.

Martha's pussy tightened around him as she started to ride the great rod inside her. Her tits began to bounce infront of Jacks face and he found he couldn't choose where to focus his hands to most enjoy the feel of the big beautiful women bouncing up and down on his cock. He grasped at her tits pulling them towards his mouth and sucking and biting at the pink protrusions that offered themselves to him.

And then he caught a glimpse of the window. Or more specifically Martha's friends Honey and Jill staring through the window. Both big and both the subject of Jack's attentions in the past he found it turned him on to see them watching, staring at the sight of their friend bouncing up and down on his giant member. They could see her big ass planted on his lap, and his balls, glistening from Martha's juices, between his legs rythmically being squashed together as he forced himself deeper into her.

But the girls didn't leave. They carried on watching and honey brought a finger to her lips to indicate for Jack to keep quiet. He obliged and the girls noticeably began touching their breasts, and each others.

As Martha's moans grew louder Jack momentarily released a hand of his sensual explorations of Martha's body and made a quick beckon for the girls to come in.

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