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Couple recovers from night of debauchery.

..I grabbed at her breasts with both hands. I leaned down to take a nipple in my mouth and began to hungrily suck. I circled her areola with my tongue and softly bite at her nipples.

"That's it Rob, I like that...I'm yours."

I can't get enough and stretch my mouth open to capture as much breast as possible.

"Rob, I really need gotta give me that meat, between your legs!"

A little shocked at what she said...I laughed and repeated it, "Shy & quiet Jodi said, Meat between your legs? I really like that...keep it up, Honey." I finally pulled myself from her breasts and started things off by directing her hand to the erection, upright and hovering at my navel. I sensed that I had distracted her by grabbing her breasts and now she was back to focusing on my cock. She smiled at me and softly moaned, "This is when the fun starts." She held it in her hand and softly stroked it, as if she was trying it out or sizing it up. "Fuck it's so big...and beautiful...your dick is beautiful! It's hot...mmmm!"

Pete, funny as usual, chided in with "She wants to eat your meat, Rob,"...we all laughed.

After just a few minutes of fondling, Jodi had dropped down to take it in her mouth. She told me that she didn't fully understand how much she was going to enjoy this until she felt it in her mouth. She said she loved the way her lips stretched around it and how her tongue lapped across the head. It felt amazing! Soon enough, I was balls deep in her mouth and she was gagging a little; but she was able to take it all. I had completely forgotten about Pete, because he had been quiet. He commented that he was really turned-on when my balls slapped her chin. We both looked over at him to see that he had parked his camera on a nightstand, while he stroked himself. She turned back to me and stroked my shaft while she sucked at the head.

Her pussy, creaming with juice, she paused to look up at me, "Rob, you need to fuck me!" But, as she said it, she had scooped up some girl jizz and rubbed it over my chest. I wanted to dive between her legs, but she had other plans. Planting herself directly in front of her husband, she got on all fours on the bed and I knelt behind her. My swollen cock found her soaking wet and I slowly inched it into her.

Pete went on to describe how tight she was going to be. He was really enjoying the show. "I want to see you stretch her...fuck her good...fuck my wife; she needs to be stretched and fucked hard."

She was very and strained hard to get me in; she was breathless as I grunted and pushed the last couple inches into her. "It's all feels good," she moaned in pleasure.

I just let my cock rest in her for a gave her a chance to catch her breath. "I can feel it pulsing in me....I love it." I started to stroke into her, fucking her hard and fast for long time. I grabbed her around the waist and drove her down onto the cock. She squealed as I pummeled her and my pubes thumped against her ass. I caught a glimpse of those amazing breasts bouncing with my thrusts; so I reached under her body and cupped my hands under them. I supported them, groped them and squeezed them. I pulled her shoulders back so she was just resting on her knees and Pete could see me fondle and fuck her. I looked over at him and said, "Jodi your breasts are incredible. We need to switch positions so I can suck'em."

Pete countered me by hooting about how beautiful she was when she was being ravaged.

I started to reach for her clit, but she pulled my hand away and said, "Rob, I'm sorry but I'm close already...we need to slow it down. I want to fuck you all night...just fuck me."

"Yea, that's my girl...fuck him all night."

She smiled and replied, "It's my turn to fuck you now, anyway...lay back and let me ride."

"Pete, I'm going to ride his cock. I want to sit on it and drive it as deep as it will go."

I laid back on the bed and she climbed on top.

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