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Moving to a new house changes the family forever.

"You have?" asked Josh.

"Mm-hmm." Jacquie brought her lips to Josh's neck and kissed him softly. Josh had almost forgotten what gentle, tender kisses felt like. When he kissed Dawn, they were usually mashing their lips together as hard as they could and struggling for air while they tore each other's clothes off. "I had an idea," said Jacquie.

"What kind of idea?"

She smiled against Josh's neck. "Well...seeing as we're alone...and Alice won't be home for another few hours...I thought we could...have a little fun."

"Such as?"

Jacquie's smile widened. "Let's go upstairs."

They went into Josh's room, and Jacquie shut the door behind them. "Did you have a good day today?" she asked.

"It was okay."

Jacquie smiled warmly. "Well, I'll try to make it better than okay."
She walked over to Josh and eased him into a sitting position on the bed. She leaned over and kissed him on the lips. This is nice, thought Josh. Take things slow - keep it nice and simple. It's nice.

Jacquie straightened up and peeled off her top, her breasts bouncing free. God, thought Josh, I'd forgotten how nice those are. His mouth flooded with saliva just from looking at them.

"So, I thought," said Jacquie, kneeling down on the ground and taking hold of Josh's fly, "that we could," she undid the buttons, "try something new."

"New?" said Josh.

"Yeah" Jacquie tugged his pants down to his ankles and looked up at him. "You don't mind if I see it do you?" It took Josh a moment to remember that Jacquie hadn't seem him completely naked yet, nor he her. He had been nervous those first two times, but after being buck naked more than once in front of his most critical sister, he didn't see a problem with doing the same with Jacquie.

"No, I don't mind."

"Okay," said Jacquie, and she pulled down his underwear. Josh trembled with excitement.

"Ooh, it's even nicer in person," said Jacquie, laughing. She looked up and kept her eyes on Josh's as she took his cock in his hand. Josh gasped as her fingers curled around his shaft. "That nice?"

"Very," Josh managed to say.

"What about this?" asked Jacquie. Keeping her eyes on Josh's, she slid her tongue slowly along the underside of his cock. Josh had thought that after experiencing oral sex with Dawn, he would be more inured to the sensation of a tongue on his cock. But it was an entirely different feeling when Jacquie did it. Not so much physically, but the fact that it was Jacquie's head down there and Jacquie's eyes looking up at him. Josh loved it.

She smiled up at him and retraced the path of her tongue with soft kisses. "How's that, Josh?"

"Amazing," he choked out.

"Good." Jacquie opened her mouth up and sunk it over Josh's cock.

"Oh, God!" He forced himself to keep his eyes open and was well rewarded. It was like a million fireworks going off inside his head, each of them getting blowjobs from a million hot female fireworks. To Josh, this was the epitome of taboo. Jacquie was practically his mother! He knew her better than anyone, almost as well as he knew himself. It was the same feeling that platonic best friends must feel when they crossed that line, beyond friendship country and into orgasm territory. Josh's mind spun with the image before him. It would stay imprinted in his mind for the rest of his life, he was sure.

It was surprising how good Jacquie was at this. "Have you done this before?" Josh asked her.

"Twice," Jacquie replied, taking his cock briefly out of her mouth. "You're the third."

She sank her mouth over his length again, and Josh leaned his head back in ecstasy. His heart was thumping away inside his chest at the thought of what was about to happen. He would cum inside her mouth; the nastiest, most wicked thing he could imagine doing with her. Jacquie who had helped him dress and cut up his food and even bathed him when he was little; in a few moments time she would be looking up at him with a mouthful of his own semen. The thought sent waves of wicked pleasure through him.


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