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A window washer overcomes his fear of heights

" She was unaware that most of her left tit was exposed.

Veronica loved all female tits but she loved small ones with big puffy nipples best. That's what Mom had. Veronica was also bold.

She said to Mom, "Here let me adjust that for you, you are going to give your son a hard-on."

She palmed mother's exposed tit and pretended to cram it back under the robe. The wine she had already consumed allayed Mom's initial shock. The fact that someone else's hand was on her tit apparently felt very nice to her, she had allowed a contented sigh to escape her lips.

The comment made by Veronica that the tit was giving me a hard-on was icing on the cake. Mom let Veronica play with her tit for as long as she wanted. Ironically, the scene really was giving me a hard-on.

Mom suddenly shuddered and closed her eyes briefly. Then bolted to her bedroom.

I asked Veronica what she had done and she answered, "Not much. I pinched a nipple while I ran a fingertip between her pussy lips. She was wet. Now I am wet. Come suck my tits and finger me."

We sat on the couch and kissed deeply. She lifted her shirt and I soon covered her bare tits with my hand and my mouth. That night I really needed her tits. She noticed my adoration and urged me on. I forced my hand off her tit and inside her miniskirt until two of my fingers plunged into a very wet pussy. She groaned her way through a deep orgasm. I kissed her with a passion I did not know I had.

After regaining her breath she undressed both of us. She sat on the floor in front of me and began a long, slow, torturous handjob. For the first time in our long relationship we were both completely naked. For the first time ever she kissed my dick.

She moved up to kiss my ear and whispered, "Your mother is watching us. Look at the reflection on the TV screen."

I did and sure enough she was at the end of the hallway. One of her hands was at her still exposed tit. The other was inside the lower folds of the robe.

I whispered to Veronica, "Make me cum now."

She gripped my dick harder and began to jerk me off in earnest. Twice she leaned over and slid my dickhead into her mouth. The second time she did so Veronica had just barely removed her mouth before I erupted like a geyser. I know I moaned, but I thought I also heard a moan behind me. After my eruption subsided I looked at the TV reflection again but Mom was gone.

Veronica was pleased that she had been part of such an intense ejaculation on my part. She did acknowledge that part of it should be credited to being watched, to my mother.

She stood and said, "I am going to go ask your mother if I can stay the night."

I was about to mention that she was naked but it dawned on me that was the point.

I gathered our clothes and staggered to my room.

I may have dozed off while waiting for Veronica to join me because I was startled when she plopped herself down next to me.

"Guess what?" she said as she kissed me hungrily.

My eyes flew open when I realized what had happened. Veronica broke her kiss and giggled.

"You ate Mom's pussy?" I asked.

"Yes, and she ate mine. Feel how wet I am. The poor woman had not had any sex since your father left. I am glad I was there for her."

She was playing with my suddenly very erect dick. Without another word she covered my body with hers and slid my cock into her very slick pussy. We moaned through a kiss. She whispered, "Don't cum in me. Lesbians don't use the pill."

I had just had one of my top three cums in my life so I had good control. Veronica enthusiastically worked her way to a large and loud orgasm. After catching her breath she dismounted and gave me a handjob/blowjob until I again erupted for her. We covered ourselves with the bed sheet and cuddled together. We kissed until we fell asleep.

We were awakened the next morning when Mom sat on my bed. My bedcover was at our knees; Mom could see my dick and Veronica's pussy. She looked but did not react to our exposure. Although she was wearing her robe Mom was not making an effort to keep her tits covered.

Veronica presented her lips for a ki

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