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A train ride with a stranger fires her imagination.

Still holding on to Penny's sides, Emily lifted her head and licked both of Penny's taut, erect nipples until she began taking turns, putting each nipple into her warm, wet mouth and sucking on Penny's nipples, drawing them completely inside until she was able to stuff Penny's turgid nipples along with her pink areolas fully inside her sucking mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm," Emily moaned in delight as she savoured the stiffness and enlarged size of Penny's protruding nipples. "My, Penny, surely has divine nipples. I can't wait to find out what her clit looks like and taste how good it is going to be when I have it inside my hungry mouth, sucking away at the centre of her female sex organ. I'll make her squirm with pure delight before I'm finished with her and have made her cum for my erotic pleasure."

With that erotic image vividly alive in her creative brain, Emily removed her mouth from Penny's tender nipples from all her sucking, moved her head to the middle of Penny's body just below her breasts whose weight she felt on her forehead.

"Amanda, follow me down Penny's backside until we are able to take off her black panties and see what goodies lie between her voluptuous legs," Emily said, more as a request than a command.

As Amanda kissed her way from Penny's back and down the middle until her mouth touch the waist band of Penny's panties, Emily had kissed her way tantalizingly down Penny's front until her mouth, too, touched the elastic of Penny's black panties. Emily and Amanda had allowed their hands to follow in the wake of their wet, kissing, licking mouths, both leaving trails of saliva down the front and back of Penny's body that by now was very responsive to Emily's and Amanda's touches and caresses with both mouths and hands.

"Mmmmm, doesn't Penny taste divine, Mistress Amanda?" asked Emily as if it were a rhetorical question needing no answer from her.

Being so close to Penny's pussy, both Emily and Amanda smelled the fragrance of her womanhood wafting up from between her splayed legs, causing both Emily and Amanda to salivate so much that some of it dribbled out of the corners of their hungry-for-pussy mouths.

"Mistress Amanda, reach behind you and take those scissors so you can cut away Penny's panties since that is the only way to get them off her since both her legs are tied at her ankles and secured to the rings in the wall," Emily said to her team-seducer.

Amanda got the pair of scissors and slid the bottom blade inside the elastic of Penny's panties and then easily cut through it, down the middle, and across to either side, allowing her to take hold of Penny's panties and pull them off her bottom and out from between her legs, leaving her completely naked except for her black nylons and heels.

While Amanda noticed how round and firm Penny's ass cheeks were, Emily stared into her triangular forest of long, jet black pubic hair that was so thick she saw only the puffy outline of her labia lips. Emily did, however, see how large her mons veneris or pubis was that in itself made a dramatic statement about Penny's exquisite femininity. Usually on a woman as large and voluptuous as Penny the mons is very distinctively puffy, curved up from her labia, and wide, making for a large hairy "V" between her legs.

"Very sexy. Very alluring. Very eye pleasing. Very sexually arousing," Emily smiled inside herself. "God, I can't wait to have my face pressed against Penny's hairy pussy and use my tongue to lick her from ass hole to clit and all over her big bush."

So moved by Penny's pussy and so sexually turned-on was Emily, she put her hands onto her upper, inner thighs, and began to force them open more than they had been.

"All right, Bitch, Mistress Emily wants a better look at your cunt. I want to see what I'm going to devour with aberrant delight," ordered Emily.

Penny had followed Emily's move down her body with her hands and mouth until she was eye level with her pussy, and she had to admit how aroused a

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