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At the entrance to Ballroom B I handed our tickets to a man in a tuxedo who almost forgot to look at them. We were at table 37, and he pointed us in that direction. He stared open-mouthed at Katrina's beautiful breasts, then turned and watched her walk with me to our table. Katrina's high heels gave her hips a seductive rolling motion, and I looked back and he was staring at her as she walked. He, too, had an erection.

There were two forty-ish couples at our table. We sat down and introduced ourselves. The two men immediately stared wide-eyed at Katrina's body and their wives scowled at both of us. Katrina and I made up a story about ourselves, but it really didn't matter. Everyone just stared at Katrina. We made small talk until our table was called to the buffet.

While we were moving through the first buffet line, Katrina leaned forward to look closely at one of the soups, and the man on her other side dropped his plate onto the floor. He continued staring at Katrina's breasts until his wife kicked him in the shin. Katrina pretended she didn't notice, but she grinned at me. Her eyes were bright with excitement.

While we were eating, I slipped my hand between Katrina's legs and reached up and rubbed her pubic hair. It was sopping wet! As Katrina bent forward to pick up a roll, I could see that her nipple and areola closest to me were dark red, engorged with blood, and fully erect. The men at nearby tables were enjoying the view, and Katrina was getting more and more excited by providing it to them! I was not the only man getting teased!

The meal lasted a long time, with a separate buffet for each course. During the dessert, one of the women at our table began asking Katrina a series of pointed, tasteless questions which were clearly intended to find out how expensive a prostitute Katrina was. When Katrina successfully parried her verbal attack, the woman leaned over to her friend and made a comment about "loose women of poor character who show off their bodies so shamelessly in public." When the woman began to loudly complain that the hotel wasn't enforcing a reasonable dress code, Katrina interrupted her. "Excuse me. That's a truly beautiful pearl necklace. Did you get it for swallowing or spitting?" I held my breath and glanced at Katrina's face. She appeared to be completely innocent.

Both women looked puzzled but both men looked a little ill at ease. "I'm not certain I understand, my dear!" The one woman replied sweetly. "Whatever do you mean?"

"After oral sex. Did you swallow or spit?"

"Oral sex? Swallow or spit what? . . . Oh my God!" The woman stood up so fast her legs hit the table, and she walked rapidly away from our table, followed closely by her husband.

The other couple followed immediately after them when Katrina added, "I wonder how she earned that jewelry if she never even sucked his penis? Perhaps she has other talents!"

"Was it something I said?" Katrina asked me sweetly once we were alone. Then she laughed, and every man within fifty feet watched her breasts bounce.

"Would you like to dance?" I asked. "I'm expecting to see you do something exotic because of your exotic dress!"

"I'd love to dance! Thank you, kind sir! Do you think you can dance with that pipe in your pants? Well, we shall see! In Ballroom A there's a rock band playing fast, upbeat music from only slightly before our generation, and in Ballroom C there's a band playing slow dance music for the old folks. Should we try to do both?"

"How about A first, then C, then back to our room to bring in the new year as a completely-coupled couple?"

"Fucking yes!" She whispered quietly to me. "How long until midnight?"

"It's 10:30. We've still got lots of time for you to exhibit yourself!"

Katrina smiled and her eyes sparkled as she looked into mine, and we headed off to Ballroom A.

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