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Free thinking swinging couple go to future for progress.

Let my body have its release and let me relax back to normal, well as near normal as it's possible for me to be. I do often think that I just might be a little over sexed, but who cares, I know I don't!

Looking around me to see if the coast was clear so as to have a lightening finger fuck, I decided it was just too dangerous where I was sitting. So I walked over to the children's swings, where nobody was about. Here sat on a swing, and being alone for the time being, I pulled my panties to one side, and started to play sticky finger with my tingling twat.

It was just as I was about to plunge at least three fingers up my drooling slit and cum on them, when I nearly jumped out of my skin with shock.

There, not twenty yards away from me was a young man watching my every move.

He was sitting on the ride-on lawn mower I'd heard earlier and because he had been driving around so busily cutting the grass, I hadn't taken the slightest bit of notice of him. Now he was stationary with the motor still running, and looking at my frigging fingers and smiling all over his face.

Blushing wildly with embarrassment I started to swing back and forth on the swing. The young man had now stopped his mower and was making suggestive movements up and down, with a clenched fist, in my direction.

I swung even faster and felt the delicious rush of cold air on my clammy cunt and decided that as I had been caught red handed or more to the point, sticky handed, all I could do now was grin and bare it.

This I did unashamedly, and with my legs wide open, letting the young man see me smiling at him invitingly with all of my four lips!

Now he could see exactly what I had on offer, and all laid bare so to speak, I felt bold enough to give him a wave and beckon him over. He didn't need much encouraging and instantly got off the mower and was heading in my direction at a fast old pace.

"I know what you want young lady!" he told me as he caught my swing and stopped it dead in mid air.

"I know what we both want!" I answered him, getting off the swing and smiling at him sexily. As I picked up my book off the ground, I told him in my best slut voice, to "Follow me!"

Without another word I set off back to my office and the parade of shops, which was not more than a few hundred yards away. I didn't even look back to see if the young man was following me, I just hoped he was.

My two bosses and the trainee were out all day at a conference and so I had the office to myself. Not wanting to get too involved with this stranger I decided just to take him into the downstairs foyer. There I could lock the front door and go just around the corner out of sight from passers by, to the stairway that leads up to our offices.

I only looked around when I was in the foyer. Then I saw him about ten yards behind. As he entered the office block I locked the door behind him and leading him around to the stairwell started to slip off my clothes.

I did it slowly, and standing on the stairs gave my 'Lawnmower Man' a quick striptease.

First off, were my top and then my bra. He wanted to touch, reaching forward, telling me that I had nice tits, but I made him stand at the bottom of the stairs and wait for my signal to have me.

I loved pulling down my short tartan skirt and my now soiled panties for him, showing him my very puffy and aroused cunt. Only just shaved that very morning, and looking so mouth wateringly eatable, if time had allowed.

I stood there stroking it and fingering it slowly with an inserted finger as he watched almost with his tongue hanging out. Then I lifted up my panties, which were still around one foot and kicked them into the air for him to catch. He grabbed them eagerly and holding them up to his face moaned softly as he breathed in the heady scent of my sex on them.

Now totally naked except for my holdup stockings, I turned my back on him and said, "Okay... you can feel me!"

He came up behind me on the stairs and I opened my l

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