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Thomas and Stacy break through.

I leaned down and with my fingers still pressing her open, I drew my tongue out to her left breast.

She moaned and sighed as my tongue slid around her nipple, not touching the tip, just grazing the sides of her aureole. She rocked her hips and pushed her pussy against my fingers as my lips then drew her nipple into my mouth and I lightly suckled the tiny bump of flesh. She gasped as my teeth bit down on her nipple and my lips took more of her white breast into my mouth. I let go of her nipple with my teeth and I flicked my tongue back and forth over her nipple, causing it to harden straight away in my wet mouth.

I felt the moisture grow between my two fingers that were deeply in her pussy and I could feel the tight walls around my fingers, almost crushing it with the force of her muscles as they worked with my hand. I moaned into her breast, thinking of how sweet her pussy was going to taste.

She grunted as I sucked her tit hard as I pulled my mouth away, pulling the nipple with me as I moved away, letting it pop from my mouth and I then dove to the other breast, giving it the same treatment as the other.

She moved her hands to my head and stroked her hands through my hair as I flicked my tongue back and forth over the soon hard nipple and she let out a tiny moan as my two fingers spread her open to let my next finger enter, now three deep in her pussy, getting her wet for my growing erection.

Sierra kept her eyes closed as I looked up at her to see what her face was like as I pulled back on her tit as my head went up from her body. She made a face of pain as I pulled her nipple hard between my lips as I pulled her tit up from her chest then let go, letting it fall back down and ripple on the sides of the fleshy body part.

She opened her eyes slowly as I licked between her two tits, moaning as I felt her smooth skin against my lips. I smiled at when I noticed her eyes open and stood up, looking down at the angel spread out on my dinning table.

"You want me to lick your pussy before I fuck it?" I asked. She laid there, not sure what to say. I began to move down to her pussy. "Just tell me when to stop, okay?"

She nodded. "I've had a guy lick my clit before, but never my pussy before. I didn't want to them to think I wanted to sleep with them."

I laughed a bit, what she'd just said was so funny. I felt bad for the guy who got to lick her clit but wasn't able to get a taste of her sweet lips and virgin walls.

I moved my tongue further, finding her clit very red and erect. I passed over it and got to my fingers, still inside her pussy. I drew them out and saw all the juices that her tight pussy had spit onto my fingers and I smoothed the stuff out over my cock as I began to lick between her lips.

I found her to taste very strong, almost like a strong liquor in a way. She quivered as my tongue entered her vagina and I sped it up, drawing it in and out in quick motions. I wanted her to know what it was going to feel like to be fucked soon. I wanted her to be ready.

I held her ass cheeks in my hand and spread her open, gaining a good entrance for my tongue to keep pushing in and out of her. She gasped and moaned as I curled my tongue inside and then moved my head back and forth, pushing my tongue all around inside her tight pussy. She gasped as I pulled away and stroked her clit with my tongue fast and then I stood up. My cock was ready for her, and I was sure she was ready for me.

I grabbed for a condom and opened the package, pulling out the latex and unrolling it on the head of my cock. I smoothed it out on my hard rod and spit down on my hand, smoothing the saliva over the latex. I pushed the tip to the entrance of her wet pussy and held her hips in my hands. I looked down at her and smiled. "You ready, Sierra?" I asked.

"Yes," she said and nodded. "I think I am at least."

I kept smiling. "Just keep your eyes open for me baby, I want you to see how much I'm enjoying this as I take away your cherry, baby."

She nodded again, and I pressed lightly into her body.

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