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Nephew moves in with uncle and aunt, good times!

What did you hear?"

"Oh you know just locker room talk," He said.

"Like what?"

Dylan laughed and took a hearty sip of beer. "Mitch Jones said you could suck cock like a porn star, a few others did to". He raised his hands and shrugged. "There I said it, secrets out."

Her smile widened and she leaned forward a bit showing off her cleavage.

"I don't know about all that," She said. "but I never had any complaints from Mitch or the others."

He stared at her with a storm of lust in his eyes the way men sometimes did when their inner fantasies took control.

"Yeah I bet you didn't," He muttered.

She laughed and touched his arm lightly just enough to let him feel the soft warmth of her palm against his tan skin. "You're silly," She said.

She and Dylan laughed together and he ordered her another beer which she accepted without complaint. Some women might demand they pay for their own but her mother had always taught her never to turn down free alcohol, especially not from a looker like Dylan.

"You never answered my question," He said. "what are you up to these days?"

His eyes lingered on her chest as she took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. His hungry gaze did not bother her. From the time she had developed breasts men had been leering at her.

If it wasn't her chest it was her butt they drooled over, dreaming of filthy acts and messy wet endings. The attention had always turned her on and this time it was no different.

"Well I was working at the Nursing Home in town but I kind of got fired today," She said.

"Aw man that sucks," He said. "ah who needs them anyway you're to pretty to be hanging around a bunch of old pervs."

She laughed and touched his arm again this time squeezing the muscle of his forearm for a split second. "Would you prefer I hang out around a younger perv," She said.

"I would not complain one bit," He said.

"It would be fun but I don't think it would pay my rent," She said with a flicker of a smile.

"It would if I paid for your time," He said laughing.

She took another long pull on her beer and the cheap brew rushed through her to fuel her ever growing buzz. Maybe it was his handsome face or the beer but she didn't mind his bold joke. The thought of fucking him for cash didn't disgust her either. There were worse ways to earn a living than opening her legs for a guy like Dylan.

"Do you come to Castro's often?" She said. "I don't think I've seen you here before."

"No some of my coworkers like to come here though so I tagged along for the night," Dylan said. "I was on my way out when I saw you."

"I'll probably leave soon to," She said. "I've got to look for a job tomorrow."

"I mean the night is still young," He said. "we could have a few more."

"I guess I could have one or two more," She said.

He smiled and waved for the bartender to bring them another round. "Or three," He said.

Two beers turned to five and they reminisced about High school and talked about how the world had treated them since graduation. It was a pleasant conversation and reminded her of the old days when her friends had gathered at the bar to unload the baggage of their week.

At eleven thirty she called it quits and he walked her out to the parking lot. She started down the row of vehicles toward her car and he followed her. Daisy glanced over her shoulder and caught him staring at her ass.

"Careful if you leave your mouth open a bug might fly inside," She said.

He snapped his mouth shut and blushed a little. "I'm sorry I was spacing out," He said.

"Mmmhmmm sure you were," She said.

Daisy continued walking and heard the crunch of his boots on the gravel behind her.

"Well this is my truck," He said.

She stopped and looked at the red Ford pick up truck and pointed to her beat up Honda next to it.

"That's my ride," Daisy said. "how funny is that."

She walked to the driver side door and watched him out of the corner of her eye.

"I had fun tonight," He said.

"So did I."

"Maybe we can do this again sometime?" Dylan said.

"I'm not really looking to da

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