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A young orc woman comes of age, and begins her journey.

Oh god yes I want you so bad she moaned as I started moving down her neck to her breast. Her chest pushed outward to me and I grabbed a breast in each hand holding them firm. Gently and slowly I licked one nipple and then the other. MMMMM Marsha likes, she said moaning. Well is Marsha ready to have her sweet little red pussy licked, I asked? Oh yes please, she responded.

Letting go of her breast, I had her sit on the couch with her ass on the edge and her legs spread. Moving between her legs, I admired her pussy. Lovely lips and shaved with the only hair being a small patch above her slit. Oh Marsha you have to most lovely pussy I have ever seen, I said. Thank you, she said looking shy and playful. I started kissing the lips, which made her moan softly. Then I gently licked the lips starting at the bottom and working my way up. Gently brushing just the very top of her clit. OOHHH yes she moaned as her body quivered. Using my fingers to spread her lips apart, I started licking circles around her clit. She started playing with her breast as I continued licking around her clit. Oh god that feels so good, she said. Slowly I pressed my middle finger in her hole. OOOHHH SSSHHHIIITTT, she cried out as I started sucking hard on her clit as my middle finger started fucking her hole. Her legs wrapped around me as I continued working on her pussy. Looking up I could see her eyes were closed and she was pinching her nipples and pulling them around making her tits shake. With her body starting to shake, she cried out real loud Oh fuck yyyeeaa. Marsha was cumming so I continued my work on her clit but added a finger to fuck her hole. OH OH OH AAAAHHHH she screamed out with a powerful climax.

Ready to take a ride Marsha, I asked grabbing her hips. Looking at me with a big smile, she said, only if it is a ride on your cock. Moving to the floor on my back, Marsha straddled me grabbing my cock and slowly sliding down. Oh god you feel so good in me she moaned. Her pussy felt so nice and tight that I moaned oh yes Marsha so fucking good to be in you. Sitting on my cock, she wiggled from side to side. I hope this ride has lots of bumps she said with a giggle.

I reached up and pulled her toward me. Get your big tits down here for me to suck on while you ride, I said. Marsha leaned forward supporting herself with her arms locked on each side of my head. Both of her tits were in easy access of my mouth so I sucked on one and then the other. Reaching behind her, I grab an ass cheek in each hand and start working with her to slide her up and down on my cock. OOHH Marsha likes your cock in her pussy, she said ridding me. It struck me as funny that she was referring to herself in the third person during sex. She had never done this before. It was a good thing because it kept me from cumming.

Marsha like ridding my cock doesn't Marsha, I said playing her game. Marsha fucking loves your cock, she said bouncing up and down. I decided to keep talking as it not only seemed funny to me but also seemed to turn her on even more. Is Marsha about to cum, I asked? OOHH Marrrshaa ssoo ccllossee, she said string out every word. OH OH Marsha gonna cum Marsha gonna cum she started saying over and over while ridding me. Cum Marsha cum you fucking cum for me Marsha, I shouted at her. Leaning back Marsha arched her back and shouted, OOHH Marsha cumming AH AH AH MMM AAHHRRR SSSHHHAAA CUM! It was hot and funny all at the same time.

Waiting for her to come down from her climax, I started to sit up.

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