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Encounter in dark alley reveals something deeper.

In the end she pulled out her favorite black dress; it was simple, yet seductive with a plunging neckline that showed just enough cleavage. She put on matching black lace panties, bra and garter with silk stockings and black stiletto heels. Liv had been saving this outfit for a night just like tonight. After getting dressed she touched up her hair with a few curls and freshened up her make-up.

Thinking to herself, "Daddy isn't going to be able to keep his hands off me tonight," she giggled and gave herself one last look in the mirror. Happy with the outcome of her efforts she strolled out of her room.

"Daddy, I'm ready."

"Okay honey, I'm in the living room. Come get your coat, it's going to be chilly tonight."

When Liv came walking into the living room I almost died. She looked gorgeous and very grown up, much older than her eighteen years.

With a huge smile and her emerald eyes piercing holes through me she asked, "How do I look Daddy?" As she slowly twirled around showing me her outfit, her eyes never left my stare.

I just stared at her trying to figure what I was going to say. I finally stuttered, "You, you, you look great baby, let's go or we're going to be late for dinner."

It was about a thirty minute drive into Portland, and Daddy had a hard time keeping his eyes on the road. Maybe it had to be the fact I let my dress ride up a bit showing off the top of my stockings and garter. I smiled to myself knowing that he wanted to pull over and take me right there.

We had dinner at an expensive restaurant on top of a big building in Portland. You could see all across the city. It was amazing. Daddy and I made small talk through most of the meal. We talked about the things we wanted to do to the house, and when I was going to start college. My heart was racing; I wanted to leave so we could go home. After a long silence Daddy asked me what I wanted to do next.

"Well Daddy, I thought we could go home and start a fire and open a bottle of wine."

Daddy had never really been against me drinking before I was twenty-one, but I never asked to drink wine. Typically he offered me a glass while we had dinner.

"A fire and wine, huh? Don't you want to do anything else while we are in town?"

"Not really Daddy, dinner was wonderful and I'm ready to go home and relax."

"Alright dear, let's pay the bill and get out of here."

On the way out, Daddy wrapped his arm around me and pulled me close. I loved it when he held me, I always felt safe. We talked on our way to the elevators and waited for the next car.

"Daddy, do you love me?"

"Of course I do honey, why would you ask me that?"

"Oh, I was just wondering, no reason."

"You're a silly girl," he said and kissed my forehead.

The car ride seemed to take forever. Neither one of us said much. I could tell something was on Liv's mind. I wanted to ask, but didn't think I should. She would tell me if she wanted me to know.

"Daddy, when we get home will you start the fire? I will get a bottle of wine."

"Sure babe."

We pulled into the driveway and walked up to the house holding hands.

"Thanks for dinner Daddy, it was really good. It was a wonderful date."

"You're very welcome my dear. Yes, it was a wonderful date, and we will have to do this again."

After we walked into the house Daddy went to start the fire and I went to get the wine. My heart was pounding, and my pussy was throbbing. I wanted to rub it right there in the kitchen, but knew that I shouldn't and I needed to save these feelings for Daddy.

When I walked into the living room Daddy was already sitting on the couch by the fire; he had kicked his shoes off and seemed to be deep in thought.

"Whatcha thinking about Daddy?"

"Oh, I was thinking about how lovely you look tonight and how you've grown up into a beautiful young woman."

Blushing Liv said, "Oh, thank you Daddy."

"Come sit down Liv, let's open that wine."

Liv came and sat down next to me.

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