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He & Jayne have fun night at a club.

I look him in the eye once more; wink, and then quickly pull myself off of him and stand next to the bed, watching him carefully. I reach down and spread my slit widely for him. He grins and and flips around, laying on his stomach with his head inches from my spread.

As I open my warm lips wider, the built up wetness of my quick spills out, caught only by a quick dart of my hand. I offer my fingers to his lips and he delicately licks off the precious fluid. Excited by the thought of his tongue doing more, I motion for him to roll over.

He rolls over, looking slightly confused, clearly not anticipating my next move. I back up a step, and then jump onto the bed on top of him, careful to land with my feet and hands spread to both sides of him so as not to squash him.

Amazingly, I land on all fours, with my slit above his face, and his erect penis right below my own face. I begin to lower myself onto him, bringing his penis within range, but he holds his hands out, keeping my pussy inches from his face. Unsure of what he has planned, I hold up my weight to ease his hands.

My chin is now resting to the side of his penis, which is brushing against the side of my face. Feeling his penis against my face, I grasp his penis firmly, no longer able to keep from gorging myself on it. As I open my mouth to take it in, I involuntarily inhale sharply, as I feel his finger thrust deep inside me.

Before he can shock me any more, I take his penis in my mouth, sucking on it gently like a big lolipop, wrapping my lips around its head. As I suck, I feel him tenderly running his fingers back and forth over my lusciously wet lips, going in a little, then drawing out while passing over my now firm clit.

With each touch of his fingers to my clit I suck faster, driven now by a desire wholly without thought, yet knowing the faster I suck, the more attention my clit will recieve. Wanting now to have his tongue parting me tenderly, I lower myself onto his face. ---

I can feel my penis releasing precum as she sucks away at it. As I feel myself getting lost in soft waves of pleasure, her moist lips descend on my face. I welcome them with my mouth open and my tongue out. As her lips meet my face, my tongue slides between them right into her quick.

As I begin to quickly lick in deep long strokes, I feel her begin to also stroke my penis up and down as she continues to suck. I wiggle my face now between her lips, my nose against her clit, my lips now within her slightly. I begin to suck, pulling her wetness out to cover my face and her lips.

Still sucking, now making wet slurping noises, I move my focus down, now sucking directly on her clit. I can feel that she is now just resting my penis in her mouth, but I don't even notice this as I hear her begin to moan with each suck of her clit.

Every couple of sucks, I stop and lick quickly back and forth across, clearly pleasuring her as she falls into my face. We both continue licking and sucking each other wildly for several minutes. We are both nearing climax, but as I feel myself getting close, she rolls off of me, then rises and stands beside the bed.

Wondering what she is up to, I sit up. She opens a small drawer set in the end table next to the bed, and retrieves a smooth yellow vibrator, shaped like a slim rocket. She hands it to me, and then hops back upon the bed, lying back with her head propped up on one of the two pillows, while also spreading her legs widely.

Having forgotten about my erection, I position myself farther down the bed with my head near the apex of her spread legs, and begin licking and sucking her once more. As I am doing so, I turn on the vibrator, and begin running it up and down her legs, then closer and closer, running it along her inner thighs.

I pull my head away from her, and begin running the vibrator up and down her slit, spreading it ever so gently.

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