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Linda's first bisexual experience.

"Well, there are two catches. First is that I've always had my eye on Tina, I'd like a fair shot at turning her bi. I think she'd go for it in the right situation, and this is definitely the right situation. Second is, once your dick touches someone else, she is free to be with anyone or no-one at all. Anything from girl-girl to gangbang, she has your permission to freely exercise her sexuality." I offer my conditions.

"Neither of those are catches. Tina would never touch another girl, and other than being pissed at me for fucking around, she'd never touch another guy. So we're in. Tell us where and when." Jordan says warmly.

"Good, I'll call Tina, let her know the ground rules, then the day of, I'll text her the location. You'll both have a lot of fun, I promise. Thank you so much, It's hard to find a well hung guy with stamina who knows how to treat a woman right. I am deeply in your debt.", not 50k$ worth, but Jane will never tell him, right?

I knew some of our conversation would never reach Tina's ears, but the last part about my calling Tina would let him know he had to explain most of it, and before I did. So I wanted to give him a couple of days, but time was running out. So before I left the fundraiser that night, I called her.

"Hello, Coach Tina? This is Julie DeMarco. We used to sit and talk during the games. My son Gino was on the team a few years back." I offer neutrally.

"Oh, yes. I remember you. That Gino, he was so handsome but also so handsy!" Tina laughed, while I imagine my Gino, all buff and freshly showered, playing tickle the hot Pat Benatar sized coach with the walnut cracking Mary Lou Retton ass, as she writhes in his hands...yeow! Where the fuck did THAT come from?

"You do have a great body. I'm sure Coach Jordan appreciates it." I soothe.

"Not as much as he appreciates yours, and I should have fucked your son as much as you fucked my husband." Tina spits out the words, not so much in anger as in pain.

"Look, I have a way to make it all up to you. I can give you the freedom your husband still uses to this day, and you can have your pick of both men and women. Maybe not the football players until they've turned 18, but a wide range of beautiful women and handsome men. Plus they are wealthy, so there will be chances for investments, vacations to exotic locations, the ability to retire while you are still close to being as young and hot as you are tonight." I offer.

She swings at the pitch, hard - "What do I have to do to make this wet dream come true?"

I can hear her practically begging in her voice, but know I need to tread gently to avoid scaring her off, while I also need to get her fantasy machine going. No woman's gymnastics coach gets there without some girl-girl experiences along the way, it just doesn't happen. All that touching leads to feelings, which leads to more touching and more feelings.

"You have to give me a name and a year. The one person who, if they were there, you could be free and completely open with. If I can make that happen, then you have to go, knowing that the moment Jordan's cock touches another woman, you are free to touch that other person and anyone else in any way you want. Tell me the one person who can unlock your ability to be yourself again." I beg.

"Rebecca Johnson, 2002. Just look in my high school yearbook." Tina confesses.

"You've got a deal. Just remember, there will be a lot of sex going on at this party, and not much room to hide." I suggest.

"You know, I've always had a crush on you. I always hoped for a threesome, but was never invited to play. That day in the rain, when I turned my head away..." Tina drifts off into the memory. I remember the day, a cold rain and the boys had to play, but the audience could run for cover. I covered Tina with my body, trying to protect her, but inadvertently ended up smothering her with my breasts, until she popped up between them. A bolt of electricity passed between us, and I knew I should kiss her, but I hesitated, unwilling to break Dan's spell over me.

"Yes, I remember, I s

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