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Feeling his hot piss splash over my lips and down my throat.

"She is a fucking piss whore!" Arjun states, as his hot streaming piss sprays my lips and face now. Sachin is laughing and is now aiming his cock at me.

"Now I'm going to piss and you aren't going to spill a drop you little cunt. You understand?" Sachin says.

I nod my head, as Arjun finishes of pissing on me and shaking the rest off on my hair and then rubbing his cock in my hair. I kneel in front of Sachin, mouth open wide and I hold his shaft, to ensure it is aimed at my mouth and I don't want to drop any. He then proceeds to piss straight in my mouth. I swallow it down and then catch some in my mouth, swallow it all down and do this again. I look at Sachin as doing this, who is smiling. As he finishes off pissing, he places his cock in my mouth. I use my tongue and lick his slit clean.

"Hmmm, good cunt." As he runs his friends around my face.

Then all of a sudden I get slapped across my cheek, knocking me to the floor. Arjun is laughing.

"You fucking whore, you aren't meant to enjoy this!" He screams at me, as he rolls me on to my front on the carpet. I feel him yank my thong to one side and before I know it he has rammed his cock up my boicunt.

"Nooooooo" I scream out in pain. Feeling his cock lube free in my pussy. I then feel him pushing the rest in. It's so long and hurts. But he don't care. I feel him pull his long cock out and then slammimg back in to me. Im throwing my head back, crying out loud. Back and forth he goes gripping my throat now, choking me as he fucks me. The pain and lack of air, I feel like I'm passing out.

As I close my eyes, Arjun pulls out fully and then I'm being slapped by him.

"Wake up cunt! We want you awake for this." He says.

As I open my eyes Arjun has hold of my face and then I'm gagging. His long cock feeling my throat. His balls slapping on my chin. Tasting my ass cream on his cock, turns me on. I feel Sachin all of a sudden slapping lube on my asshole.

He leans forward and nibbles on my ear, as Arjun is skull fucking me.

"Im the nice one" he giggles and smacks my ass so hard.

I mumble something as I'm being choked. Spit dribbling down my face, my mascara running. My tongue exploring Arjuns cock. All the veins and the length of it. Sachins cock I feel at the entrance to my hole. His cock is a lot thicker and he starts pushing it in my cunt. It hurts and makes me cry, but I'm still gagging as Arjuns cock is being slammed in and out of my mouth.

Sachins fat cock starts to stretch my boipussy, it hurts but feels good. I try to push back on it, to not delay, but he grabs my hips. As he leans forward, puts his hands in my corset, grabbing and tweaking my nipples really hard. Doing it several times.

He says "I fuck at my speed!"

He pushes his cock in inch by inch as slow as he wants. Im in agony but ecstasy as he stretches me out.

Arjun then pulls out fully and holds my face up to his, I'm gasping for air.

He says "we love white sissies like you".

Then he slaps my face. As he does that Sachin slams into me ass. I cry out, as I feel his thick cock fully inside me. Sending pain soaring through my hips. Then it hurts as he pulls it, but then back it is slammed right up there again. The pain is immense, but slowly subsides as he builds up momentum. Im now squeezing my pussy around his cock.

"FUCK ME SIR!" I scream, with my face now on the floor and Sachin pumping away.

"Seems like she can't get enough. Arjun we better see what she can take." Sachin says.

Sachin takes his cock out and picks me up by hair. He leads me to a couch. He lays down on the sofa and I hesitate. Then Arjun grabs me from behind and moves me towards Sachin. They position me on to Sachins cock, and he grabs my hips. Facing him, I see the pleasure on his lips as he pushes his cock inside me. I moan, loving the feeling.

Before I can enjoy it for too long I'm shoved over on to Sachins lap. I then feel Arjuns head near my pussy.

"What you doing?" I ask, panicked.

"Double teaming y

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