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Mat gets what he gives.

.. It wasn't until she'd come close to losing her life that she could come to terms with her own destiny.

As the silence filled the room, Luciano wondered what she was thinking about. He knew she wasn't sleeping but she was very quiet, it was almost uncomfortable. He frowned at that thought.

There was something she wasn't telling him and that bothered him. He could feel the cloud of secrets hanging around her. He'd seen it in her eyes over the last couple of months, sadness in her eyes that he couldn't understand. It set off a painful, twisting feeling in his gut.

He saw her shift and turn around to face him. Her eyes were wide and beautiful and to his utter humiliation, he reacted by staring at her like an idiot.

"Luciano.... I'm cold." Those were the first words she'd spoken in a while and they were thick and sultry. She cleared her throat and shivered to emphasize her previous statement. Luciano thought briefly that maybe she was trying to kill him as he slid himself cautiously closer to her, dragging an arm over her hip and pulling her closer to him. He sighed as her body fit itself perfectly into his.

Why hadn't he ever noticed how good she felt?

Katrina let her head drop to his chest, relishing the feeling of his arms around her. Her parents would arrive in the morning and she'd have to tell them her decision... it wasn't something she was looking forward to.

"Katrina. Is there something you need to tell me?" Katrina stiffened instantly, wondering if he'd read her thoughts. She took a deep breath and moved up on her elbows to look at him. There's no way he could know. Looking at her he let himself relax.

"I'm just hungry." Katrina hated lying to him. She hated that she never had the guts to tell him what she was but how could she? He'd never look at her the same and she couldn't handle his rejection. She would wait, enjoy these moments together and keep them as treasures for the rest of her life.

He frowned, his eyes searching hers.

"Always thinking about food!" He chuckled to himself as she elbowed him in the ribs hard enough to make him choke. He sat up, leaning back on the headboard. Katrina didn't expect him to believe her, much less offer to feed her, but it looked like he was doing both. She smiled warmly and crawled up beside him and reached for his wrist.

Luciano felt his spine stiffen at her touch. He pulled his wrist away from her and she watched him confused.

"I thought-" He interrupted her by dragging her boldly over his lap. She straddled him without a thought and looked down at him curiously. It felt so normal. So good. Luciano reached up to cup her cheeks and stare into her warm eyes. He knew that if there was anything he wanted more at the moment, it was to feed her the right way. The way she deserved. She reached up to cup his hands over her face and leaned into his touch. Something about his warm touch filled her chest with butterflies.

"Feed." He ordered, dragging a hand into her semi dried hair.

"I don't understand." Katrina was truly baffled. How was she going to feed If he kept moving his hands around? He chuckled and brought her face closer to his. She watched as he titled his head back, offering her the curve of his neck, where the strongest vein throbbed. She shivered.


Katrina moved a bit higher on his lap and heard his intake of breath. She paused for several minutes before her hands went up to his shoulder. Under her palms he shivered slightly in discomfort. She brushed her lips over his neck, pressing small kisses all the way up to his ear.

"I can't take this from you, Luciano....I can't." She whispered hotly even as it tore her on the inside. She wanted nothing more than to sink her fangs into his neck but he'd never allowed anyone to feed from there. Always rejecting the intimacy it created. She never knew if it was a phobia or if he was just turned off by it but the fact that he was offering it to her now.... Well she rather not read into it. She sat up, forcing her body to calm down.

Luciano couldn't help the jolt of anger and hurt he f

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