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You're gagged, teased, and tortured.

I came again as he licked and sucked me clean. When he had finished he returned to lie beside me. This time there was no pretense. He held me in his arms until I fell asleep.

I awoke before him that next morning. I pulled the covers off him and sucked his limp dick into my mouth. I continued to suck it until he woke up. I heard him moan as his dick got hard. I didn't want him to have any misunderstanding about the night before. When his dick was hard I sat on it. I felt it move deep inside me. I leaned forward so that I could look him in the eye while I rocked on his dick.

"Come on Daddy, you fucked me last night. I want you to fuck me again. Come on baby, shove your wonderful dick in me. Come on," I begged. He responded by bucking his hips. His movement helped me cum. Since he hadn't. I moved to my hands and knees beside him. "Come on daddy, I want your cum in me."

He hesitated only a second then moved between my legs. He guided his dick into me. I felt him pump me for a long time until he finally shot a pussy full of cum inside me. He collapsed on top of me again. I rolled him off, then turned to his gasping body.

"We need to talk," I said wrapping my hand around his withered dick. "I am going to be sleeping with you from now on. Understand, I have been wanting this to happen for years. You didn't seduce me, I seduced you. I don't want you to feel any guilt about this. From now on, you and I will be living like I always wanted." I said.

"Baby, this feels good but it isn't right," he said.

"It feels wonderful, as for the other so what. Right is whatever I say it is. Daddy, you know you want to fuck me again. I know I want you to, so there is no problem." He agreed reluctantly. It didn't matter so long as he agreed.

From then until my daddy died ten years later, I didn't fuck anyone else. He was over fifty when he died in a traffic accident. I was grief stricken beyond words. It took me almost six months before I even went out with another man. None of them could compare with my daddy.

In the popular magazines they say it is quite normal for little girls to have sexual fantasies involving their fathers. It must be true I sure did. Puberty, fantasies and masturbation all came about the same time for me. Daddy was a larger than life man for me at the time. Mama had died when I was ten.

After Mama died their were lots of women in and out of the house. None stayed too long though. I hated all of them. Daddy never cared about any of them enough to force me to be nice to them.

I lost my cherry at seventeen. It was to a boy a summer band camp. I had always been a big fish at my small private school. At the large band camp, I was a nobody. Just one of a hundred attractive, but not quite beautiful teenagers. Several of the girls were beautiful. They got the best looking boys.

The boy who got my cherry was attractive, but certainly no real big time stud. Hell, I might have gotten his cherry. Sex was a little disappointing, I mean the boy who took my cherry was clumsy. I felt almost nothing when we fucked. I didn't have time, it was over much too soon.

After that one episode, I returned to may small private high school. I didn't slip again, until I convinced my father to allow me to go to a large college. I wanted to be around a lot of kids. I hated the small school where everyone knew exactly what you were doing all the time.

At the end of my first semester, I met Logan. Logan was a junior and cool as hell. The day I met him, I was standing in a line registering for my second semester classes. Logan walked up to me then said, "I'll bet you are a virgin."

I was shocked. No one had ever been so blunt before. It turned me on. "Not really," I answered.

"Good virgins are no fun. You want to go out tonight?" he asked.

"Not if all you have in mind is to fuck me," I answered.

"Okay dinner, a movie, then I fuck you." he said with a wicked smile.

"Yes to dinner, yes to the movie, and maybe to the other," I replied.

"Well, I guess that is fair.

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