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A story of loss and gain.

The red-pencil advantage is a powerful tool. The professor-student relationship is in many ways a more uneven power relationship than a boss-employee relationship. School administrators are zealous in their efforts to hold professors to a high standard and to keep parents convinced that their little darlings are safe at school. And if not safe, at least not sexual targets for horny professors.

The subject flowing around the table was Attribution from the day's classes. The students had a good grasp of it and were tying it to other subjects such as the personality traits of attributers. Bob was in the conversation but it did not require his full attention. Shirley's foot bumping his leg and lingering from time to time and his constant awareness of Amanda kept his cock at half-staff. He thought that last night with Shirley would have solved his horniness problem but the thought of having all these beautiful women so close by fueled his libido. The thought of having his way with all these young women kept returning to his mind. His best bet would be to take it easy and no rush it. One or two a week should keep his libido under control and if he made sure that the desire was mutual he would probably stay out of trouble. He would have to walk a tight rope to have enough involvement to keep sex alive but keep commitment at bay. Above all else, there had to be a separation between grades and sex. There could never be the slightest perception of any quip pro quo, grades for sex.

He realized that Mandy was saying something to him, "So then if the observer's personality is skewed to emotional outbursts, he or she may consider an outburst as a normal reaction to external stimuli?"

"Of course, there is that possibility; however, what a person considers a norm for oneself is not necessarily tolerated in others," Bob answered. "The observer may be using his own outbursts to mask some perceived inadequacy. While not cognizant of the masking, he may be very aware of the same behavior in others and attribute the behavior to internal causes."

"Thanks for clearing that up," Mandy said as she smiled widely and let her leg brush Bob's leg and stay there a moment or so longer than would be casual. "I guess they are about to throw us out. See everyone tomorrow night?"

The table broke up and there were several conversations going on as Bob and his students made their way to the return conveyer. Mandy hung back so as to have Bob to herself for a couple of minutes. The others moved on ahead. "I have a personal problem that I would like you opinion on, if you don't mind," Mandy ventured."

"Of course," Bob said. "As long as you know that I do not do psychological counseling for students. I leave that to the psychologist but if you just want my opinion on something, I'll be glad to help. What is it?"

"It's really personal," she said. "Is there somewhere private where we can go? I'd even go to your apartment."

"That might not look too good if you were seen going in or leaving," Bob said. "Someone might get the wrong opinion."

"I've never lived my life for other peoples opinions."

They went up the elevator to Bob's apartment. When they arrived they went right in and sat on the sofa, the same sofa that he and Shirley had used for their rendezvous. He offered her a soda or water, which is all he had to offer but she declined.

"So, what's this major problem that you need to discuss?" Bob asked trying to break the ice.

"I had a boyfriend until about a month ago," she began. "But we broke up. He said that it was because of the way I looked. I tried to change but it was so difficult because I didn't see the need to change. He said I weighed too much and was out of shape."

She stood facing him and said, "I need a man's opinion. Do you think that I need to loose weight and get in better shape?"

Bob was at a loss for words and was fumbling for an answer, "Well, I'm certainly not an expert in these sort of things..."

"Maybe this will help," she said as she took the hem of her dress and pulled it over her he

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