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They say the most amazing journeys begin with a single word.

Bradley was trying to think of a way of cheering her up and thought of an idea. He would have to wait till they were on their own and then he could put his plan into action.

John left to ask Connie to teleport the tracking devices back over to Lazlo straight away. Connie focused on the box and imagined it back in Lazlo's dungeon and the box disappeared.


At Lazlo's Hideout.

Lazlo had not come back yet to his underground hideout, but the three guards Lazlo left there had just come round after Arthur Brownlow drugged them as he made his escape. Conscious, the guards were tied up in one of the main rooms downstairs, tied together in a circle around one of the central pillars in the main dinning room.

"Can you move?" one guard asked the others.

"No, my arms they are too tightly tied to this pillar, but I can move my legs", replied one.

"I can only move my legs too", said the other. All of them knew when the boss got back there would be hell to pay and most likely end up with their deaths.

"We have to get out of here before Lazlo gets back; otherwise we are dead men."

"That is a done deal but, you know as well as I do we all have these tracking devices in our legs and you know what happened to our colleague who angered Lazlo last year, don't you?"

"Even if we did manage to escape these bonds there is no way to escape Lazlo, he will just blow us to bits."

"Well, I guess all we can do is wait and pray he listens to us and doesn't kill us." Even as he said it, the guard knew it wasn't possible that they would survive, but felt he had to give the other two hope. Just then they heard the cars pulling up outside and then they heard the sound of booted men coming in the front door.


Lazlo stormed in the dinning room.

"WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED HERE?" he bellowed at the three tied up guards.

Their leader flinched, knowing what he had to say would only make Lazlo angrier. "Arthur drugged us and we think he has gone, the mansion is too quiet."

"Braddock take some men and search the mansion from top to toe and then report back here bringing all those that you find," Lazlo ordered.

Braddock and his team went out of the dinning room and ran up the stairs; they searched the rooms upstairs and in the servants' quarters but there was no one there. Braddock unlocked Lazlo's door as that was where the girl should have been tied to his bed but, she was not there either. Braddock had a funny feeling that everyone had gone. He hoped they hadn't emptied the dungeon; he had been thinking all day that he fully intended to have some fun with the girls locked in there.

On that thought, he went down to the cells and immediately saw that they were empty.

Braddock went down to the lower dungeon wondering where the five dogs that were his beloved pets might be. When he got down into the lower dungeon, he found his dogs in a cage in the corridor and then he realized all the cells were empty as well. The boss is not going to like this at all; they have even taken the mad tigerman that was locked in the end cell, he thought to himself uneasily.

Braddock met the men in the entrance hall. "Did you find anyone?" he demanded, only to have his subordinate report that they were unable to find anyone. With no small amount of dread, Braddock entered the dinning room and saluted his boss. "I'm sorry sir, but everyone has left, apart from these three," said Braddock., indicating to the three guards.

"Are the prisoners still in the dungeons?" demanded Lazlo.

"No sir. All are gone, even the mad tigerman and everyone in the lower levels."


"Yes sir," replied Braddock bowing before him, thinking about killing and being the messenger.

Lazlo pushed passed Braddock "Out of my way," he snarled, "I want to see this for myself.

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