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The world reacts.

I got in the pool, as quietly as I could, but she noticed me and just opened her eyes and stared longingly at me. I took the seat on her right.

'I've missed you so badly, Nikki.' I said, lazily drawing doodles on her wet upper arm, with my forefinger. She moved her head, so she looked at me directly.

'What have you missed about me, honey?' Staring at my eyes, as if to try and figure me out.

'This,' I said, putting my left hand around the back of her head and pulling her close to me, I kissed her. Her lips yielded and she opened her mouth, allowing our tongues to dance around one another. It only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity. A very enjoyable eternity. When we parted, she licked her lips and smiled at me, her mouth ending in two cute little dimples

'You're full of surprises, Joe. I never thought that you'd do that,' I smiled at her, allowing her to caress my pecks. I was enjoying it and I was pretty sure that she'd stop if she wanted to. 'Are you trying to take advantage of me?'

'No... Seduce you, maybe, but definitely not take advantage of you.' I placed my arm around her shoulders, as she moved down to my abs, which were now quite solid after a long workout. I slowly pulled her closer to me, kissed her forehead. 'More like this.'

'Why do you want to seduce me?' Now it was her turn to draw doodles on me. I was beginning to get hard again.

'Well, since before today, I'd only ever seen you wearing clothes, which don't show off your body in the least. And now I see you in this lovely little number, which proves my suspicions.'

'Your suspicions?'

'That you have a beautifully sexy figure.' I laughed, as she prepared her modesty speech.

'I have not!' I glanced down at my crotch and looked back at her.

'Try flying south for the winter and you'll see. That's your doing, that is.' I moved my arm around her waist and kissed her on the lips. She returned it, opening her mouth, to accept my tongue. We kissed long and passionately and I felt her hand straying to my crotch.

'I belong to you; you can do with me as you want.' I told her, breaking off from the kiss. I moved my right hand around to her breast, cupping it and enjoying the smile which crept across her face.

'Let's take this back to my place. I want this done properly.' I waggled my eyebrows at her and she got up and left the tub. I concealed my hard on as best I could (Thankfully, I was wearing baggy shorts) and got out. As she was walking off, she turned around and said

'Meet me in the foyer in 10 minutes. She winked and blew me a kiss. I caught it and blew one back. I made my way to the showers, washed myself and used plenty of cold water on my balls. Eventually, I walked out of the shower, dried, got dressed and went to meet my destiny. I wasn't waiting long, when Nikki appeared from the changing rooms and came over to me.

She was wearing a black T-Shirt and mini-skirt combo. The fishnet stockings were a nice touch, which caused me to put most of my brain power into subduing my libido. I brandished my car keys.

'The chariot awaits, my lady.' I bowed before her. Playfully, she slapped my arm and frowned at me.

'I'm not a lady!' She snapped. I just laughed.

'I know, but I can't call you an alien in public, can I?' She looked at me, in thought.

'RAR!' she growled at me, turning me on again. (Easily done.)

'Come on, the car's not far. Tell me some of your evil plans then. What sorts of experiments do you intent to carry out?'

'That would be telling, save that my house is empty for the next three hours.' Her mischievous grin returned to her face.

'I like the sound of that.' We got to the car and I drove her to her parent's house. Most of the way, I held her hand, letting go only to change gear. We got out of the car and walked inside.

Once there, she took my hand and lead me upstairs to her room.

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