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Mercy Head on a Saturday morning.

That is when I noticed his face was covered in blood, it was streaming from his nose!

"Oh MY God, your nose," I screamed in horror!

"What, what is wrong with it?" Todd reached up and smeared the blood with his hand. He looked at his fingers in complete shock!

"Well it hurt really bad when you were up there, and on your last orgasm I heard something pop, followed by an intense pain! I think you broke my nose!" Todd was on the verge of tears!

I jumped out of bed and rushed towards his attached bathroom. My tits were bouncing back and forth completely uncovered, I hadn't bothered to put on any clothes. Once there I took an opportunity to survey my surroundings. The bathroom was rather large with two vanities and a toilet. I could see the oversized shower with tile bench through the open curtain. The bathroom was very messy! Boys can be such pigs! I rummaged through the cabinets and drawers looking for a wash rag. I finally found one, I took it to the sink and began to wet it down.

I was staring at my naked body in the mirror as I soaked the rag. I was quite proud of the woman I had grown into. My body could rival any of the models seen on the cover of my favorite magazines. The only thing I could really do without was my bubble butt. It stuck out pretty far, but it sat highly on top of my legs. It was definitely meaty, probably from all the running I do in soccer practice!

As I stood staring I couldn't help but hear the continued sexual activity in the other room. I looked over my shoulder to finally notice that Lance also had a door to this bathroom! His door was standing wide open, I tip toed over to it and peered into his room. My mouth dropped open as I witnessed the action on the bed. I watched Lance grunt and groan as that slut sucked and slobbered his fat tool. Lance opened his eyes, we immediately made eye contact. I dropped the wash rag to the floor, I was transfixed on the scene before me.

Lance never broke his gaze, but he would continue to encourage the underclassmen girl on her performance. She was trying her best to tame that beast. She was obviously having trouble. I could hear her gag and choke as she tried to cram his cock into her tiny mouth. Her lips looked stretched wide, I could see tears rolling down her cheeks. Drool was dripping down her chin, plopping ever so gently on those big hairy balls. Lance looked a little bored with her, and I watched him checking me out head to toe. I played it up a little for him, I decided to give him a show. I brought a nipple up to my tongue and started licking it seductively. I then let my other hand travel down to my neatly trimmed pubic area. I was giving him a preview of something he could NEVER have!

My little show must have worked and before I knew the poor young girl was choking and gagging on what must have been a massive load of semen. Lance closed his eyes in orgasm shaking and yelling as he came. I was approaching my own orgasm when I heard Todd hollering for me! Shit, I totally forgot all about him! I reluctantly stopped what I was doing, I bent at the waist flashing my cunt and ass in Lance's direction grabbing the wash rag from the floor. I rushed in to care for my boy-friend.

Todd had his head tilted back, pinching the bridge of his nose trying to stop the flow of blood. I handed him the wet cloth as he applied pressure to his injured nose. I was laying there trying to help him as best I could, but I once again heard the familiar sounds of the head board whacking the wall. Lance and that slut were fucking again! I could not believe that he was able to recover so quickly! I wanted so badly to be her! I looked under the covers, Todd was still wearing that ridiculous condom, his dick was anything but hard. I could hardly even see it through his thick mat of pubic hair.

The two of us laid in bed not speaking to each other, I listened with perked ears as Lance fucked that bitch for the next hour so.

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