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Grace and Jules are drawn further into Drew's erotic web.

His chiseled face and masculine jawline complimented each other perfectly. And his thick lips only added to the already complete package. The way the candlelight only succeeded to make him look more tantalizing. My mind imagined what our bodies would look like in the throes of passion...

I quickly wiped these thoughts out of my mind...this is my boss...this is my boss...this is my boss. I repeated that phrase over and over to myself almost as if I was programming it into my head.

"So, how were your first weeks of work? Not too much work I hope. Last girl ran out in a month." Oh, God... I hope I wasn't in over my head with this job.

"Oh, it's been great! I haven't run into any problems yet so it's pretty much been smooth sailing."

I sipped on my strawberry mojito...he was right, it seemed like I was a mojito girl. We continued to talk and drank and sampled some of the lounge food...eclectic and delicious. Definitely coming back to this place again. By the end of the night, I had 4 mojitos and I was feeling all 4. I was so embarrassed. First time hanging with the boss and I had gotten drunk. I tried to hide it as much as possible. He paid for everything, which I insisted he let me pay for my drinks and he ardently refused. I was noticeably struggling to put my coat on. Matthew chuckled and held the jacket up while I slid my arms in; trying desperately to hold on to some dignity...I didn't want him to think I was a lightweight when it came to alcohol. I wasn't, I was actually known in college and among my friend as being somewhat of a tank.

We went outside and Matthew offered to have his driver drop me off. I didn't want to do that at all. He had taken me out for food and a night cap and paid for everything. Now he wanted to drive me home too? No, I couldn't allow it, I wouldn't allow it. He waved his hand and said it was a "business courtesy". Drunk me considered the statement and deemed it legitimate. We got into his town car and I told his driver me address and we were off. Before I knew it, we had arrived at my apartment. His driver got out and opened the door for me. My brain was so intoxicated I wasn't even on. I slowly slid out of the car and stood and let my legs get accustomed to walking again. Matthew laughed and got out with me. I was puzzled.

"What are you doing?" I asked, apparently drunk me had no filter.

He blushed a bit then said, "I want to help you get to your offense or anything but you look like you're going to need a bit of assistance. Don't worry, this falls under business courtesy."

He winked. This made me feel better. We walked up to my building and I punched in the code. The door opened and we took the elevator up to my floor. While we were in the elevator I felt something brush the hem of my skirt. I held my breath. Was he trying to touch my ass on the slide? I pushed these drunken thoughts out of my was probably and accident right? The elevator door opened and we walked down the hall to my door.

"Well, this is me."

I fumbled with my keys trying to make a dignified escape from the increasing strange situation.

"Let me help you with that...."

His soft hand guided my hand to the keyhole. I felt his breath on the nape of my neck as he tried to help me open my door. Matthew's body was right up against mine. He was hard! A cold sweat broke out on my forehead. Why was he so close....and aroused? The whole damn hallway was spinning. I needed to get out of there. I quickly turned the key and opened my door.

"Thanks for seeing that I got here safely, goodnight Matthew!"

He put his foot in the way so I couldn't close the door.

"Do you mind if I use the bathroom before I go?"

"Well, I was going to actually get ready for bed right now..."

That's when I could see him get irritated.

"Awwwhhh, c'mon! I rode all the way up here to drop you's a long drive back."

He started to push his way in.

I was getting scared now.

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