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Something was different about this house.

I felt the adrenaline pumping into my heart, awakening my hard but half asleep pecker into full sensory awareness. I saw to my right that Katie really did wake up from that scream, and then she just smiled at us before lowering her head and going back to sleep.

I weathered the earthquake in Rachel's pussy, and then when she climbed out of my lap I felt a wrenching loss. But she immediately turned around, facing away from me, spread her ass cheeks wide and started squatting down, aiming my joystick at the little star of her asshole. I got my own shaft into a good grip, still coated with nectar, and when the purple head was in the right position, reached up and pulled her hips down onto me, savoring every moment of spearing up Rachel's heavenly backside.

Rachel gritted her teeth, and little tears streaked her face at the pleasure-filled pain as I violated her, and then as my brain started firing on all cylinders, I groaned and began to really fuck Rachel up the ass.

I was really starting to get into a groove, my hand reaching around and playing with Rachel's clit while my other hand reached up and squeezed on a full breast, when a sight in the corner of my eye almost caused me to lose my erection.

Lin was back; for how long, I didn't know. But she had changed into a nightshirt and shorts, and she was leaning against the doorjamb, watching me fucking her adoptive mother up the ass. For a moment, I was about to stop, but then my eyes trailed lower, and I saw that one of Lin's hands was in her shorts, rummaging around down there. Her eyes were glazed over, and I could see that she was panting slightly from arousal.

For the next five minutes, I didn't take my eyes of Lin. She obviously wore no bra, and her hard nipples were making sizeable dents in the baby-t nightshirt. For some reason, I kept focused on the hand in her shorts, imagining what was going on in there, and waiting for Lin's orgasm.

Rachel couldn't see the doorway unless she turned almost completely around, and with my hands on Rachel's tits I started to slam her body downwards with all my strength on every... single... thrust.

"Fuck me! Harder! Rip me open and fuck my ass!"

I opened Rachel up so fully that her asshole was stretched wide, and no longer clenching my rod. She was gliding smoothly up and down my shaft in a tight but slippery ring, and finally she came so hard that she let out another mind blowing shriek, then half collapsed back against me as all of her energy started to flee from her body.

In the midst of Rachel's raucous climax, I kept my eyes on Lin. And when she realized that Rachel was cumming, her eyes clamped shut and the hand down her shorts really started to go nuts. And then Lin gasped as she gave over to sensory overload, panting and audibly whimpering despite her best efforts to stay quiet.

That was what I was really waiting for, holding myself back for, and once Lin came I closed my eyes and let go of the tension in my balls. Rachel wasn't finished with her climax yet either when I started pumping gallons of my jizz up into her chute. With my hands on Rachel's tits and my eyes on Lin's quivering form, I just kept blasting and blasting and blasting away. Rachel was shuddering in my arms, until maybe 10 shots of semen into her later, she just crumpled into my lap, my cock still embedded in her ass.

I opened my eyes again, and Lin was gone from the doorway. We lay there for a few minutes, and then Rachel got enough energy to glance at the clock. "Just in time. Let's go clean up quickly and get back into bed."

I didn't know how to tell Rachel that Lin was already home. We showered quickly, cleaning each other up more for cleanliness than horniness. Beside, my cock was spent and wasn't coming back up for hours at least.

Once clean, I spooned in behind Katie, and then felt the warmth of Rachel spooned in against my back. Happy visions accompanied me back into the world of dreaming.


It wasn't until days afterwards that I got the chance to spea

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