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Samantha runs into a familiar face from the club.

We stood in the darkened office and kissed, her warm and delectable mouth drawing the breath from my body into hers.

I knelt before my goddess again, this time to suckle at her demitasse breasts, and as I did she inserted the finger of her left hand into my asshole and a finger from her right hand in hers. We danced that way as her nipples hardened like tiny pebbles and slowly I smelled the odor of her sweat and the honey from her cunt.

After she enjoyed a knee-jerking orgasm, she giggled when I licked her sweaty armpits, which tasted as sweet as her eucalyptus scented deodorant. The texture of her flesh was warm and smooth.

I coaxed Christianne down to the floor and lifted her long legs upward so that she hooked her arms behind her knees. I gave her mons a quick licking before applying my tongue to her glistening crease. I slurped up and down her crack and cupped my lips over the delta at the base of her spine. Then I kissed her perfect twin bubbles again and again before driving my tongue into her little anus. I tasted her ass while the essence from her pussy poured over my face.

My African angel panted, "I want you to cock me, Professor!"

I rose from her netherworld and found the discarded condom. I hovered over her as I rolled the latex onto my manhood.

"I'm a cow in heat!" she said hoarsely. "Fuck me, my sweet bull!"

I slid my staff into her vessel and she squeezed me with her supple vaginal muscles. I felt my girth and length expand in her sex grip. I rode the crest of her tidal wave for five minutes, feeling her teeth sink into my chest, drawing blood.

She screamed, babbling jibberish, and my dick stimulated her throbbing Venus to multiple climaxes.

Finally, I felt an eruption of lava from the pit of my loins and we swam in coitus until we collapsed. We lay with arms entwined while I took the latex sheath off my cock, which Christianne placed in her hand as if to inspect it. Then she winked at me before putting the condom in her mouth and devouring the contents.

"You taste nice," she said matter-of-factly.

The way she clung her arms around my waist as we lay on the floor told me she was not going to leave anytime soon. Every time I looked at her, I felt excitation in my chest at her sheer beauty. The sensation made me smile at her, and whenever I did she kissed me in response. It was visceral and sensual.

"I need to use the bathroom," I told her. "Do you?"

She shook her head, no, and I stepped into my pants and went through the office door, down the hallway, to the faculty lavatory. The cleaning woman was just coming out. She was a short, tubby, older Latina and she eyed me, shirtless, with disdain.

I peed quickly, rubbed my hands with hand sanitizer, and headed back to my waiting lover.

Christainne was talking softly on the phone. It was probably German, I thought, but she ended with, "Ciao."

"Talking to your friend?" I asked pleasantly.

She smiled, averted her eyes, and blushed. "Yes, my friend ... He's from Sierra Leone, but we met here in the States. We share so much."

I said that was good as I laid next to her and touched a fingertip to her nipple, which immediately popped up, hardening. Then I wrapped my lips around it, squeezed, and bit her ever so gently. My African angel moaned her approval. I repeated the touch, squeeze, and bite on her other breast's nipple.

Then positioning myself above her on my knees and elbows, I began to kiss and lick her soft, moist skin, starting at her forehead, her face, her neck, the dent beneath her throat, her shoulders-one, then the other-her upper arms, elbows, forearms, and wrists. I savored the texture of skin, moaning from my throat, prompting a similar guttural response form her, as I kissed and licked the back of her hand, the crevice of her palm, and each individual finger.

She giggled like a child when I dragged my tongue across her belly and grazed her flesh with my teeth.

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