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Jenny nodded timidly for a second, nodding slightly faster at the end of it.

Melanie smiled slightly, and Jenny noticed how the curves of her face were beautifully accentuated by the firelight, and the rest by the moonlight, as Melanie carefully slid her shoes off her feet, and then pulled off each sock. She held both feet on her lap, examining them with caring interest.

"They're beautiful, Jenny."

Jenny blushed at the compliment. Melanie looked directly at her as if to ascertain permission to explore further, and Jenny's eyes confirmed that she had already gained Melanie's trust. Melanie smiled with that precious knowledge.

"Tickle, tickle..."

Jenny squinted feverishly, smiling with childish stupidity, as her shoulders tensed. Though her eyes were shut, she knew that she had just treated Mel to a view of her bare feet clenching involuntarily, and it thrilled her.

"Aww..." said Melanie lovingly, and Jenny felt one set of fingernails slide up the side of each foot, and her body spasmed. Her own voice produced a giddy squeak like a violin.

"Jenny..." Mel said softly.

Jenny remained silent and clenched her eyes.

"Jenny," Mel repeated.

Jenny opened her eyes and looked at her.

"I'm going to make you laugh," Mel said.

Jenny smiled nervously, feeling positively lighthearted, as Mel secured her ankles between her legs, and proceeded to stimulate the soles of Jenny's bare feet continuously.

"Aaah-haha!" Jenny started, and instinctively tried to yank at her legs.

"You like that, Jenny? If you didn't like it, you wouldn't be... smiling for me, would you?"

As her body spasmed in distress, Jenny felt in ecstasy as her cheeks tensed to their practical limit. In the therapeutic company of Melanie, she had relaxed enough that her laughter was free and goofy, but it was still embarrassing to witness it through her own ears, and there was no stopping it. The laser-like feelings of Melanie's nails on her feet were unbearable, and she was genuinely struggling to get away, but Melanie was too good.

"I told you they were beautiful, Jenny... just like you are."

Jenny was touched by her earnestness, but it almost certainly didn't show amid her profoundly surrendered state. Now, Melanie had released her ankles and hopped above her. Jenny was too weak to move, and she lost hope of relief as she felt Melanie's Machiavellian hands invading the curves of her upper body.

Jenny continued observing her own helplessness, feeling Melanie operate like a lithe weaver under her left arm and her right breast simultaneously... or, more like an unweaver, whose profession it was to pull apart defenses. What Melanie saw as she worked, Jenny tried to imagine. Her strained mouth was slightly open and wide in joy, and her lungs pulsed rapidly as though to expel air that wasn't available.

"You're such a ticklish girl, Jenny..." said Melanie, and then brought her lips so close to Jenny's ear that the warmth of her face was easily felt.

"And I know you love this."

Jenny felt as though she was dying, and did so fearlessly, as Melanie took her time using her nails to flick and lull her in and out of fits of happy reflexes, and occasionally whispering such perfect things in Jenny's ear that, had Jenny not known better, she might have suspected Melanie could read her mind.

Later that evening, after the fire had dimmed and the evening turned from twilight to stars, Melanie and Jenny lay side-by-side on the rug.

"There is something that I've wanted to tell someone," said Jenny boldly, imposing upon what had been a lilting web of idle thoughts.

"What is that?" said Melanie, looking at the ceiling.


Melanie raised her eyebrows and turned her head to smile at her friend with intrigue.

"Nick from class?" asked Mel, and Jenny nodded.

"He's amazing, don't you think? He's so cute. And really -- I mean, I'm not trying to be shallow."

"No, no..." reassured Mel.

"I mean, he's nice. He's a really nice guy."

Melanie examined Jenny's expression closely, narrowing her eyes while doing so.

"What?" Jenny said,

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