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New teacher discovers the school curriculum.

There were about twenty people there. Including Stephan, who she always thought was cute. It was his friend's place, Dave, they were playing music from the band they liked, and had drinks and mixers in the kitchen. Amy didn't drink, because she was the one who had to drive them back.

Stephan was funny. He was trying to start a small record label for local bands, while going to school for electrical engineering. He tried to explain to her the process of making your own guitar pedals, which was when she realized that she didn't really care what he was saying anymore.

Dave had suggested it. He had some of Stephan's CD's in his room, and they could go in there and listen to them if they wanted. She didn't really think through the code at that point. They went into Dave's clean but cluttered room, Stephan found a CD and put it on. Then he kissed her. She let herself get into it. He smelled good, and she could feel the muscles along his torso.

They sat down on the bed, and he quickly led her hand to his crotch. It was the first time she'd felt it, but she didn't take her hand away. She rubbed the bulge in his crotch and he grabbed at her hips and breasts. She undid the zipper for him.

Then it was in her mouth. She was a bit surprised at first. She wasn't really sure whether she had done it on her own or whether he had led her down there. It had just happened. His large warm dick was filling up her mouth. The taste was not good, but appealing.. She wasn't really sure what to do. Of course she knew what to do, but it just seemed so strange to her. Then she felt his hands on her hair, slowly lifting her up and pushing her back down again.

She took time to get used to the movement, then she started doing it herself. His hand held onto her hair, but lightly. He was getting harder and fuller in her mouth, as she was catching her rhythm.

And then he came. The first shot hit her in the back of her throat, and she panicked, pulling off of him. The next shot hit her in the face, and the next one. The rest she caught in her mouth.

He stood up and pulled up his pants, she had never seen a man smiling as much as he was at that moment, and it made her smile too. She wiped her face off on of the bed sheets, then stood up too. He kissed her, and they smiled at each other.

"Should we join the party again?" he asked.


Claire and Amy left an hour later. They got in the car, and Amy put on a CD. There was an awkward silence, and Claire couldn't figure out why.

"You have cum on your neck," Amy said.

"Which side?"


Claire found a napkin and wiped it off.

She wasn't sure whether Amy was embarrassed or jealous, but she decided that she didn't care. Claire felt almost proud of herself.

That night she lay in bed thinking about it. She realized that the guy hadn't given her his phone number, or done anything for her, but then she thought that maybe that was what she wanted. A first time with no complications. She arched her back, touching her clitoris. She imagined Stephan's dick in her mouth, insider her. Or another man, any other man who would fill her.


The next day Amy came over with a pile of DVDs, in a skirt that was a size too short.

"Hi, Claire! How'd everything go getting your brother back home."

"Fine," she said. "Come on, lets go make some lunch."

They made something easy, tacos. Amy kept her eye out for Tom, but he usually stayed in his room when she was around. He valued his privacy, and knew he wouldn't get much of it around Amy. When they finished cooking Amy put on a Hong Kong movie. It was a bit of an artsy action movie, which both Amy and Claire enjoyed, and Claire new Tom enjoyed too.

He came out towards the climax, when everything was exploding. Amy looked back at him casually, like she just noticed he was there.

"Hi Tom, how's university life."

"Fine," he said, trying to figure out what he was watching. "What's this?"

"An early John Woo film."

He watched for a minute or two longer, then left.

Claire looked over at her friend, and no

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