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Judi gets what she asked for. Is she ready?

Taking his finger from her, he sucked it clean again, looking up into her eyes as he worked his finger in and out of his mouth.

"Tell me Kimmy. Tell me you want it." He reached out with his tongue and gave her clit one quick stroke, making her moan and gyrate her hips, but her look was defiant, and still she said nothing. "Very well then, have it your way." Picking up the vibrator, he walked back to his desk, opening the draw and putting the toy away. Sitting in his seat, he went back to his paper work, feeling her eyes burning into him from across the room.

Suspended from his metallic kiss, Kimmy had never felt so angry, or so aroused. There was something about bondage that made her hotter than hell, and being denied what she wanted was driving her crazy. She narrowed her eyes, staring at him as he worked. "Damn you Tony, get over here. Either fuck me, or let me down, one or the other."

He looked up at her, raising his eyebrows. "I am sorry Kim, did you say something?" he wanted to hear her beg, and would settle for nothing less.

Kim could see he had the upper hand this time, and she had little choice, but there would always be opportunity for pay back later. "Ok, you win. Tony, please come over here eat me."

Tony leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms, raising his eyebrows at her once again. "That hardly sounds convincing Kim, I am sure you can do better."

Her face was starting to turn red with frustration. The fact that he didn't jump to his feet and run to meet her demands was making her even hotter. Being a beautiful woman had always given her a certain amount of control over men, but she much preferred to be dominated. This time she smiles sweetly, giving him the puppy dog eyes approach. "Please Tony, come and lick my pussy for me. Pretty please."

Getting out of his seat, he wondered back over to her, sliding his hand up the inside of her thigh, pushing his fingers hard against her throbbing clit, making her whimper just a little. Leaning in close to her body, pressing his mouth to her ear and breathing hot against her flesh. "Beg me Kim, beg me to fuck you, beg me to make you cum, beg me to push my cock deep into you, come on Kim, you know you want it."

Kim was about ready to scream with frustration. "Yes. Yes I want it. Please Tony, please fuck me, I need it so bad, please, please, please Tony, I can't take much more, I need to cum, please make me cum, please."

That was what Tony had been waiting for. Dropping to his knees once more, forcing his tongue deep within her, tasting her sweet delights. She tasted every bit as good as he had thought she would, better in fact, and he intended to take his fill. Using his fingers, he opened her wide, pushing and probing with his tongue, exploring her inner depths with his taste buds. Forcing himself to leave her for just a moment, he returned to his desk to retrieve the vibrator, and one other item he kept hidden in his hand so she could not see it. Kneeling before her again, he sucked her hardened clit into his mouth, biting down on it with his lips and flicking it hard with the tip of his tongue. She moaned loudly, wiggling her hips and shaking her head from side to side.

Sliding his hand between her legs, he pushed his finger into her warm wet center once again. She could feel the cold touch of latex against her warm flesh, but knew it was not the vibrator. With the object covered in the slippery juices of her pussy, he moved it further back, teasing the tight rim of her ass. Slowly he worked it into her tight opening, never stopping his rhythmic licking of her clit as he pushed a little harder. Not until the butt plug was completely inserted did he take his finger away, leaving the plug inserted in her hot little ass, his tongue plunging deep into her hole once again and she cried out in pleasure.

Reaching for the vibrator, he turned it on high, rubbing it hard across her clit and sliding it hard into her smooth lubricated entrance, filli

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