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Mother & son come together for an afternoon of lust.

You were definitely starting to get into it

I suddenly realized I was stroking myself a little too vigorously and if I didn't slow down I'd be milking this cow prematurely. "Take it slow," I told myself, but that was easier said than done, as you were moaning a little more loudly and the sofa was vibrating from your movements. I could hear wet sounds coming from what was no doubt the combination of your fingers and your wet pussy.

"Ahhhhhh, that's what I'm talking about, bitch," you suddenly said in a throaty, lust covered voice. "Suck that cunt! Yeah!!!" The two blondes were now sixty-nining, and the close-ups of their tongues hungrily eating each other's pussies were elevating both of our states of arousal to dangerous, yet wonderful levels.

I tried to stay focused on the two girls, but it was impossible to not think about you. I wanted to look so badly. I wanted to reach over and become a part of the pleasure that you were bestowing upon yourself.

I hesitated but took a risk and snuck a glance toward you. Your blanket had fallen to the side, and I could see your firm, tight, naked body-- the body that I had aspired to see and touch and fuck for so long. And I was not disappointed. It was captivating, and I could not make myself look away. Your tits are large, ample and enticing. The thought of taking them in my mouth and sucking them made my hand accelerate on my cock.

I let my eyes linger and wander down your body. Your hands slightly obscured your pussy, but I could tell it was freshly shaved, and it effused an aroma of sex that I could almost taste. And oh, how I wanted to taste it. I wanted to slip my tongue inside your dripping cunt and lick and suck you for hours.

My own feverish stroking had dislodged my blanket as well, and it fell away without me realizing it. By pure happenstance, one of your rules had been violated. But you didn't seem to mind. And I sure as hell didn't either.

So both of us were naked, exposed to the other. And while at first I thought it was only me that had broken the rule about "Eyes Forward at All Times", you too were letting your gaze wander, beholding the throbbing cock that I was firmly stroking.

We both had our hands in our respective crotches. I was caressing my massive cock, which I was sure had swollen larger than it ever had in my recent recollection, and you were happily rubbing the lips of your bare pussy. You watched my shaft in fascination as you fingered yourself, and I watched your juices gather on the lips of your slit and over your fingers.

"God you do have a nice cock," you finally commented absently, your eyes focused on my rigid member. "You have no idea how hot it makes me to watch you play with yourself"

"Mmmmm, me too," I replied, because watching you play with your pussy was the hottest thing I had ever seen.

The DVD continued to play, but we had long forgotten about it. We went on fondling and stroking ourselves, stirred not by the hot licking lesbians, but instead by the sight of each other, intrigued of the other's efforts at self-gratification.

At once our eyes seemed to shift simultaneously; our gazes met. The look on your face almost made me come in that instant. It was the look of total desire, and I was sure my eyes were burning with the same.

"Fuck me!" you suddenly cried, a sense of urgency and desperation filling your voice.

"What about the rules?" I said, regretting immediately that I had reminded you.

But I had no reason to worry. "Fuck the rules," you shouted, and with cat-like reflexes you leaped from your side of the sofa and landed on top of me, your legs astride my hips, burying your mouth against mine, our tongues instinctively vying to enter the other's mouth.

My hands immediately reached up and enveloped your breasts. I squeezed them and played with the outer rim of your areoles as you sighed lightly. I pinched your nipples with my index finger and thumb, making you moan loudly.

You pulled your mouth from mine, leaned back and looked into my eyes.

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