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The birthday present.

It's like looking at everyone, men and women, through an erotic lens that redefines all of their actions.

Of course all this sexual pressure has to be released, and I do so love to release inside my delightfully confining panties every chance I get. I absolutely adore the feeling of my smoothly shaven boyparts and my sensitive rosebud slithering around in a warm slippery puddle of my own honey after I have squirted in public. I often enjoy this surreptitious pleasure en femme while shopping at the mall. I love watching the beautiful teenage boys walk around with their big, potent things bulging in their pants. I can identify with exactly what they're feeling. Their cocks are going through cycles of hardening and softening as they watch the girls, just as mine is. I can share in the primal desire for penetration welling up inside them. I know we are all leaking precum into our underwear as we long almost painfully for sexual release. I love fantasizing about having their hard studs penetrate me over and over until we both spurt. Some of them even eye me up, as they should at their precocious age, and I'm sure I could seduce some of them if I wanted to. I also enjoy watching the lovely busty girls stroll around as they watch the guys. Their hips sway so beautifully as they display their asses for them. I know that their pussy lips are sliding together, pink and wet beneath their panties, opening slightly and resealing liquidly as they strut. They're creaming in their jeans, too, thinking about all that sturdy cock moving around us. Little do they know that I could and would love to fill their little twats and tight asses with my hot ladycum. My god, it's intoxicating! I can turn on my vibrator and cum hard in two seconds watching the bisexual show, and I do!

Needless to say, I have become an expert in ejaculating in public. I never seem to have any problem cumming without gaining a full erection, not that I could get completely rigid with my boyparts 'tucked under' inside that ultra-tight rubber. I also know that the moisture-proof material snugly hugging my thighs will trap my ladysperm delightfully against my bottom, and that I won't be embarrassed. I've tested this by taking a pee inside my panties in the tub, and confirmed that they will hold quite a lot of liquid without leaking.

I love to wear my 'cock panties' in the movies and secretly orgasm amid the large and lovely men and women of the silver screen. Sometimes I'll cum twice during one show if I can sit behind a beautiful woman. The scent of her perfume and the sight of her face and hair in the darkness will get me off the first time, and if I can furtively spread my legs and reach under my skirt to tickle my member and delicate nutsack through my panties with my fingernails, I'll climax again. My hairdresser is privy to my secret and is mad about watching me wriggle uncontrollably and cum quietly in his chair while he does my hair, and I love doing it for him. Once I climaxed with a newfound lesbian dance partner while we slow danced in a club, enthralled in each other's grasp and kissing intimately. She knew that I was cumming in her arms, as I couldn't hide my mind-blowing orgasm from someone that close, but she never suspected I wasn't a genetic girl until later that night!

I can cum anywhere! Walking through the crowds downtown at rush hour, en femme, seeing the beautiful secretaries returning home to their horny men to be soundly screwed will turn me on enough to make me stop and hold onto a utility pole as I give myself a thirty second buzz and squirt inside my panties.

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