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A couple decide to try swinging.

It didn't take long for a wet spot to appear on them. Next up were the thigh highs, followed by the panty hose. By now, I was already deep into sub mode and was having trouble keeping my erection down, as he wanted.

The next item on was the camisole, which, it turned out, was a couple of sizes to small. I struggled with it, resolving next time to go with something much larger. Finally, I put on the robe. The 3/4 length sleeves brushed against my arms, creating the most delightful sensations, matched by the feel of the bottom of the robe against my thighs. Finally, I put on the wig, and my transformation was complete: for the first time in my life, I was a CD. I gave the signal and automatically lowered my eyes to the floor.

He came into the bathroom and feigned indignation that I was dressed. My blush was quite real, as was my stammered and soft reply to his anger. I could not look at him; I was deep into my submissive role as the crossdressing slut who was caught and getting ready to be dealt with.

He took me into the bedroom and tied me to a chair. After tying my arms and chest to the chair, he tied my feet together and began to molest me, running his hands along my panty clad legs.

"You're nothing but a slut, are you? You like me to rub your pantyhose covered legs, don't you, slut?"

I could only whisper my reply, "Yes, Sir," but the gasps and moans his strokes were eliciting were genuine. I was truly responding to his hands on the nylon. My cock (no longer my cock, but my clit) was engorging and my breath grew shorter as he rubbed my feet and moved his hands up my legs toward my clit. Seeing the effect he was having, he moved in for the kill.

He untied me from the chair (but kept my feet tied) and pushed me toward the bed. Once there, he tied my hands behind my back and blindfolded me. By now, my clit was totally engorged and I was horny in a way I had never experienced. I was no longer role playing. I was a submissive little slut waiting for those magic hands to caress me again. My mouth was starting to desire what I knew would be coming soon. I could hear him taking off his clothes and knew I would soon be tasting his cock.

Soon, I felt his weight on the bed and his hands, his wonderful hands, caressing my legs again. I was moaning with pleasure at each touch, and when he turned me onto my back and pulled down my pantyhose to expose my clit to his touch, I arched my back in pleasure. But I wanted more...I wanted, I needed his cock in my mouth...

...and finally, finally, I felt it on my cheek and opened my mouth to take it in. Even flaccid, it was bigger than I had expected, and I knew I would never be able to take it all in my mouth. I sucked in the head and licked it with an urgency I didn't know was in me. As I moved my mouth down the shaft, I could hear him groan with pleasure and encourage me, his slut, to keep on sucking it. I was focused on the hardening cock in my mouth, doing my best to pleasure it with only my mouth. I twisted as best I could with my hands tied behind me to move my mouth in position to satisfy my master. My clit touched his leg and I rubbed it as best I could.

After several minutes of sucking and licking, he got up to untie my hands, which immediately took hold of his shaft and balls. My tongue focused on swirling around the underside of his cock head as my left hand stroked the shaft up and down and my right hand gently massaged his balls.

"Lick my balls, slut," he ordered in a ragged tone and I eagerly complied. Still blindfolded, I could only tell where they were by touch and tongue. As my tongue begain licking them, I was surprised at how small they were compared to his cock. But I didn't care: I could the pleasure in his voice as he encouraged his slut to keep licking his cock and balls.

As my mouth continued to bob up and down his shaft, my hands wandered to his thighs, which I began to stroke softly.

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