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Lovers reunite for a hot encounter.

Tonight - especially with its romantic overlay - was one of those nights.

Once Greg's fingers had found my clit, they knew what to do. Two fingers slid back and forward along my valley; one each side of the engorgement that was bringing me so much pleasure. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter; moaning ever so softly as my body relaxed further into his strong embrace. Even when Greg's fingers slid further down and entered my tunnel - pushing hard against the front wall before drawing back a flood of lubricating wetness - the web of his hand and his thumb continued the pleasurable work. How far can a clit engorge; mine felt ready to burst out of its skin and split open like an overripe piece of fruit. My body started to demand Greg's manhood inside it. My breathing got faster, every second or third breath accompanied by a moan. The pleasure built.

The orgasm when it came was beautiful. It felt like an enormous bucket load of pure distilled pleasure had been infused directly in to my crutch before spreading instantly through my whole body. I regretted sound travels so well over water as I'm sure the moan I made was heard in New Zealand. Hopefully they thought it was a whale calling a mate!

Sitting as I was I couldn't arch my back or press myself in to Greg. With one hand holding his erection and the other my wine glass, I couldn't even clamp his hand in to my crutch. So I just closed my eyes and tried to sink further into Greg's chest as I let it wash through me. By keeping his hand pressing into my crutch and lightly tickling my clit, he managed to prolong the orgasm seemingly forever. As I came down from the peak of the high, I rolled over, straddled Greg's lap brought my face in to his, wrapped my arms around him and penetrated his mouth with my tongue; pushing his head back with the near violence of my attack.

Releasing his neck from my crushing arm embrace for a moment, one of my hands fumbled with his swimwear to expose his shaft and pull aside the crutch of my swimmers to let me bring myself down on top of him; pushing down as hard as I could to bury him deeply in my body. As his arms wrapped around me, I savoured his embrace and kissed him again.

I wasn't sure whether he'd be in a hurry or wanting to take things more slowly, so I waited for guidance from him rather than started jumping up and down on him.

He separated our faces so that he could look me in the eye.

"Karen I love you so much it hurts. It hurts when I'm away from you because I want to be with you. It hurts when I'm with you because there is no way words can describe how I feel about you. The last two months have been so fantastic. It meant so much to be able to take you somewhere special tonight to celebrate."

I tried to say something, but the words couldn't come out. I choked on my emotions. The choke became a tear, the tear a flood until the flood culminated in a giant heaving sob. Then it was just tears again.

Greg was distraught.

"Karen, are you alright?"

I steadied myself, looked at him and tried to answer, but just burst in to tears again; another heaving sob. I tried again and at least this time I was able to get out between sobs.

"It's wonderful...sob...Oh Greg, you make me so happy...sob...I love you so much sometimes I think my heart will burst..." before I dissolved in to tears again.

Greg pulled my head on to his shoulder and held me tight as the sobs racked my chest again and again, transmitting themselves all the way down to where our bodies were joined as one.

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