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Young woman stumbles upon a couple & intriguing older man.

"Why, nosy?"

I rubbed my chin as if studying a beautiful portrait, which in a way, I was. I continued my inquisition, because, much like a good lawyer, I was pretty sure I knew the answer, and I was almost as sure that her answer would get her even hotter. "This friend of yours..did you fuck him last night after enjoying your pictures......together?"

She smiled at me, intuitively on the same wave length as myself and began to pinch and tweak her nipples, rolling them in between her respective thumbs and index fingers. "Oh, yeah. Yes, I did."

My cock flapped like a screen door in a hurricane, which did not go unnoticed by Suzy. Her nipple's hardness now rivaled that of my cock, but she waved her arms, effectively dismissing and ending my line of questioning. It was distracting her from the task at hand, after all. And then she added her closing statement. "And I fucked him this morning, too." Serves me right for pressing the issue.

She eased back onto the recliner across from the couch and asked, "So, would you mind terribly if I didn't ask your name just yet?"

Mum's the word, I thought.

"You see, it's always been a fantasy of mine to seduce a stranger." She placed one long leg over the armrest and began to leisurely part her labia and rub her folds.

Suzanne was a very attractive woman; naked, legs spread, sitting a few feet away from me and masturbating, she was ravishingly, erotically, impossibly sexy. She was already very wet and I honored her show by extracting my own shaft from the prison of my shorts and began to stroke myself, trying hard to have a semblance of decorum and self-control so that I didn't shoot onto the modeling book, still sitting next to my leg. I next removed my shirt so that from the ankles up, mercifully, I was naked. The sandals could wait a bit. (Don't women always say they love to see a man in only sandals? Or is that men saying that about women wearing only heels? Damn, I can never think straight with a hard-on....)

As she moaned seductively she applied her best finger-fucking efforts to her delightfully shaved little quim. I took copious mental notes for later, watching her pleasure herself. Her self-strokes were light, she was barely touching her clit, yet to my pleasant surprise she came in seconds, hard, her cum dripping down her thighs into her ass crack, lubing her anus with natural juice. Another mental note for later.

She crawled towards me like a preying cheetah, her eyes like a heat-seeking missile latched onto my dick, and she took it into her hand and rubbed the already leaky pre-cum onto her cheek. "Mmmm, you have what I call a 'face' cock," she purred.

I raised my palms upward in the universal "What the fuck does that mean?" gesture.

She placed her own palm on the bottom of my shaft, just below the cockhead, and pushed it against my stomach, and it extended to my belly button as she lowered her own pretty face and rubbed it along the length of my swollen shaft, from her chin to her forehead, occasionally giving her face a little love smack with my cock. "It's as fucking long as my face, it's beautiful, huge!"

Um, I must confess, I had hoped that she and I would hit it off but was very surprised at how quickly THIS had occurred, this was a new record.

Suzanne lifted her body up so that her torso was next to my own. She crushed her pert breasts against my chest and began to hungrily kiss me with a sense of passion, yet with no undue urgency. It was clear that she liked things slow. That's fine, I can do slow. She leaned forward and pushed her warm mound into my crotch, and just as quickly, retreated, teasing now, and curled her face down to cock-level once again.

"I want to suck this gorgeous monster cock now, Mr. Stranger." She began to lick up the side of my twitching shaft, her soft blonde curls tickling my dick unwittingly. "Permission granted?"

I nodded my consent, spreading my legs wider to give her easier access. Surprisingly, it wasn't a very difficult decision.

"Good, now shut the fuck up and let me enjoy my new toy.

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