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Carrie tells her side of story.

The music was racing and so had my head been slowly catching that mellow buzz as the alcohol permeated my brain cells. I realized that I was quite turned on at this point too. The fear was creeping up in me as well cause I started to get a bit worried that I shouldn't be there. Just that moment, the outer door opened to the room. I had locked it. The light went off. My pants flew up and my heart was in my throat. I knew you were in there. You didn't say anything. Not a word. You waited. No sound from inside only the beating of techno. I started smiling as I knew you were gently coming for me. I figured and quickly decided I wanted this too and was going to give you what you wanted, hell, what we wanted. My top came of and I flung it over the stall in the direction you could be at. I popped the lock on the door and walked out. It was dark but I saw your silhouette coming to me hands open and reaching. I took them and put them on my breast. "Remember the last time we met?", I whispered in your ear as we drew close. You didn't speak, just massaged me hard and began pushing me to the wall. "didn't you want to do this last time?", I whispered as I brought your hands from my breast to my belly down over my hips and finally between my legs. "I really didn't lie when I said you make me drip, feel for yourself" I hummed very low, followed by a tongue in your ear and hard kisses. It was enough for me ...I totally yielded to you at that point. You had your hands everywhere, my juices all over them. I wanted to get you off and slid down between your legs. Unzipped your pants and inhaled you. Your hands in my hair and moaning a bit now. I pretended to myself that your crotch was my lollipop and would lick the skin off if I stayed too long. You gave my head a gut wrenching squeeze and exploded in my mouth.

I could say to you in the past that I have gagged at this, but knew you would lose a great cum drinking visual so I just swallowed it all and licked you clean. You pulled me up by my hair kindof primal like and finally gave me a hard "hello" followed by a big sigh and smile. I smiled with satisfaction and we walked out. Me behind you hands rubbing your back and sneaking a few bum rubs as we walked. You led me back to the table and I liked that you, actually as I wanted, were sitting behind me as I suspected before. Seeing you in the dimly lit room was a turn on. Knowing that you have all control over the situation was another. We got a shot of tequila and I told you babble of work, and vise versa. The small talk was flowing and even we joked and laughed with each other but I couldn't help what just happened was still in my mind and the thought of eating you alive must have been picked up by you as I stared at you kind of in a mode. I was going to please you more and you knew by my stance, tone, and overall body language that I was craving you. You pushed me around to your side as we chatted and suddenly you had your hands between my legs. Our conversation stayed on the same tempo but to make a long scenario short, you gave me a hard orgasm within 5 minutes...pulled your hand up and traced my lips with the juices and then moved into me and kissed me hard. MMMMMMMMMMM.... I pulled you up and took you to the dance. It was either dance or I would lose my control all together. You smiled at my awkward transition to the dance floor and I became even more elated because I knew that you could read my mind, and though I amused you, you liked my endurance.

It was perfect for me and you seemed the same.

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