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Identical sisters raise havok with the groom's nephew.

It was always the same when I did this in front of anyone but Mary. Whether, like Gina, they had seen me in panties before, or like Sue, had never seen me, my hands trembled slightly as I opened my pants and lowered them down my legs. If you have never been in this situation, if you don't have the same wiring as people like me, it is almost impossible to explain the crazy mixture of fear, humiliation and sexual excitement of exposing yourself in this way.

The panties were part of a set with the cami, so were matching color and material. The cami had a little bow between my breasts, and the panties had a matching one on the waistband, along with similar lace trim around the waist and legs. The stockings were black sheer thigh highs so I wasn't wearing a suspender belt, although I had several of those, too. My legs. Cock and balls were completely shaved smooth, remarkably on of Gina's immediate ideas when she first learned about me. I could feel my balls tightening and my cock hardening as I placed my slacks with my shirt.

Sue was silent, but still watching me intensely. She had a smile on her lips. Her cheeks were flushed.

"That's better. Come here, slut", Gina instructed.

I stepped over to her side of the couch. She reached up and cupped my balls in her left hand, still sipping from the wine glass in her other hand. She made a show of clenching her fist around my balls. Not extremely hard, but making it obvious it was not a caress. "See, Suze, just like I told you. Isn't it wild? My father, but also my slave, we can do anything we want to him, order him to do anything. Any fucking thing we want. Isn't it great?"

Sue stared at my crotch as Gina applied more pressure to my nuts. As she tightened her grip, the panties pulled were pulled lower and I felt the head of my now hardened cock slip up above the waistband, the lace scratching deliciously as it moved over the glans.

"Oh god. It's just incredible," Sue said quietly, still intent on what she was seeing. "I love how he looks, a guy, but smooth and soft. A sissy."

"Yes, that's exactly right, Sue. He's a sissy. Our sissy." Mary replied. "And we love having a sissy around the house, don't we Gina?"

"Hell yeah, Mom, we do." Gina laughed back as she tightly rolled my balls around in her hand, crushing them against each other. "And, like I told you, the other thing I like is that I can do things like this to him. I just get so fucking hot when he just stands there and lets me hurt him like this. SO hot." Then, just as my knees were about to start folding, she released her grip and looked up at me. "We haven't eaten, panty daddy. I hope you're going to cook for us, we're starving!" (I guess some things don't change with college kids, regardless of the relationship).

Forty-five minutes later, we were sitting at the table on the back deck, enjoying the warm evening, eating salad, grilled salmon with rice and vegetables. The girls were excitedly telling us about life at college and about at the end of the second bottle of wine, so were not drunk but beginning to get a happy buzz on. After I cleared the table and brought a new bottle I sat down with them.

Inevitably, Sue was curious but until now had not asked any direct questions of me, although judging by the whispering and laughing I had heard while cooking, I'm pretty sure Gina and Mary had answered lots while they were alone. "So, I never really knew about this cuckolding thing, Robin, until Gina started telling me about it, and the first time you all did it in front of her", she started. "I can see how it's must be good for Mary, I mean, jeez, she gets to have fun with any stud you want, no hang ups or commitments or anything. But what about you? What do you get out of it?"

"Well, in some ways it's pretty simple.

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