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Ville walks into Jussi's bar.

I turn off my car and slip my keys into my bag. I'm wearing a short dress, no panties, a pushup bra, and high heels and I strut to the room looking like a slut about to be used. I arrive at the door and I take a deep breath. I put my hair up in a high pony tail and set my bag down. I slowly slip to my knees, head bowed, and legs spread as wide as I can. I knock on the door three times and quickly put my arms around my back. After a short wait, the door opens and I see my master's shoes for the first time. I dare not lift my head until I am told to do so. He grabs my bag along with my pony tail dragging me into the room and I quickly follow. He drops my hair and I return back to my kneeling position. He empties my back inspecting my items as his new slave waits for his attention. In my mind, I am going through my head all the training that I've had such as, how to suck cock and my safe words. I'm dying of anxiousness waiting to feel his touch, my nose is engulfed with his scent and cologne, to hear his voice in person, and to finally lay eyes on the man who has and will transform me into his perfect slave. My eyes follow his feet as he walks around the room. Before I knew it, I saw his shoes right below my eyes and he uses his foot to lift up my dress to reveal my dripping pussy.

Master grips my chin in his warm hand forcing me, for the first time, to meet him and look him in the eye. He grips me by my hair standing me up and pushes my body against his as we kiss. Our kiss breaks and he cups my face in his hands as we look at each other. I let out a smile as I hear his voice.

"Hello my slut. I see you have completed all of the tasks I have assigned you. Lucky for you, your first punishment won't be until you slip up here with me," master says.

"Hello master. Thank you, sir. I am very happy to finally be here with you," I say softly.

"Good. Now strip. Fold your clothes and put your shoes away. Be quick about it.," he replies as he walks to a seat nearby watching me very closely.

I remove my shoes and place them in the closet. Next, I slip off my dress and fold it make eye contact with my master as he watches me unveil my curvy sensual body to him. I fold it neatly and clip off my bra. My tits fall and feel the cool air of the room making my nipples hard. I stand straight and proud and hope that I can earn my collar tonight. My master walks up to me and traces my body with his hands, pinching my hard nipples, squeezing my tits hard, and slipping a finger on my cunt to see how wet I am. He orders me to spread my legs and bend at the waist so my large tits are hanging and my ass is exposed. He orders me stick my tongue out and keep it out until he says otherwise. Spit starts to fall to the floor as I feel his touch all over my body. I squeal as he sticks one finger in my dripping pussy, pumping his one finger in and out fast before sticking it in my mouth ordering me to suck. I suck his finger greedily as if I was sucking his cock. He removes it and place his now lubed-with-my-spit finger at the opening of my asshole and slides it in slowly and deeply. I gasp as I feel his finger stretch my asshole. He pounds my asshole with his finger fast, making my tits sway, and my spit from sticking my tongue out stick to my body or drip all over the floor. He pulls out his finger and pushes it in my mouth to suck. He wipes his spit covered finger on my tits and walks around me correcting the position that he put me in.

I feel my master rub my body and every so often he pinches my asshole to ensure I stay in position.

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