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She lubricated the butt plug and then reached down between her legs to spread some of the slick liquid around her ass hole. She stepped into the harness and pulled it up between her legs and then squatted and began to push the plug into her ass. At first it hurt but she tried to relax and soon it slipped in a little. She continued to push it in until it was all the way in her ass hole then she stood up and fastened the harness around her.

Ray walked over and checked the harness and the butt plug to make sure everything was on correctly and gave a little grunt. "Good job. I didn't know you knew how to put one of these on slut!" He said to her.

"Now finish getting dressed." Ray said and stood watching as she pulled on the stockings, put the garter on and then finally slipped on the blouse and skirt. She stepped into the shoes he had laid out for her and then stood waiting for his instructions.

"Kneel down and suck my cock slut!" Ray said roughly.

Cindy instantly moved in front of him and knelt down. She unzipped his slacks and pulled his soft cock from his pants. Even soft Ray's cock was a good seven inches long and maybe two inches across. Cindy began by holding his cock up and licking the bottom, tracing a line from his large balls to the very tip. She moved her tongue in a circle around the head of his cock and then licked back down all the way to his balls again. By the time she had finished this circuit Ray's cock was hard as a rock and now stood almost nine inches long and a full three and a half inches across. When Cindy's tongue reached the head of his cock again she sucked it into her mouth and let her tongue flick around the head.

Ray groaned and put one hand on the back of Cindy's head. He began moving his hips. Rocking them forward and then back, pushing his cock farther into Cindy's mouth until five inches were disappearing between her lips and then being pulled back out. Ray moaned again and then held her head and forced his cock all the way into her mouth. He paused momentarily when he felt the back of her throat but then pushed harder and sent his cock farther in.

Cindy gagged momentarily on Ray's big cock but regained her composure and began sucking in earnest. Ray fucked her mouth furiously now and all Cindy could do was let him and breath when he pulled out slightly. Ray pumped his cock into his wife's mouth for another five minutes and then he moaned.

"I'm gonna cum slut. Drink my cum bitch. Yeah, oh yeah!" Ray's cock began pumping his cum into Cindy's mouth and down her throat. She swallowed as fast as she could but she could not keep up with the flow and soon cum began to drip out of her mouth and run down her chin. Ray finished cumming and let Cindy lick the cum from her chin and then lick around the head of his cock, cleaning him. Then he stuffed his cock back into his pants.

"Do your hair and makeup." Ray said as he walked to the door of the bedroom. "And don't take long, our reservations are for seven thirty." Ray turned and left the bedroom.

Cindy looked at the alarm clock by the bed and realized it was almost six already and then it hit her. "Reservations? Surely he did not intend for her to go out like this? Oh shit! I can't wear this damn plug for very much longer." She thought.

Cindy dressed quickly and looked in the mirror. Without a bra her nipples were almost visible through the material of the blouse and the skirt was so short that even standing up straight it barely covered the cheeks of her rounded butt. It was also loose fitting and that meant that she would have to be careful when she walked or it would bounce up and expose her to the world. She pulled the skirt down as much as she could and then brushed her long hair and pinned it back away from her face. She applied her makeup, trying hard to make herself as pretty as she could and then she went out to the living room. Already the butt plug was more than uncomfortable and she realized that she was moving her hips more than she should when she walked because of it.

Ray looked at his watch when Cindy cam

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