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Girl has weird reaction when she cums.

"Come nearer, and watch Kevin," she huskily said.

He moved nearer to the bed. He could see Ann's finger going in and out of Sharon's pussy. The finger was soaking, and made delicious, sucking, squelching noises, as it pumped Sharon's cunt. Ann opened up the hood that covered Sharon's clit. The clit was big, almost like a small cock. Ann drew in her breath, as she saw the size of it.

On the bedside table there was an aerosol can of whipped cream. Ann took the top off, and directed the nozzle at Sharon's pussy. Sharon turned her eyes towards Kevin, as Ann plunged the nozzle right into her cunt. She then inserted a big heap of it into the steaming hot pussy. Kevin was sure he heard it sizzle, as it entered the wet , pulsating cavern.

The cream was dripping from Sharon's cunt. Ann put her head down, and her little tongue sucked hungrily on the glowing , red organ. Sharon trembled, and moaned, and twitched in ecstasy. Her hands cupped around Ann's tits, kneading each one, and drawing the nipples out. Her head lifted up, and she sucked noisily on each tit, taking each nipple in turn. Ann's head was buried deep in between Sharon's strong, silky thighs, and her tongue delved deeply.

She shifted her position, so that she was astride Sharon. They were end to end. Sharon was on the bottom, and Ann on the top. Ann's cunt was now in front of Sharon's mouth. Sharon parted Ann's legs wide, and inserted four fingers. Ann had a big juicy cunt, and could take it easily. Sharon reached into her bedside drawer, and took out a dildo. It was huge. It was a double ended cock, that was at least twelve inches long, and it had a big knob at each end. One end she pushed into Ann, and slowly began fucking her with it. Ann was groaning with the absolute pleasure of it all, but still she kept her tongue inside Sharon's cunt. All the while she was licking, and slurping.

Kevin's cock was now rock hard. He opened his zip, and took it out. It bounced into view, so glad to be free. The swollen knob was red, and quivering. Pre cum dripped from the end. He wanked hard, his eyes never leaving the two women. Now Ann was on her back. Sharon looked at Kevin.."Is sir getting horny?"she asked."Tell us what to do now?"

"Fuck her, go on fuck her." "Fuck each other" he pleaded.

Sharon again pushed the big dong into Ann's cunt. As well as the tool being long, it was also broad, and it opened her right up. Her cunt lips closed around it eagerly. Sharon sat astride Ann, and Kevin watched as she carefully penetrated her own cunt, with the other end of the rubber dick.. In between sighs, Ann said "come closer, see us fuck." "Watch us come."

Sharon's bum was high in the air, and from the rear, Kevin could see the cock going into both cunts, first withdrawing, and then plunging back inside the two pussies. It was a meeting of two gorgeous sucking devices, both hungry for cock. Ann's fingers had found Sharon's bum hole, and she was finger fucking her. Her arse was wide open. Inside it looked hot , and tight, and succulent. Sharon's hands pummelled into Ann's tits, raking her fingernails, making her squeal. Kevin could see the satisfaction on the faces of both women, as they writhed, and twisted against each other. He continued to wank. It was getting harder to hold back. He didn't want to come yet. He didn't want to lose this delicious feeling. Suddenly they rolled over, still with the cock embedded deep inside both of them.

Sharon was now underneath. Ann's long, lean legs were wide open across Sharon now. Her eyes were glazed, and drool was running from her lips. The big cock still went in and out, as both of them fucked in rhythm. Both cunts were running with juices. Ann leant over, and kissed Sharon full on the lips, her tongue going deep into her mouth. Sharon's eyes were closed, in absolute delirium. Her arms circled around Ann's neck, and drew her lips down to her big engorged tits. Ann sucked , and bit into each nipple.

Sharon looked at Kevin, and asked innocently," Don't you want to join in?"

Kevin was so enjoying watching, but by

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