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Life since our last swinging weekend.

Suddenly she felt his fingers brushing her knee, making tiny circles. Lisa had crossed her legs, and she felt Rick trace patterns down her calf to her ankle and then back up again. A shiver ran through Lisa's spine, and she almost wished she had not worn the pantyhose so she could feel his fingers on her bare skin. Slowly, but with confidence, Rick let his hand slide up under her dress, gliding along the firm muscles of her thigh.

Without looking at him, Lisa uncrossed her legs, spreading them slightly. Almost immediately she felt Rick's hand slide the remainder of the way up her thigh, his fingers tickling the soft inner flesh. He stopped when he reached her pussy, and she began to hate the pantyhose that encased her lower body. Yet, Rick's fingers slowly traced the panel that covered her pussy, the panel she knew must be wet to the touch. She felt Rick slide his fingers along the panel until he found the entrance to her pussy. Pushing lightly, he poked his finger into the opening of her pussy and wiggled his finger around gently. Lisa started breathing heavy, her mind no longer on the music. She tried not to wiggle her hips, but it was difficult. She kept her eyes glued to the stage, but her body was on fire.

And then his finger was gone, his hand coming from beneath her dress. Leaning towards her, Rick held out his finger to her nose.

"Breathe deep. Isn't that the most wonderful scent in the world?"

Lisa breathed deeply and caught the scent of her sex on his finger. She glanced at it and then up to him, just to see him run his finger lightly under his nose and then take the very tip between lips, like a child will do when licking up frosting. Lisa was trembling now, her desire overwhelming.

"Let's leave at intermission, shall we?" Rick whispered into her ear.

Lisa couldn't speak. All she could do was nod. When the house lights came up at intermission, they quickly made their way towards the exit and to Rick's car. During the drive back to her apartment, Lisa rubbed the swelling cock in Rick's trousers, as he reached over to run his hands along her legs.

Finally making it inside the apartment, the door was barely closed before they fell into each other's arms. As they kissed passionately, Lisa began to strip Rick of his clothes: first his coat, then tie, then shirt. He kicked off his shoes, as Lisa quickly undid his belt and trousers. Rick slid them down, standing in front of her with his stiff cock pointing up at the ceiling.

Sinking to her knees, Lisa ran her fingers over his cock, feeling its contours and veins. She brought her lips to the head, her tongue slowly making circles around the tip. She tasted his pre-cum, lapping at it with her tongue, while his fingers slowly undid her hair. She felt her hair fall about her face and Rick's fingers running through it as she wrapped her lips around his cock, sliding down him, sucking. She felt his hips start to move against her face, and she increased her movements, using her hand to stroke the base of his cock.

Without saying a word, Rick reached down and pulled her up by her arms. Looking up at him, a question in her eyes, he leaned down and kissed her, sucking her tongue into his mouth. As she returned his kiss, she felt his arms go behind her, felt herself lifted. He carried her down the hall to her bedroom, and stood her next to her bed. As he kissed her, his hands searched out the back of her dress and slowly undid the zipper. As he pulled the dress from her body, he pulled away to look and admire the sight of her.

Lisa was wrapped up in the moment - until she realized that she was wearing the pantyhose.

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