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Unforeseen Complications.

I carefully started down the alley, checking all the windows before I crossed them. I made it to the first bend without being seen, and was just thinking that I would get through this unnoticed when I turned the corner and saw something horrible!

The alley was blocked! There was some sort of construction going on and there was a wooden barrier at least 7 feet tall blocking my path.

I stood there for a moment completely caught off guard, my whole plan relied on the use of this alley. I was roughly brought back to reality by the sound of whistling and cat calls from above coming from a few construction workers staring down at me. I turned and ran toward the entrance and stopped just short of the opening. I stood there hidden from view thinking 'what the hell do I do now?! I was locked out of the car naked with no way to get down the alley! What was I thinking!? This was such a stupid idea! I didn't even have my phone to call for help, though even if I did what would I possibly say? Now the only way to get to my keys was to run out to the road and follow it around to the park! I could have cried. How could I do such a thing!?

Suddenly I heard voices from the parking lot. I peeked out and saw 3 young men walking directly toward my alley. There was no where for me to hide! I had to make a decision, stay here and get caught in an alley, or run like hell toward the street to get my key. I wanted to cry, either option was terrifying! The voices were getting closer and I made up my mind.

I ran as fast as I could out of my hiding place, covering my breasts with my hands, stunning the men as they caught sight of my naked body. I was terrified they would chase me but they didn't, they just watched me as I ran out toward the street. I told myself I would just run as fast as I could until I made it to the park and find somewhere to hide.

As I got to the the sidewalk I could see drivers staring at me, I turned and ran as fast as I could down the sidewalk toward the park. A couple cars honked their horns as they past, one woman yelled something cruel out a passenger window, and a couple of men yelled out crude compliments. I ran past a young couple trying to get a cab, they laughed as I passed, and I think the girl got a picture with her phone.

This way was much farther than the alley and I couldn't run any further. I sorely regretted not keeping up with the running I used to do. Eventually I was forced to stop running, though I started walking as swiftly as I could manage.

I came up to a young mother with a baby in her stroller she was wearing sweats and jogging, she got right in front of me with a concerned look on her face and asked if I was ok? If I needed help?

This made me feel worse, here I am playing out my perversions and this woman is worried about me, she probably thought I was raped or something. I came to a nervous stop in front of her and said something like "Um, no, please don't call the police. I, uh, I'm doing this on purpose, can I please get by."

I was very scared, she would report me, and I would be arrested. But instead she just looked at me with a confused look on her face and continued to block my way as she responded "What do you mean you're doing this on purpose?!"

Cars were honking constantly and people calling out humiliating things from windows and I just wanted to get by, but I couldn't knock over a young woman with her child! I quickly replied back "I, uh,wanted a thrill so I got, I mean I stripped down, locked one set of my keys in the car with my clothes so I couldn't chicken out. But the alley I was going to run through is blocked and now I have to get to the park to get my other keys that I hid there so I can get my clothes!"

I was so frustrated and humiliated that it all came out as one big jumble. My voice was cracking and I felt like I was going to burst into tears as I explained the horrible situation I had gotten myself into.

She looked shocked and a li

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