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He became a Pussy Slave.

Everytime I get close to you like this, I wanna fuck. Let me make you cum right here. (Starts taking off my jeans).

Me: Papi! But what if...

Mister Atrevido: No one will be here for a minute. We have plenty of time and space to study each other.

He got on his knees and started eating me out in the corner.

Is this really happening?!?

I had one leg over his shoulder and my hand running through his hair. This man was not playing games and instantly had me not caring about the fact that there were cameras all over the place.

I'm in so much trouble. Being the good girl, my conscious started weighing heavy on me. But he was working me so good, I got lost in the moment.

Me: Ahhhhh, papi. We shouldn't be doing this here. Your tongue feels sooo good tho.

Mister Atrevido: Mmmmhmmm (as he picks up the tempo and inserts a finger).

Me: Ohh shit! Yeaaa...get that...uuuughhhh.

He looked up and watched the expression on my face to know when I was about to cum.

Me: Fuuuuck! Aaaaahhhhh!

Mister Atrevido: Damn ma. That's it.

I came within about 3 minutes. Something about the risk of being caught, the glass windows and him looking up at me with his hazel eyes that made me explode in no time.

I still couldn't believe we were doing

As I was coming down from that high, I looked at his jeans and his bulge was about to rip through the zipper. Pobrecito. It was my turn to give him some. He earned it.

But here?!?

I was completely naked, in the corner of the lounge, surrounded by windows. No turning back I guess. I had never done anything so bold in all my life. He was looking at me as if he was going to jump me and fuck in the middle of the floor.

I started taking his jeans off and pulled down his boxers to the middle of his thighs. Sexy ass butter pecan dick was already leaking precum.

I started licking it off to find more coming out. I just swirled my tongue around the tip to tease the hell out of him. I knew he wasn't gonna last long.

Mister Atrevido: Oh noo, please. Mmmmm. Don't play. I'm too high for teasing. Unless you want me to cum on your face.

I took his dick out my mouth and watched it twitch in agony. Sexiest sight ever.

Mister Atrevido: Please mami (starts lightly slapping his dick across my face). Fuck me.

Me: Sit on the chair over there babe.

I left my clothes over in a pile on the corner and we walked back to the table and chairs we set up right up against the main glass window. If anyone looked up, they could easily see us and, in that moment, I was completely turned on and horny as fuck.

He sat on the chair facing away from the table as I straddled him, slowly sliding my still soaked pussy on his hardon.

Mister Atrevido: Yeeeesssss. Ahhhh.

Me: Mmmmhmmm. Te gusta?

Mister Atrevido: Siii...I fucking love it.

He grabbed my hips and started picking up the tempo. My tetas were steady slapping him in the face as he moaned in my chest.

As I looked down at him, I realized he was the sexiest person I had ever been with. Tall, puerto rican, basketball player with thick arms who could double as William Levy's twin. Yes, he was sexy as hell and I was amazed with all the solicitations he got on the regular that we were still together. He was also into darker skinned girls so I worked that to my advantage. Esa negra tiene tumbao, haha.

Mister Atrevido: Mami, whatever you do, don't stop fucking me. I don't even care if someone walks in this room, don't stop. (He puts his lips up to my ear and starts whispering) pleeeees...mmmmm...don't...stop.

Idk if it was the hushed way he was talking in between breaths or what but I came almost instantly. Harder than the first time. He had me turned out and I didn't care that I was totally naked in the middle of the window, riding him as if there was no tomorrow.

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