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George finds love from his niece.

I like to tease. It makes the orgasms for both of us that much greater. I can smell her want and her need to be taken in the air. She wants it even if she won't admit it yet. She shudders under my lips as I trail kisses down her stomach. I can feel her warmth beneath me as the scent of her arousal fills my nostrils. It's all I can do but stifle a contented sigh once I reach her thighs. I continue my onslaught of love pecks till I'm just above her knee then move to her inner thigh. Reaching up I fondle and knead her soft creamy breasts. I'm so close now, just a hairs breath away from her wet cunt. Mmm I love that word. so vile and yet so perfectly kinky.

Just as I'm about to give in to the temptation of her sweet nether lips I notice she's rocking her hips to meet my mouth. Now I know she really wants it. It pains me to ignore such a sweet slit but I know the pay off will be that much greater so I pull back. She whimpers and growls into the gag as she looks down at me angrily. She's gotta be aching with desire now, I know the feeling.

Lowering myself again I go back to touching her delectable tit flesh as I l kiss up her thigh, beginning even closer to her knee than before. My fingers dance slowly and smoothly over her breasts coming just close enough to her nipples but not quite. She's practically begging me for it with her eyes now. My lips come so close now to her moist lips I can taste her in the air. Mmmm to just stick my tongue on it once, once would be torture for her and agony for me. I let my tongue just graze the wetness of her lips. Barely even enough for a taste and then I bolt up and collect myself as best I can. Trying not to lose control I steady my own arousal and have a seat on the bed next to her.

I look into her eyes and she seems almost... sad. For a minute I feel like a monster for doing these things to her against her will but then I see it. There's a need there, a wonton desire to have my tongue and anything else I'm willing to give her. Could I have her willingly now, I wonder. "By the time I'm done with you we won't need this gag. You'll be begging me to fuck you," i said as I nuzzled her neck. She smelled of a strawberry orchard. She must have fallen asleep just after a shower. Her skin smelled so tantalizingly fresh. She struggled against her restraints and clenched her fists. 'Maybe she was close to giving in to me,' I wonder. I kiss her neck rubbing my masked face up and down till I get to her earlobe and just breathe next to her. My hands slide up her legs, letting my fingertips just barely graze her. I moved them slow teasing her drifting closer to her wet heat. My fingers got closer and closer to her sweet slit just barely within an inch. She was quivering. Maybe it was the anticipation. I couldn't let her pussy feel me though, not yet.

Pulling my hands away I climb up on the bed and straddle her. i grab big handfuls of her soft pillowy tits and bring them to my mouth. God she smelled so good. I let her scent intoxicate me. Till something inside me filled to the brink of insanity. I let my tongue slide slow smooth circles around her nipple. Her nipples were like glass, no like rock candy. I could hear her moans now. All she had to do was give in to desire fully and I would make her mine. I lick and nibble on her tit feeling her shudder beneath me. She arches her back pressing her breasts into my face and I gobble them up lovingly. I move to the other breast and sample her nipple a new. After what seems like an eternity of teasing I finally suck her nipple into my mouth. Nibbling gently and tugging on her nipple I can feel her wetness with my free hand. She's in so much pleasure right now I bet she can't even feel me grazing her pussy with my fingertips. I bit down hard on her nipple and sucked it into my mouth and she practically screamed into the ball gag as she came all over my hand.

That was all I could take, I needed this as badly as she did now.

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