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He discovers a terrible problem with the place.

Sorry." He said blushing.

I was shocked. I didn't think he would be so brave to say something like that. She laughed flirtatiously. I was about to thank him for his compliment but she cut me off again.

"Haha so what else does your tongue want to do?" She said still laughing.

I shook my head in embarrassment. She even caught him off guard. Now, I REALLY didn't know what to say. She had openly flirted with him while I sat only a few feet away. I mustered out the only words I could say.

"She ummmmm...she likes to tease." I said.

We all laughed. The tension eased again. A wave of relief fell over me.

"Hey! I don't mind if you don't!" He said.

I shrugged. Of course I didn't mind. If he only knew.

"I'm gonna go change babe. I have to get outta these clothes." She said.

"Tim, don't go anywhere. I'll be back." She added.

This was it. This was her queue. It was really going to happen. It was too late to turn back now because she was going to come back out in some skimpy outfit.

When she got up to leave for the bedroom, she turned in his direction and uncrossed her legs. I couldn't see it but I knew what she had done. She had rubbed his leg with her foot, sending a clear signal to him.

I had a hard on already. I was only minutes away from seeing my wife teasing another man.

I suggested we go sit in the living room and neither of us hesitated.

I made my way to the recliner that he had sat in earlier, which provided the best view of the couch. The couch was very well lit and had a large sectional ottoman that connected to the it like an "L". He sat on the end of the couch and propped his feet up on the ottoman but jot before adjusting his crotch.

We easily made our way back into friendly conversation. We talked for what seemed like forever. I found it hard to stay focused. I kept thinking about how long she was spending in the bedroom. I wondered what she was changing into that was taking so long. What if she was having second doubts? What if she was waiting for him in there? I was about to excuse myself to find out when she announced herself.

"Sorry! Sorry I took so long. I just needed to change." She stated.

My heart was skipping beats. I took in a deep breath and held it. I couldn't act casual anymore. Her outfit was no longer subtle. It was cute and sexy but not subtle.

The outfit she decided to try her luck with was the "boyfriend shirt" ensemble. This was one of her staple outfits she used on me plenty of times because it was simple. Just one of my button up shirts with or without underwear. A leg man's delight.

This time, she opted for underwear. I could tell because her black bra was easily seen through the light blue, over sized shirt. She looked adorable in this because it was a few sizes too big for her but it also looked sexy since the collar was draped at the end of her shoulder. She loved to expose her neck and shoulders because that was one of her "spots".

I was shocked at how much of her milky cleavage she had decided to put on display. None of her dresses or skirts exposed this much of her chest.

I noticed that she touched up her makeup since her blue eyes stood out more among her dark eye shadow and her red lipstick was a bit brighter. She had also fluffed her hair since it now had a little bit more body to it, bouncing with each step. She really made use of her alone time in our bedroom getting herself ready for Tim. She wanted to look even better for him than she did at work.

My favorite part of this outfit was that she didn't change out of her hose that she had worn to work.

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