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Heather learns more about her submission.

Biff fucked her royally keeping his cock in contact with her clit the entire time. Miko went wild imploring Biff to fuck her forever. She had multiple orgasms again and again until she pleaded with Biff to stop. Miko was exhausted and could not handle any more contact on her clit.

Biff rolled her almost lifeless figure over on all fours and entered her pussy from behind. Miko liked the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of her without touching her engorged clit. Rachel moved her pussy to within range of Miko's mouth and encouraged her to lick her pussy. Miko gladly sucked on Rachel's cunt as Biff fucked her from behind. Biff stared at Miko's beautiful ass and then began to caress her lovely ass cheeks. Miko cooed into Rachel's twat as Biff lovingly stroked her ass. Biff tickled her asshole and then inserted his little finger into her asshole.

Miko liked the penetration and Biff's finger was about the size of a small cock. Biff grabbed some lotion that Rachel kept nearby and coated Miko's asshole with it. Biff then put a bigger finger in her ass this time and although Miko uttered a little grunt she went along with the anal probing. Biff played with Miko's clit as he fucked her doggy style and fingered her asshole. Biff's middle finger was buried in Miko's asshole as he tweaked her clit and fucked her. Miko could feel another orgasm coming on and she started to tremble and shake her hips. Miko began moaning in Rachel's pussy as Rachel held Miko's face to her cunt. Miko's hips were thrusting with the intensity of the orgasm.

Biff took advantage of Miko's state and slipped his cock from her pussy to her asshole. Between his hardness and Miko's gyrations, Biff's cock cleared her sphincter. As Miko started to recover from her orgasm she realized that Biff's cock was in her asshole. Miko panicked a little and eyes her widened with fear. She tried to dislodge his cock but Biff held her hips firm and continued to feed more and more cock into her asshole. Rachel held Miko by her ears so that she couldn't move her face from Rachel's pussy. Rachel was turned on as she watched Biff slide more and more of his cock into Miko's tight little ass.

"Yeah fuck her, fuck her tight little Jap ass, stretch that asshole and fill it up with your cum," Rachel urged.

"Please no you too big, too big," pleaded Miko, her voice partially muffled by Rachel's cunt.

Biff continued to fuck her and soon his entire cock was disappearing into her asshole. Biff could feel his orgasm building and he knew he would blow his load soon. Miko felt him tense up and she knew he was about to cum in her ass. Biff fired a barrage of cum into her tight asshole and Miko's ass almost with a will of its own milked his cock dry. Miko could feel his cum backing up in her ass and running down over Biff's cock and over her pussy lips.

Biff and Miko rolled to their sides with Biff's cock still buried in her ass. He slowly fucked her as he softened and his cock slipped from her ass with an audible pop. Miko felt the cool air fill her passage that had just been unplugged. Biff reached around Miko and stroked her tits and rock hard nipples. Rachel took one of the tits in her mouth.

Biff was kissing Miko on the neck and Miko was cooing and murmuring, "Thank you, thank you".

"You are most welcome," Biff mused and then said, "By the way, you got the job."

The three of them cuddled for awhile and then they showered together. After they the shower they got dressed and had another glass of wine. Miko would begin work the following week and Rachel would train her on her duties at the restaurant. Biff would miss Rachel particularly her incredible blow jobs as he briefly recalled the way his cock nestled in her throat and she massaged it with her throat muscles. However he was very happy with her replacement Miko.

"Miko you will have to come over to the house and meet the family soon," Biff told her.

Miko looked at Rachel and the two of them smiled as Miko knew what she would be in for at Marla's house.

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