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A sexual reawakening between two young adults.


Sarah was now trying to make me feel a little better and the thought of letting my dick free was enough for me to agree. I felt Sarah lift the towel slightly from over my backside and I gently rolled onto my back away from her. I noticed her looking up and to one side in a professional looking manner to spare me further embarrassment but noticed her willpower fail as her eyes darted to my crotch and away again, so fast that I only just saw it happen. As I straightened up and got myself comfortable I could see my dick pointing skyward and indeed as swollen as it can get, the foreskin stretched back a little so that the purple head and eye were just visible.

Once settled Sarah lay the towel back over me but I noticed her take another look as she did so but pretended not to notice. This behaviour wasn't what I would expect from a woman but I could tell from her flushed cheeks that the situation was getting to her. We both gave a little chuckle at the sight of the white towel tented over my groin, the tenting effect actually made my dick look even bigger than it was. I was very turned on as Sarah got herself into position to do my front and as such I couldn't help it as I inadvertently tensed my muscles from time to time making my hard-on jerk, the towels movement exaggerating the effect. Again I could see that Sarah was watching my groin area where possible but I could also tell that she didn't want to be caught looking. The jerking movements of my dick were getting more vigorous and more regular which was causing the towel to slip. I was about to readjust it when my brain stopped me. I was now desperate for Sarah to see how turned on and hard I was, her covert glances told me that she wanted to see it out in the open and I wanted her to see it. I was sexed up and was wondering how far this could go, my wife was in the back of my mind but I felt that provided we didn't actually fuck each other she would understand. We had partaken in a group-masturbation with another couple before and had even fucked in front of others. I was clear in my mind and was jerking in a way that was deliberately making the towel fall.

Sarah was just finishing on my shoulders and her face was above mine as she kneaded the tensed muscles near my neck. Then it happened, my towel fell to the floor exposing my dick to her as it continued to twitch desperate for release. Sarah's hand movements slowed and I knew she was staring at it by the position of her head. Sarah then realized where she was and moved to pick up the towel. I called her name and she stopped to look at me, her face very red and flushed but a little grin on her lips.

"Since you've seen it I see no reason to cover it back up, if that's ok with you!" I said.

Sarah looked at me as her brain processed the information and then smiled at me saying that she didn't mind at all. She then smiled a big grin and I could see apprehension in her face as she plucked up the courage to say her next sentence.

"Would you like 'it' massaged also?" was what came from her lips and we both knew that this is what we wanted.

I nodded to her as I warned of my closeness to eruption already.

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