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Hubby might not be sure, but she is.

Those kind of phrases of his were common, referring to my youth, so I was hoping what I wanted to say would be taken well.

In his bed, we were cuddling and kissing after having sex. I kept kissing him to keep myself from talking, but finally I decided to tell him one of my fantasies.

"Jim," I whispered. "I like that you're so much older than me."

"Me too."

"It kind of makes me feel...protected and safe."

He nodded, nuzzling my neck. "And I will, Baby."

"That's very...fatherly and sweet," I said. "Do you know what I mean?"

He pulled his head back and faced me, confused. "No, Baby."

"Have you ever, you know, had a little girl?"

"I don't have any kids, you know that," he said, perplexed. He paused. "Oh you mean....No, nothing like that."

I knew he knew what I was talking about. His expression was hard to read. I gulped. "Would you like to? Have a little girl, I mean?"

He kissed me and whispered into my mouth. "Are you saying you want a Daddy, Baby?"

I smiled. "Yes."

"Uh!" he groaned and fell back on the bed and smiled. "God, Kate, that's so hot. I've always dreamed of that." He sat back up again and kissed me. His hand slithered down to my pussy. He could feel my juices and his cum slithering out of me. "Oh," he moaned at my arousal. "Do you want your Daddy again, Baby?"

I sighed at his incestuous words. "Yes, ohh yes. No! Not yet. I want to blow you."

Sometimes when I sucked his cock I blew him and other times I allowed him to fuck my face. He sat on the edge of the bed and I kneeled before him, both of us naked.

I started to kiss his cock and he groaned. I remembered my first blowjob that I gave him. It had lipstick stains on it. Now, as I had wrapped my lips around the head, he stroked my hair to keep it out of my face. He had always praised my sexual abilities, but particularly my cocksucking.

"God," he moaned, arching his head back. "You're so good. You must really love cock, especially Daddy's cock. Isn't that right, Angel?"

I nodded and lifted my mouth off his cock. "I love your cock, Daddy," a strand of my saliva not parting my lips and his cock completely.

"I know you're horny, Baby. God, so am I. Your mouth is sweet and soft. Scoot back, Princess."

I scooted back on my knees to give him room to stand. He stood before me and slipped his cock back into my mouth. This was my favorite oral position because I could blow him, but he also had the position and force to fuck my face. I loved the power he had. I could tell he was especially horny with this new thing we had discovered about each other. He held my face and started to pump into it at a frantic speed.

"Ohh, Princess, you look so beautiful taking my cock," he said, banging me. "Look at those sweet lips around my cock. What a sight for Daddy. You're such a sweet little cocksucker, Baby."

I gently held his hips, motioning him to stop. He did. There was something I wanted to try. With deep concentration and going against instinct, I started to open up my throat, ignoring my gag reflex. I pulled at his hips so his cock would go in deeper and I felt him push his cock down into my open throat. He could not contain himself at my new talent.

"Fuck, oh my God, Princess, where'd you learn that? My God, you are the sweetest, most lewd little cocktease I have ever known."

He groaned and warned me that he was cumming. He came with a force I had never before felt in him. Strand after strand sprayed into my throat like the most wonderful food. Over the last several weeks I had turned from virgin to nymphomaniac. I gobbled down each rope of his sperm as if it were going to be the last one of my life. I savored the taste and the texture as long as I possibly could, but was always greedy for more. I had heard girls in the locker room saying that they didn't swallow for their boyfriends, but I couldn't understand how they could pull their mouth away from something feeding them so generously and unselfishly. Sperm made me feel good.

This discovery that Jim and I made, that we now had a "D

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