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Naked, she rides bareback through the forest.

It got to me, it always did.

She peeled off her thong panties and turned to face me, unsmiling, almost businesslike. I knew at least this wouldn't take long.

"Anthony, make me cum," she said simply, straddling my body and draping her hairy pussy over my face, legs spread wide as she ground herself onto my mouth. "And make it snappy."

I sighed and lanced my tongue into the furry confines of her moist pussy, the tip finding her bulbous clitoris and sucking it into my mouth. She moaned, her thighs pressing inward, the muscles against my ears, the nylon smooth and hot. I sucked harder, dribbling her clit like a basketball with my tongue as I held it between my lips and she mewed in response, head back, hands under her bra tweaking her thick nipples. Her womanly juices flowed freely, drenching my face and clogging my nose. My mom came more fluidly than any woman I know, but then again with my mother constantly using my young body for her immoral purposes, I didn't know that many other women.

"Cumming, Anthony, very nice, very nice, VERY NICE!!!" she screamed, hips snapping, thighs scissoring my ears as she squeezed out a copious cum, flooding my face until my mouth popped open and drank down her cream.

She settled down for a slow ride and then turned around on my face, opening her thick asshalves in her hands, exposing her rosebud asshole.

"Lick, boy," she hissed, mouthing the words hotly over my now stiff nine-inch cock before taking me deep into her lips. "Rim Mom deep, wet and long..."

I dove in, my face a prisoner of her muscular ass cheeks as she let them go to slap shut on my face, and my tongue skewering the tight outer ring of her relentless asshole. I licked deeper, my tongue scouring her shitchute walls, feeling the muscles there, my mouth now pressed tightly against her rectum as I flutter-fucked her bung hole rapidly, eliciting moans of pleasure from her, moans vibrating into my cock which she deep throated with a frenzy, stroking the base up into her mouth with one blurry-fast hand. My mom stroked me harder, using the spit for a lubricant and I felt my balls swell. She stopped.

"Don't you cum yet, Anthony, I'm not through with you yet," she warned, squeezing my about-to-burst prick with one strong hand.

Quickly, she spun around and impaled herself on my dripping dick, her scorching hot cunt taking me all the way to the balls. She leaned forward and drilled herself on my pecker, ramming up and down, the pendulous mass of her tits free to swing in my face after she unsnapped her bra, the thick nipples scraping my lips as I tried to suckle them inside, finally securing one and nursing at her fat teat the way I'd done 20 years ago.

"Yes, suck my tittie, boy, suckle my tit!" she moaned, head back, eyes fluttering. "Fuck me, Anthony, fuck me hard - and don't you dare cum yet!!"

I fought the urge but I was losing. Mom's cunt, always nuclear hot, was especially thermal this night for whatever reason and as my trembling hands palmed the muscular pads of her thighs and calves encased in her sexy nylons, I felt my balls vibrate in their sacs, about to spit for their load. I thought of anything and everything to fight it and succeeded for a few moments more.

"C....c...cummmmmmmmmming...." Mom hissed, leaning forward to smother me in her twin 42 boobs, her fleshy ass vibrating madly against my cock, her hips slamming up and down, her butt's quivering meat chewing at my nuts on the downstroke. "Don't you cum!!"

But it was too late. My nuts blasted their load, the cream corkscrewing up the length of my cock and scorching her cuntal walls. Every time I came in mom was like the first time, only better, as each load seemed to get bigger, and more powerful. I grabbed her flailing ass and thrust myself up inside her womb, my cockhead mushrooming to twice its size as my sperm jetted free and splashed inside her belly.

I knew I'd done wrong.

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