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I kiss Jessica, and she meets Denise.

"Let's see how good you are at pussy licking."

James didn't need any prompting. He could be shy at times, but not now, while they were enjoying this game. He bent forward and went to work, kissing her lips, lapping along the slit, sucking on her clit. It was heavenly!

He built her up quickly, moving his tongue feverishly. Every so often, he prodded at her asshole, making her gasp. Then he would redouble his efforts on her clit and pussy, shoving his tongue up into her.

As soon as the first orgasm spread over her, she pushed him away from her pussy and held onto his shoulders for support. He had definitely gotten better at that over the years. Maybe he could give Andy lessons.

When she recovered enough, Marie looked down at his messy face and smiled. "Ready for a quick soak?"

He nodded and quickly undressed. His cock stood out at a right angle. They hopped in, and Marie positioned herself near a low powered vent. She had seen the odd placement of the jets while setting it up, with a few pointing straight up from the seats. It gave her a nice baseline tingle after James' cunnilingus.

James sat back, his face still wet with her juices, and enjoyed his drink. His cock was diminishing some in the heat of the water. He watched her breasts floating on the water with hungry amusement. "So, are you really okay with my wife fucking Andy?"

Marie took another sip of her drink, savoring it this time. "I mean, I asked her to. Are you?"

He looked like he was thinking about it, but nodded. "I think so. We talked about it some."

"Good," she said. "I kind of wish it was me the first time, but this is probably better. Lynn can convince anyone to do what she wants."

James smiled wistfully. "You don't say. So what's in the bag?"

Marie patted it. "Patience. We've still got a little time to kill. Are you sitting on a jet over there?"

He frowned and looked down, just noticing the upward jet. She motioned for him to sit on it with her best seductive look, and he carefully moved on top of one. His face changed a little as the water pushed up against his asshole, and his cock was reinflating like an obscene water balloon.
Marie nodded, satisfied. Her pussy was on fire; she was really turned on by the control she had over him. "Lynn and I talked it over, and she's going to need some time to get Andy ready, so I can't fuck you just yet."

"I understand," he said, his breath catching a little as he squirmed against the jet.

"Good," she said. "But it didn't seem fair to just make you eat me out the whole time, so I thought you might like to try something else. You just have to promise me you won't cum."

He nodded eagerly and licked his lips. Marie stood, letting him enjoy the sight of her wet body before turning and kneeling hands and knees on the edge of the hot tub. Steam and the ocean breeze tickled her wet skin, her large tits hanging loose in the night. She pulled a bottle of lube from the black bag.

She looked back at him and gave him a weak smile. "If you'd rather have my pussy, I understand, but I'd really like you in my ass."

James moved off the jet and came up behind her. He didn't look half bad, his toned body dripping and powerful. She could appreciate the difference in his slimmer build to Andy's broad chest, but enjoyed them both. He grabbed her hips, rubbing his cock along her slit. She was worried he might just stick it in, but he reached for the lube instead.

"You know, I tried to get you to do this a thousand times when we were dating," he said as he coated his fingers in lube.

Marie laughed. "Maybe I should have just offered to fuck your ass. I think we both would have liked it."

He chuckled and rubbed his fingers against her asshole, gently working it open.

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