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Rae and Tara work toward a future.

He wiped his eyes to clear them of ice. He was vaguely aware that Frost was talking to herself.

"Bastard," She mustered out between coughs. "I've lost too much."

"What the hell did you do to me?" Tommy asked her.

She measured her response before she said it. "I need heat to survive. Freeze used me to supercool something but it sapped me of all my heat. If I don't get some soon I'll die."

"So you tried to take all mine???" Tommy asked, wild-eyed. "I was saving you!"

Killer Frost looked at him, annoyed. "Oh calm down, you're fine. Besides, I'm too weak to pull it out of your body right now. I need it to feel it in the air or feel it inside me." She turned to Tommy and grabbed him by the leg. "You better figure out how to save me or I can still steal all your heat, even if it doesn't save me!"

Tommy tried to think. 'C'mon, man, how can I create a bunch of heat quickly, both in the air and inside her...'

Eventually, far longer than you'd think, it clicked.


"Oh God, fuck me harder you son of a bitch!" Killer Frost screamed, pulling herself closer to Tommy. She was on top of him, leaning forward onto his chest, while he had her ass in his hands and was bucking his hips up, driving his cock inside her.

Tommy tried to concentrate but it was extremely difficult. It wasn't the ice queen begging to get fucked above him, although the way her DD breasts jiggled over top of him every time he thrusted made his dick ache. What distracted him was how cold he was. His body was cool, thanks to the heat continuously being provided by the suit. But his cock was only warm when he was pounding her furiously; every time he slowed, even a little bit, he could feel a shudder through his entire body.

It made for a simple solution: simply never stop not fucking her really hard. But Tommy was getting colder, his hips were getting tired, his breathing ragged.

Plus he was worried he might cum too soon. Frost wasn't just apparently a sociopathic murderer; she was also an incredibly dirty talker. He had assumed that she would be rather... well, cold in bed, but she was anything but. Tommy couldn't believe some of the things that were coming out of her mouth. Tommy was lying underneath her and she was speaking into his ear.

"Stick that big fucking baby maker in my tight hole!"

"That's it, Batman, fuck the pretty out of me!"

"You better give me something to fuck myself to tomorrow!"

"Oh Gooooooood fuck me like a farm animal!"

"Dear Lord," Tommy whispered, never stopping his rhythm lest his cock freeze. He gripped her ass tight and fucked her as hard as he could, his balls slapping against her as he bottomed out in her pussy. He was fighting a losing battle against cumming.

Frost heard his groaning and guessed what was coming. "No no no," She told him, "You are NOT cumming yet. I need more heat."

She pulled Tommy out of her and reached between her legs to grab Tommy's dick. Tommy tried to stifle a high-pitched squeal as his cock was engulfed in sub-zero temperatures. Any thought of cumming instantly vanished. His balls ascended rapidly into his abdomen. Glancing down, Tommy noticed that he could see heat rising off his dick. He shuddered violently.

Killer Frost smiled. She rolled over onto her back and pointed towards her pussy with both hands. "Get back in there," She ordered.

Tommy got up onto his knees and stared in horror at his poor, shivering dick. "I don't think I can," He muttered. Both of his hands covered his dick and balls, trying desperately to warm them back up.

"Sure you can," Killer Frost replied, "You just need the proper motivation." She lied back and began massaging one of her big tits. With the other she formed an icicle from the water vapor in the air. She brought it near her mouth and licked it from tip to tip. Then she stuck it in her mouth, engulfing it entirely. She pulled it out and stared longingly at it.

"I felt that in my throat," She told Tommy. His dick twitched slightly in response.

Frost brought the icicle down to her pussy, sliding it up and down her slit.

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