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By concentrating hard on Carol, Harry thought he might be able to withstand the effect of Lois' ministrations. A dubious theory, but with his tongue dancing attendance on an insistent clit while Lois' simultaneously sucked and licked his cock and balls, no alternative suggested itself.

However, Lois herself came to his rescue, through her decision to turn her attention to Carol. The women embraced kissing; Carol remained where she was with Lois astride his waist. Harry was now competing for Carol's attention, but whilst she was a little distracted by her partner, it was not to the extent that she lost contact with the tongue between her legs. Harry concentrated on bringing Carol to orgasm, long slow strokes of his tongue alternated with shorter intense sucking of her clit, long practice having taught him exactly what Carol liked, and it was not too long before Carol's breathing began to get noticeably ragged. She clung desperately to Lois, their lips crushed together, tongues entwined as her orgasm hit. It seemed to Harry that it went on much longer than usual, and unusually, Carol encouraged him to keep eating her, which normally she found far too intense.

Eventually however, she broke away, and Harry's very wet face looked up to see Lois smiling down at him. Moving back with a quickness that surprised him, Lois impaled herself neatly on his cock. She sank down taking the whole of him, shaking slightly, to be certain he was engulfed completely within her.

"Now," Carol instructed, "Fuck him slowly, slowly as you can."

Lois complied, as Carol again indicated she had taken charge of choreography and was fucking Harry, almost by proxy. "Now gyrate slowly, small circles, that's it, good, squeeze his cock at the same time. "Brilliant! Now push up and down a bit." Lois was a remarkably apt pupil, and Harry was in the best position possible to judge. Every move Carol suggested raised the intensity of his pleasure, and somehow, the fact that Carol was using her greater experience to directly help Lois, added another dimension to it.

"Lois," she intervened, "Just stop for a few seconds, or he'll come too soon. Now," she suggested after a brief pause, "Let's go back to the beginning and start again." This was repeated twice more until Harry was almost desperate to come, but Carol again had other ideas. "No," she said "Not yet, first we are going to get Lois to come, and then you straight afterwards."

This time when Lois started to move on his cock, Carol simultaneously, began to frig her partner's clit. Lois moved even more slowly than before, keeping time with Carol. Harry could feel Lois' vagina occasionally, convulsing slightly, almost grasping him, but if anything the women slowed the pace even further, seeking to extract every ounce of pleasure. Eventually, Lois could no longer resist the stimulation, her breathing became erratic, she threw her head back and involuntarily clawed at Harry's chest. Her long delayed orgasm was huge. For a moment it seemed to Harry that her vagina had opened so wide she would swallow him up, then an instant later, she gripped his cock as though in a vice. Finally, he felt a rippling, stripping sensation, as her muscles first contracted then relaxed. Harry came, and he came in torrents, his balls tightening, as surge after surge of semen was milked into Lois' womb.

Lois collapsed onto Harry's chest, temporarily exhausted, though he could still feel her pussy quake and contract spasmodically as she slowly subsided. She pulled him over so that she was on her back with him above her and just held on while she slowly relaxed.

"Ok," decided Carol calmly, "You can come out of her now," Harry did so, with almost exaggerated care, and the three of them lay side by side for a few minutes, quietly, just cuddling and savouring the moment.

Lois broke the silence; "I'm going to have to clean up, I don't know how much you put into me Harry, but I'm starting to leak big time."

Carol raised herself on to one elbow.

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