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Bisexual oriental woman continues to explore harem delights

Who will be joining us tonight?"

"Don't worry about who it is, just be at my place at 7:00 sharp."

"Yes Mistress, you know I will be there on the dot." Ernie walks off to get ready to leave the office and get home to shower and change into something less restrictive.

Allie then sits down at her desk and picks up the phone to call Sherm. She wants to make sure that he too will be on time.

7:00 pm

Allie has gotten everything just like she wants. All the toys are within reach and she feels confidant that this is going to be a great night. The door bell rings and she waits for a full 3 mins to make them squirm. As she looks out the peephole she sees that both men are standing there waiting. They know that it is not allowed to ring again for at least 5 mins, but the anticipation is getting to them. Both know how these learning sessions go. Both know that some of the best sex is soon to happen.

Just as they reach to ring again she opens the door wearing nothing but a black teddy and spiked heels. When the guys see her their mouths drop at the simplistic beauty of her. "Come on in fellows. Are you ready to teach me what I want to learn?"

In unison they answer "YES!!!"

"In that case we may as well begin. Take your clothes off and join me in the bedroom. I will be waiting so don't take too long."

"Yes Mistress" they answer. They hurry to disrobe and question each other as to what she might have in mind. They have had so many 'learning sessions' that it is hard to find anything else she would want to learn.

Entering the bedroom they find her stretched out on the bed looking more beautiful than ever. There is a strange twinkle in her eye that is somewhat devious. "Come closer, I want you both to start off by kissing, licking and sucking on my body."

A smile comes to their faces and they quickly go to work pleasing her. As Ernie starts at the top of her body, Sherm goes for the center and her sex. His tongue slowly licks around the lips of her pussy and then he hardens his tongue and plunges into her. Just like a hard dick his tongue fucks her until he feels her body begin to quake. Ernie at the same time is sucking on her tits just the way she loves it. He feels like her baby as he sucks on her nipple as a baby would trying to get milk. This too causes her body to quake.

Suddenly she pulls away for both of them. " Ernie I want you to lay down on your back so that I can straddle you. And then Sherm I want you to enter my back door. I want to feel both of you inside of me, and have you feel each other. "

Quickly moving as she has directed they enter her body at virtually the same time. They can feel as the other slides in and out, and soon develop a rhythm so that neither is dislodged. Allie soon is moaning not from pain but from joy. Never in her life has she felt so full, so alive. She rides them until they both need to release but has not told them they can yet, so they wait. "When I cum I want you both to let go and cum with me." she tells them as she increases the thrust into her body. "Nowwwwww" she screams. Both join her in her climax. As soon as she catches her breath she dislodges herself from their cocks and rolls over onto her side. "Now I want you to clean up each others mess."

"Yes Mistress" they answer.

"When you get done I want you both to go into the shower and wash each other well."

"At the same time?" Ernie asks surprised.

"Yes, I want you to make sure the other smells good.

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