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I feel your mouth tighten on me, the vibrations of the soft moan that escapes you tingling against my shaft. I ease my digit inside, until your sweet cheeks stop my other fingers splayed out across your sweetest of asses.

I pump slowly in and out, mirroring the movement of your mouth on me, small gasps escaping as you suck my cock, naked in the car, with my finger fucking your asshole.

You pull off, looking up as I look down, straining your parted lips towards mine. I meet you halfway for a brief lick and kiss, then straighten up, taking the turnoff I've been waiting for down a heavily forested lane. We disengage, my finger slipping from your anus as you sit back, legs splayed wide, fingers roaming your sopping wet cunt. I slip my hand in with yours, mingling your juice between our fingers.

"We're here."

You exhale long and slowly, "Thank God."

Turning off to our favorite lonely spot, I park at the edge of a small clearing. By the time we come together at the front of the car, I am naked. You reach out, palming the underside of my stiff rod, as I slide my fingers across your flowing cunt. We kiss long, deeply as if reunited after months apart, consuming each other.

I take hold of your waist, hoisting you up to sit on the edge of the hood. You lean back, your arms stretched out behind you, holding you up, and open your legs wide for me.

"Is this what you want, baby? Is this why you brought me all the way out here?"

I smile, leaning in over you, my cock at your hole, but I do not enter. As I kiss you, I breath into your mouth.

"Oh yes..."

I kiss my way down your neck, pausing to suck each hard nipple, lashing them with my tongue, using my lips to pull them and release, but I know what you want...

I kneel on the grass, kissing my way down the inside of your thigh, reaching the edge of your sweet inviting pussy, and slowly make a wide circle with my tongue, but not touching it. Not yet. I take hold of the backs of your knees, pushing them toward you, tilting you up. I circle your asshole with my tongue, licking across the bud, gently slither the tip just inside of you. I can hear your moans urging me on.

I place the tip of my tongue on the lower rim of your anus, and lick with firmness and great pressure, upwards, across your anus, your taint, to the bottom of your cunt hole. My frim tongue parts your lips as I cut a swath upwards, pausing to wiggle it inside your pussy, fucking you just a little with it, then moving onward and upward. As I reach your little nub, I open my lips, placing them firmly around your clit, slightly sucking in, and use just the tip of my tongue to feather across that greatest point of lust.

You gasp, squirming on the hood as I butterfly-lick rapidly, but only slightly making contact. You lay back, freeing your hands to clutch at my head, pulling me in.

"Oh, fucking eat me, baby, fucking eat my pussy..."

I push my lips and tongue harder into you as you grind your cunt into my face, your ass squirming on the warm hood. I fold my teeth into my lips and suck your clit and labia into my mouth, practically chewing it. You moan so loudly now, small shrieks escaping with your gasping breaths as you urge me on.

"Oh yeah... just maul it... make me cum... make me cum!"

I exert extreme pressure on you, hard munching interspersed with forceful licking. You are so close, your hands release my head, grabbing my hair as you begin to buck against my mouth. I grab your pussy, sucking it hard into my mouth, my tongue whipping across your clit as it hits you.

You stop, almost motionless for just a couple of seconds, and you are coming, moaning so loudly as I keep up my almost brutal assault on your cunt. You are always beautiful, but never more so than when you thrash and buck through your climax. I don't know if I've ever seen you cum this hard, and I am relentless - pushing, chewing your clit in my lips until your ass slumps down onto the hood again, you release my hair, and push back on my shoulders.

"No no.

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