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Stripper poles and a game of tit for tat.

"You never answered me. Who are you?" she shifted from foot to foot uneasily, fighting every impure thought she had thanks to that accursed book. He gave a sly smirk as he watched her with her little anxious dance. "Why my dear, you may soon come to know me as Lust. Your lust to be exact."

His gaze was so deep and hypnotic. Like a dark whirlpool, that would pull her in showing her everything she didn't want to see. No, everything she did want to see. Images of her bound and bare, images of her being dragged around on her hands and knees in a Cheshire Cat costume, images of her taking his long rod deep inside.

She snapped out of it to the cold touch of Lust holding her chin with his thumb and index finger. "I can see what you want, my dear. My eyes can see into the very depths of your soul, dear Alice, do you really expect to resist me forever?" his voice made her heart tremble. These thoughts were so impure, but for once that didn't matter to her. For once she accepted that this was just a dream, and that she didn't have to wear her royal facade. She could relinquish control and let herself live life like she always did in her wonderland. "F-fine." she finally caved to her desires. Lust smiles.

Lust made her whole body tingle with just one hand as he slid the left shoulder strap of her dress over her shoulder, and down to her elbow. She felt as if her whole body were made of glass, and just one touch of his icy hand would shatter her very existence. Lust leaned down and placed one slow, icy kiss on her neck. When he lifted his head, the skin beneath was a darker shade, almost blue. Alice trembled beneath his touch, as he slowly undressed her and placed small, icy hickeys along her collar bone.

Lust looked down upon her fair skin, and felt a tinge of pride knowing that he'd get to be the first to get to stain her innocence. Even if she remained pure on the outside, her mind would never be the same, and he'd see to that personally. He removed his vest, blouse, and belt, and ran the backside of his right hand up the bare skin of her chest. Her skin made goose bumps under his cold touch, and he couldn't tell if it was from the temperature of his touch, or her nerves, but either way he was loving the look of fear and anxiety on her face. It was truly all about the thrill of the hunt, and today's prey leaked especially tasty.

Alice was unable to hide her look of sheer shock when Lust finally removed his pants. His tool was beyond belief, she couldn't fathom how he had hid it in his pants this whole time. It must have measured well over eight inches, maybe around ten or eleven. She felt the tingling heat of her nether regions intensify beyond comprehension just at the sight of it. Was this empty, longing feeling the desires Lust had spoken of? Her mind felt fragile and confounded as she pondered trying various acts from the book. Finally Lust seemed to figure out what she was thinking, because he snapped his fingers and four chains shot out of the abyss.

The chains were icy cool to the touch as they wrapped around her limbs. They were even cooler than the feeling of Lust, which gave her a new perspective on him; he seemed to be slowly warming the longer they went on. The more she accepted her devious side, the warmer his touch became. Meanwhile, the chains felt like they were becoming increasingly colder as she gave them control to alter her posture. The chains led her to a bent over kind of position. She thought it was odd at first, until she realized she was face to face with Lust's huge beast.

"Wh-what are you doing?!" she freaked out and began to flail around. The chains responded by tightening their frigidly grip on her, even digging into her skin a bit. After a few moments of her squealing in minor pain, she settled down. When she looked back up to Lust, she saw a cruel look in his eyes. "How about you service me?" his eyes showed a dim sadistic glow, and she felt her body unable to resist.

She slated by slowly licking around the tip.

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