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He gives her the night of her life.

But since this wonderful man had come into her life she not only felt needed and wanted, but she always felt beautiful because of the way he looked at her. He made her feel treasured and desirable. And she knew she would always do whatever she could to take care of a man like him. He was her world and her world had become alive, and in it she felt very needed, and very, very necessary. And she knew that in his eyes she really was beautiful and loved.

When her Sir took the glass she had offered him he smoothed his hand over her hair and since he had not asked her to rise she stayed submissively on her knees with her eyes lowered. She knew that Sir had said they were not on strict protocol but she did so love to be knelt at his feet. It always gave her a thrill to be dominated by her handsome Master.

While she sat in wait for Sir Dan she saw a very interesting sight at the entrance to the dungeon. A tall handsome older man was paying Sir Dave to enter, and surrounding him was four lovely slaves. The man looked very kindly and was sporting a very well groomed salt and pepper beard. He was dressed in black leather pants and vest, with a black tee shirt like her Sir loved to wear. He also had a leather belt just like her Sir's with that same gold triskel on the buckle. And he was wearing a well-worn black leather hat similar to the ones worn by men in Australia.

As he talked to Sir Dave his slaves knelt quietly around his feet. They each had on a sexy revealing black dress, and they were short enough that anyone could tell they were not wearing any panties. They were all voluptuous women and they all had on identical leather collars with their leashes dangling free between their ample breasts. They all had long hair with curls hanging to the middle of their backs. Two of them were brunettes, one was a redhead, and one was blonde.

Eva wondered if they were all slaves of the handsome man. She had heard of poly families where there was more than one Dom and multiple slaves. She wasn't sure yet how she felt about it but there was something about this poly group that had peaked her interest. She did know that Mistress Fran had two female slaves and she realized that she was fascinated with the whole idea of multiple partners. She decided she would ask Sir how he felt about it as soon as she could.

While Sir Dave was getting change for the rugged good-looking Dom he turned to view the room. As he glanced around his gaze rested directly on Eva. His unswerving steady gaze made her feel very open and vulnerable as if he she was kneeling there naked before him. She felt herself blush and finally he looked her directly in the eye. He gave her a big smile and a nod of immense approval as his glance continued to linger on her. He was looking her over again shamelessly.

She was suddenly very self-conscious. She felt as if he was stroking her pussy from all the way across the room just with his look, and she quickly lowered her head again. Startled at her own reaction she realized that no one but her own wonderful Sir had ever had that effect on her. She also realized that she was holding her breath without knowing why. Finally she forced herself to breath.

Eva could still see the man out of the corner of her eye, and when he had received his change he motioned for his slaves to follow him. They all rose gracefully and with their eyes lowered they all heeled him very beautifully. She saw him speak very quietly to the slaves and they all hurried toward the refreshments.

Then to her astonishment he was walking right toward her and the group Sir was talking with. With a gulp of excitement she felt herself starting to breath more rapidly. Sir Dan had her heart and soul for sure, but she was surprised at how the tall man's gaze and his approach was making her very wet between her legs. Fearing that he would see the lust that was building in her she quickly lowered her head and her eyes again.

"Well, well Da

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