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The material of the tiny thong was already damp to the touch, but I intended to make it even moister before we proceeded any farther. As I softly kissed and nibbled my way around her breasts, I gently drew my fingers in circles over her sex.

"Oh yes!" Kelly moaned as her first orgasm approached. She squirmed and pressed her pelvis against my fingers with an ethereal look of urgency in her face. I held her at the brink as long as I felt advisable before offering her the release she craved. When her orgasm came, it nearly knocked her from her feet. She whimpered and moaned in delight as wave after wave washed over her.

The glassy twinkle in her eye coupled with her contented smile expressed her love better than words. I was able to hook my fingers under the bunched top of her dress and slide it over her hips and let it flutter to the floor before Kelly pulled me to my feet and began attacking my clothes. My jacket and shirt were off me so quickly that I was afraid she would shred them. She barely had my pants opened up before she dug her hand into my boxers in search of her prize.

While Kelly stroked my hardness, I came to her aid, pushing my slacks and briefs down, dropping them to the floor. As hard as I was, the soft, yet insistent ministrations of her hands, tongue, and lips, made me harder still. She was almost exactly twenty years younger than I, but this woman always seemed to know exactly what she wanted in life. This was no exception. With a sixth sense, she knew exactly when my ardor had reached its zenith. Never in my life had I felt bigger, harder, readier.

Kelly wanted me to know that she was ready and now so was I. It was time.

Still, I had an hour and intended to use every minute of it. There was no hurry to consummate the afternoon's passion with this young beauty. I hooked my fingers under the waistband of her thong and dropped it to the floor. I was naked except for my socks. Kelly was naked except for her boots. I offered Kelly my hand as she slipped to the floor in the middle of a puddle of sunshine.

The image of her lying in the sun left me breathless. Her slender body glowed; her hair glistened as it formed a radiant pool of red at her head. Her breasts formed two inviting mounds on her chest with nipples that stood tall and proud. The tiny streak of read hair at her waist pointed me toward my goal.

"Has anybody told you just how beautiful you are?" I whispered.

"Mmmm," she purred. "Well, I know at least one person who thinks that way."

"If you think there's only one person who sees your beauty, then think again!"

She pulled my hand to her lips and kissed my fingers before pressing them to her cheek.

I knelt for a moment at her feet, with a touch to her ankle urging her open for me. Then, beginning just below her knee where the leather of her boots ended, I kissed, licked, and nibbled my way up the soft, inner flesh of her thighs until I found my target. Lifting her bottom from the floor, I explored her most intimate region with my tongue.

I began by sucking each of her lower lips into my mouth, savoring her delicate flavor. Even though I was careful to avoid the sensitive bud at her core, Kelly began to shiver with anticipation. Working my tongue around the edges of her sex, I teased her as long as I could. Kelly responded with moans of delight. As she climbed toward the summit of her passion, I dipped my tongue into her as far as I could, delighting in the flavor that was Kelly Nystrom.

Finally, I attacked her clit. Kelly purred with pleasure as I sucked the bud between my lips. Then, my tongue used it as a punching bag as I flicked it furiously. Kelly arched her hips into me and shrieked her pleasure as her second major orgasm enveloped her.

Kelly didn't wait to come down from the summit.

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