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First impressions for an instructor and her student.

She only nodded her head slipping her hand from his paw. She stood there looking at him watching as he bowed before her and walking out the door. She followed him out while he climbed down the little balcony bidding him farewell. Walking back towards her bed she wondered if she should of even tried sleeping with him. Shaking her head she knew it was wrong. Sliding under her blankets she soon found herself asleep dreaming of the man beast whom had visited her.

Alice awoke the next morning to someone sitting on the bed. Thinking that it was the beast from the night before she sat up but it wasn't. There was a thin woman sitting there looking at her. Rubbing her eyes she asked. "Can I ask what your doing in my home ma'am?"

"Your home?" The woman snapped. "Why are you calling my husband that late at night?"

Alice recognized the voice now and it was the woman whom had picked up her husbands phone. She got out of the bed showing her finger allowing the woman to see her wedding ring. "He's my husband as far as I can tell. We bought this place and were supposed to live in it together. So if anyone should be calling him it should be me."

The woman merely smiled before digging into her purse pulling out a folder and handing it to Alice. She opened the file and found paperwork filing for a divorce, all it was missing was her signature. Shaking her head slowly continuing to read the paperwork all he had left her was the forest house and all the belongings in it. She signed the paperwork and handed it to the woman not really wanting an explanation. The woman left without saying another word to her, Alice waited till she pulled out of the driveway. Pulling off her teddy and switching into some jogging clothes. She wanted out of the house for a while to get this out of her head.

Dante sat hidden in a cave his mind still on the night before. Yes he had respected her wishes that she was faithful to her husband. But he didn't understand why the man wasn't around a lot more. She was a knockout compared to other women. Leaning back on the old bed that he had stolen a while back. A familiar scent caught his attention, he got up and moved towards the entrance of the cave peering out to see Alice. Her long brown hair was pulled up into a ponytail. She was dressed in soft velvet cloth that kept her bundled but defined her curves. Leaning against the side of the entrance he found himself wanting her. A low growl came from him he reached back to take hold of a soft cloth.

Even though she was faithful it didn't make him not want her still. He crept up behind her taking in her scent before realizing that she was sobbing. He canted his head to the side before placing his hand on her shoulder. He could feel her jump and turn to face him, the were tears streaming down her face. Dropping the cloth he placed his hand on her arm becoming concerned.

"Are you alright?" He muttered softly looking over his shoulder making sure no one was following her. Not wanting to be seen by any strangers in mid daylight.

"My husband left me. He filed for a divorce and I never even knew it." She moved closer to him her face burying in his chest. Beginning to sob more, moving his arms to wrap around her he wanted to be there for her. Holding her tight to him he was unsure as to what she was going through. But he began to pressure her back to his cave.

"Come on this is not the place to be standing for me. Not too many people are fond of seeing a beast out here." They walked back to his cave, it was a mess but what could he do. Smoothing out the blanket on the bed. He allowed her to take a seat, she spread herself across the bed laying there. Dante didn't mind although, he planted himself on the ground watching her. "I'm sorry that man left you but he didn't deserve you."

She remained silent for a long time and this ached him, her voice was lovely and he yearned to hear her speak, to laugh.

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