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A submissive young man surprises his best friend in bed

Her lips are full, and her teeth are completely straight and white. Her skin is an ivory color, but depending on the day, it can also be olive. On this particular night her skin was ivory. Even though she was a model her confidence was very low.

"Of course you're pretty, you're a model. All models are pretty." That's what people always said to her.

If Kora had a nickel for every time she told someone "You don't have to be pretty to be a model," she would be rich.

Joe had been sweet at the beginning of their relationship. He wasn't worried about getting married anytime soon. He's only 22. About 4 months into the relationship they confessed their love for one another. It kind of went down hill from there. He started to drink. Kora thought it was cool that he drank at first, until he started to show up at her house every night, drunk. She would have to take care of him and nurse him every single night. Then the verbal abuse set in.

It was their 10-month anniversary and all Kora wanted was to have one fun night with him. They went to the restaurant that Joe's parents owned. But of course Joe started to drink. Kora pulled him outside and started yelling at him. She was so sick of everything.

She told him that all she wanted was one fun night; but that he was such an asshole that he couldn't even give her that. That's when Joe snapped. He took his big hand and slapped her hard across the face with so much force that she had fallen to the ground. After seeing what he had done, he was so scared that he ran away.

So here we are now. Kora sobbing to herself. She feels a soft finger tap her shoulder. She wipes her eyes and turns around to see a woman. She looks like she's in her late twenties. Her skin is tan and her eyes are brown. Her flowing black hair compliments her long face.

"Excuse me, are you okay?" She says to Kora. Kora purses her lips and her face turns bright red. Kora doesn't like crying in front of people. She's actually painfully shy. The woman sits down next to Kora.

"I'm Stacy." She says. She puts her arm around Kora, but she flinches so she moves away.

"I'm Kora." Kora says, trying to hold back tears.

"What just happened here?" Stacy asks her. "If you don't mind me asking."

Kora doesn't understand. Why would a complete stranger care about her?

"Why do you care?" Kora asks. Right after she realizes how rude she sounds.

"Seeing a young woman getting smacked around by her boyfriend isn't a very pleasant sight, Kora. It's Kora, right? Beautiful name. I just wanted to help." Stacy says.

Kora some how feels comfortable with Stacy. She seems sweet, and she's really pretty. Kora tells her what happened. Stacy listens intently. Stacy already hates Joe listening to the story.

"Right now," Kora says, sniffing. "Can you not say anything? I don't want a lecture or anything right now." Kora is used to her friends and family talking about how much Joe sucks and right now she doesn't want to hear it.

Stacy's first instinct is to tell Kora exactly what to do. She has a little daughter of her own and she would kill someone if they ever hurt her.

Kora has no idea, but Stacy is already wet looking at her. She's thinking of all the things that her and her husband Phil would do to her. They aren't looking for a complete slave, but someone who they can take care of, and who will be eager to please them. Stacy can see in Kora's big doe eyes that she's a submissive. Kora doesn't know she's a submissive herself.

Stacy and Phil have been looking for so long and have never found anyone perfect enough for them. Their ultimate fantasy is for her and their fantasy girl [they refer to her as FG] to both be on their knees. FG would suck Phil until he cums into her mouth and she would feed it to Stacy. Stacy can already picture Kora and her passionately kissing, sharing Phil's salty cum between each other. And Stacy had always wanted a girl to eat her out.

"I won't say anything, hunnie.

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