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Dee plucks up courage.

The Women's Dormitories was located almost a mile away, closer to the Liberal Arts Department. My dad helped me move in. We brought in my special mattress, clothes, books, dozens of lotion bottles and of course my comic book collection, among which my porn magazines were hidden. I also brought in my DVD player and some of my favorite movies such as The Godfather, Highlander, Superman I-IV, Hercules, The Matrix Trilogy and The Three Musketeers. I never had an interest in anything gothic like Dracula or Bride of Frankenstein. I didn't like such movies when I was alive and I still loathed them now that I am undead. However, I decided to make the best of my new existence and embraced college life. I tried to put out of my mind all the changes that occurred in recent months. I wanted so badly to be human again. Sadly, it was not to be.

My roommates were something else. Jason Theroux, a six-foot- tall and good-looking, muscular Football player. He was a recent graduate of Castor Academy, a private all-boys school in the Midwest. This blond-haired, green-eyed Irish stud would turn out to be the best friend I've ever had. He was a nice, easygoing guy. A practical joker, to be sure, but I didn't mind. My other roommate was Justin Lee, a recent transfer from another school. Lee was a stocky Asian guy. I learned that he came to Heracles Tech because his school had recently dropped many programs, including wrestling. Both Jason and I sympathized. The five-foot-nine Lee joined the Heracles Tech men's wrestling squad and represented them at the 150-pound weight class. He would go on to win the state wrestling championship, if you can believe that.

Yeah, those were my guys. My friends. I could count on them for whatever. Contrarily to common belief, college football players were no more popular or sexually adventurous than other students on campus. Jason came from a conservative background and although he was funny, cool guy, he wasn't the party type. Lee on the other hand could party like he was Satan's favorite son. Yeah, life with those two was fun. Jason met a young woman named Brianna Riches and they began to date. You've seen Brianna's type before. The tall, blonde, blue-eyed coed who looked more like a centerfold than an apt pupil. Would you believe that Jason fell in love with her? Yeah, he did. The guy drove Lee and I crazy with talk of Brianna. His every word was about how wonderful she was and all that jazz. I smiled. Ah, the wonders of young love. I've never been in love. I am however familiar with lust, and it's what got me turned into a vampire in the first place. For now, this black college man slash vampire fledgling was happy to remain celibate, thank you very much. Femmes, both human and vampire, are a mysterious, seemingly unapproachable and often deadly lot. I was going to focus on my education.

College life turned out to be quite different from what I thought. I was expecting the drunken parties and frat houses seen in movies like Van Wilder and Animal House. Heracles Tech was a rather peaceful campus, except when our sports teams were playing against some unfortunate New Englander who thought he or she stood a chance against the likes of us. Our football team beat the living daylights out of the local Ivy Leaguers. Need I say more? Heracles Tech football players were scrappy young men. Not the kind of pampered losers seen at Harvard or MIT. They played because they loved the competitive nature of the game and the sheer fun of crushing an opponent. I love the Heracles Tech sportsmen! They're awesome!

Life at Heracles Tech was okay.

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