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He dreams of woman who could satisfy his thirst.

The archangel groaned as he held my head. I started to bob my head as I sucked his cock in long slow savoring strokes, enjoying as much of him as I could. I wanted him to cum down my throat, to gag me and kill me, to make this the last moment of my life, but at the same time, I wanted him in every way imaginable. To die a thousand deaths with him tonight. I moaned on his cock as I feasted on it, making it harder and longer and thicker. What my mouth could not pleasure, my fingers did, and between my fist and my mouth I worked on his cock. A masterpiece in cocksucking.

My moans and his moans filled the room. Normally my moans are forced, acted. It hasn't been since I was a teenager that I moaned during sex because I was unable to help it. I was sopping wet and with my other hand I slipped my fingers inside my damp panties and rubbed my pussy. One hand around the base of his magnificent cock, unable to get my fingers all the way around it, the other masturbating. I moaned so deeply on his cock, loving its girth, its electricity. I liked it hitting the back of my throat. I liked how my lips stretched and almost tore as I sucked it deep, he was so thick.

Better than any man. Most cum so fast, most so small, most whimper. Mike enjoyed me to the fullest. Rocking his hips as I knelt, he held my head still, taking the burden off of me. I enjoyed bobbing and sucking, but he started to fuck my mouth, forcing himself deeper down my throat. I clawed at his thighs, he made me gag and choke, but he ignored me, he knew my limits and was surpassing them. My inner walls spasmed wildly and wetness trickled down my thighs as he fucked my mouth deeply, profusely. I loved him and I loved this. I wanted to cum so bad I could cry, but he was using my mouth to its fullest. I gazed helplessly into his eyes as he raped my mouth, and I was praying he would use every part of my body in the same fashion.

"Mmmmmmnnnnyesss Ohliviaahh---ooohh yes I will I will," he answered my prayer.

His hands slid down from my head, setting it free, setting me resuming my cocksucking hungrily. I felt him tug at my blouse, trying to rid it from my body; obediently I let him, I continued to pleasure him orally as he slid my arms out and tossed the fabric away. It felt so wonderful, to suck his cock with abandon, to feel his hands on my bare back, to feel only my wet panties on. And his hands, his electric hands, he caressed my back, my shoulders, my arms, my neck and face as I pleasured him, I moaned as I sucked, enjoying his hands almost as much as he enjoyed my mouth.

He took my hands-so gallant-and brought me to my feet after perhaps a solid quarter hour of the best cocksucking of my life. I can only guess on time-the alarm radio next to my bed said 11:25. He took my hands, I love his hands, I love holding his hands and being held by his hands. I pouted as I rose, pulling my hungry mouth from his wonderful cock, and I gave him a full mock pout-fake sad eyes and bottom lip stuck out-as he brought me to my feet and our eyes met again. And his hands, his electric hands, they caressed my cheeks, and I purred.

"I want to show you something, something I don't show a lot of guys." I stood before him, shivering in my wet nudity, and I took his hands and placed them on my tits. I smiled wickedly feeling his fingers caress and them squeeze them, and after just a moment of his fondling my eyes began to roll in my head, and I started to squirm and pant. Those who know me well know my breasts are very sensitive, and only an occasional lover has discovered that I can cum-and quite hard at that-if he or she played with my tits just right. I wanted to show Mike this.

"Oh-oh that's it Mmmhike.

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