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Vera needs help but first needs some attention

About two minutes later I heard her call out to me that she was leaving. Moments later I listened to the engine hum as she drove off.

Though I now thought to myself that I had 'control' of things, I still wondered what was going on with Ava. Was she truly coming one to me?. Did she want me? Why would she want a woman twice her age? It's been so long since I've been with someone. Should I encourage any further advances made by her? Were there going to be any further advances be her? Were they truly advances at all?

I continued with my battling thoughts but as my day continued they became less and less a bother. I just set them aside, thinking that they meant nothing, that I was getting ahead of myself.

* * *

As promised, her mother brought the documents and photos to me Monday morning. I scanned the photos, did the letters and sent them out. Within an hour, just about all the contacts called me. As I anticipated, they fell in love with Ava. Her beauty captured them and they each agreed to sponsor the different things being requested.

In total I was able to get outfits, jewelry and shoes for any promotional advertisements or events leading up to the show and for the night of the show as well. I was able to get the fabric and accessories I needed for her gown. I was also able to get money, to the tune of $10,000. It was much more than I hoped for. This would be able to amply cover all foreseen expenses, including entertainment.

I called Ava at the photo studio where she worked. Not giving her the news, I asked her to meet me for lunch at the same restaurant from before.

When I got to the restaurant, she was already there. She was sitting at the bar, looking as beautiful as ever, in a red halter-top. Her back so invitingly smooth.

"Hey you" I said coming up behind her, sitting on the stool next to her.

"Hi" She said cheerily. Ohh.. That smile!! "So, to what do I owe this lunch date?"

"Can't your Chaperon just want to see you for lunch?" I asked innocently.

"Ohh comn!!. You said you had good news! Stop playing with me!"

'Ohhh.. How I wish I was' I thought dreamily, trying hard not to look at her beautiful breasts that were revealed to me by the top.

"Wish you were what?" She asked in that sexy tone that drove me crazy a few days ago. I hadn't realized that I had spoken aloud. I didn't try to cover it up though. I just attempted to move on with the conversation.

"The sponsors called" I said. It seemed that, that held her attention and she didn't pursue an answer to the question she just asked.

"Go on"

"Well it seems that we got more than we bargained for"

"You're kidding me.. So soon? How much more?!"

I proceeded to list what we got from whom. Her face lit up with each sentence. When it all sank it. She screamed,

"This is great news. I can just kiss you!!" and in a much lower tone after purposely pausing, "Which set of lips do you prefer I kiss?" her eye twinkled wickedly.

I couldn't believe she just did that, and I realized then that if I intended to be around her until the show I would have to maintain my sanity, my composure and my professionalism. To do that, we needed to get things out in the open. Useless worry was going to do neither of us any good.

"Listen Ava. Lets talk about this"

"About what, the money?" she said with feigned innocence.

"No Ava, you know that's not what I'm referring to. I'm talking bout us, and our err--relationship. What is it that you want with me, apart from having me be your Chaperon for the show?"

She didn't hesitate one bit with her answer. It came as to-the-point and precise as imaginable and I was taken aback for a while "I want you"

"I am serious Ava"

"So am I Jordan. We've already discovered that we share a certain .. umm.. quality in common and I don't see any problems. Is the woman from the photo still around?"

"No she isn't"

"Okay, so we're both unattached. We can take this where ever we want to." She paused. "When is the last time you've had someone make love to you Jordan?"


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