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You never know who you'll meet online.

They would have to share cum-filled kisses in the future.

2 weeks later, Robin asked Vivian to call her dad over to the school, and when he came, she told both of them.

"You guys, I want both of you to know that I'm late with my period. I'm pregnant with your baby, Harmon."

"You fucked my dad!"

"Yep, and he loved it. So did I! We've been fucking ever since, though I told him that I don't want a commitment. I feel differently now, though, because I'm in love with him, and this is his baby. I won't ask for monogamy, just his love."

"That's all I can give, Robin, but you definitely have it."


"Yes, I fell in love with you that first night, when I saw your willingness to do whatever I instructed you. You're the best woman I know, aside from my daughter, and I want you to be my wife. Marry me."

"Marry you? Oh, my God, yes! I'll share you, obey you, and quite happily marry you! Just don't get jealous, please, 'cause I won't."

"I know. Vivian, can you accept this? Will you be alright with me marrying your teacher?"

"Dad, it'll be hard, but I'll get over the teasing."

"Good, because, from now on, you're definitely the teacher's pet."

"Well, since you're gonna be my step-mom, I should be! If it were any other teacher, I'd have a lot more problems, but you, Ms. Cawdor, are a great person all around."

"Ah, kissing the teacher's ass? Don't need to do that- I do it for you!"

"Yeah, but I suck up to you, so we're even!"

"Oh, Dad, cut it out! That's embarrassing!"

"Too bad, 'cause she's gonna be around a lot more!"

"Fine with me, but just don't get all mushy- you're a retired Master Chief, after all! You should act like it!"

"Sorry, but I'm gonna have to be very atypical on that point, dear!"

"Alright, Dad. Just remember, though, that she is my teacher. No incidents in front of the class, please."

"Deal.", they both lied.

Chapter 3

Harmon Brubaker knew that his fianc__e, Robin Cawdor, was a slut by nature. That didn't bother him, any more than his being a skirt-chaser bothered her. However, even with the understanding that monogamy was off the table and theirs would have to be an open marriage because of their predispositions, they would still have to slow things down a bit. Her pregnancy meant that they would soon have new responsibilities. After a certain stage, they agreed that Robin should quit her job and focus on raising the child. That way, they would have more time and energy for both their children and their sex life.

Even so, swinging would have to be reduced to what opportunities they might get in the future. Vivian and Alec were teens now, so they would leave home in a few years, but they would still have to be active in their children's upbringing. Neither of them was the deadbeat type. Furthermore, Robin would be sore for a couple of months after delivery.

Luckily, both of them had agreed to use protection and get sterilized. That would eliminate the risk of more children (they figured that 3 between them was enough) and reduce the danger of HIV and STDs.

Because of the pressures of time, money, and energy facing them with this new baby, they decided to have as many wild encounters as they could in the early stages of her pregnancy. There were plenty of former students of both sexes that Robin knew who would be interested in threesomes and things of that nature. This "inner circle" would help with locating sex partners and managing their schedules to allow for more swinging. She was even interested in experimenting with women, although she hadn't really tried that before. She wanted to make sure that Harmon knew she wanted to please him.

The night of their first opportunity came a week later, when the kids were both with their other parents.

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