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A dominant man gets handcuffed and teased by a temptress.

Especially when I can feel his thick cum dripping even running out of my asshole into his begging mouth plus feel his tongue and lips cover my bruised anus and ream and suck me, slurping the goodness out of my shithole.

The old son of a bitch ate my ass like it was his last meal, grasping my hips and keeping my tortured rosebud tight against his mouth as he tried to lick and suck every drop of my chocolate cream pie.

It was while Frank was cleaning out my ass and I was licking and sucking the spunk off his dick and balls that I caught some movement out of the corner of my eye. My son, Michael, was standing in the darkness of the hallway watching his grandfather ass-fuck his mom! With Grandpa's soft meat now filling my mouth, our eyes met, I smiled and watched as he stepped into the room letting me see his fist furiously pounding his own beautiful shaft as his swollen cock spit thick ribbons of cum into the air landing on the wooden floor in small creamy puddles.

"Come here, baby." I coaxed as he tightly squeezed his dripping joy stick.

"Let your momma help you with that big thing."

As he approached the debauched scene of his naked mother and grandfather engaging in a disgusting display of pure fetish sex, it was all I do to keep from getting off his Grandpa and dropping to my hands and knees on the floor to lick up his spilt and wasted cum. I so hated he was unable to hold it until he got close enough for me to suck it out of him.

Poor old deaf grandpa continued to eat out my ass and pussy, apparently unaware his grandson was about to get his dick sucked.

"Turn on the light." I told my youngest child.

Though the morning sun was starting to stream in the bedroom window I wanted to fully appreciate the handsomeness and maturity of my eighteen year old son. With olive skin and jet black hair, pulled back in a ponytail, I couldn't take my eyes off his muscular body. With a lithe, swimmer's build, his tight abs vee'd out to some really nice pecs making my pussy get wet just looking at him. I am truly the proud mother as I admired his superior eight inch cock, with its taut swollen head that was the size of an MLB regulation baseball. As he gripped his throbbing slab of man meat I opened my mouth and obscenely licked my lips.

"Do you want your mama to suck out the rest of your cum?"

Reaching back to flip on the overhead light he continued his laser beam path to my mouth, his rigid cock, pulsing under his tight grip, was like a divining rod as it seemed to seek out the expected pleasures of his mama's mouth.

"What the fuck!" I heard grandpa Frank mutter. I guess the light caught his attention as he looked out from between my legs.

"Hey sonny, what are going to do with that big thing?" He joked with his grandson.

Not wanting Frank to feel left out I massaged his limp dick with one hand while reaching out to the more desirable tool of my son. Wrapping my hand around his I guided him to the bedside, straight to my waiting lips. I was barely able to fit his swollen head in my mouth as he put his hand on the back of my head to push as I let his dick into my mouth and then to my throat. I knew I had to change positions to be able to get Michael's long tool down my throat but I thought there would be plenty of time for that. Licking and sucking I could taste the last drops of his semen and possibly the precum of the spunk I was going to work out of him.
"Boy, you better get some of your mama's pussy before I use it up." Frank's a real card.

"Get up." Michael ordered.

Michael is such a sweet boy his sternness caught me off guard, but I crawled off his grandpa and stood on the floor, facing my son.

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