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Yvonne becomes a student and teacher again.

He had tanned skin, straight sandy blonde hair, blue eyes and plump pouty lips. It was as if Maddy had hand picked them just for me, they were so to my taste. They were certainly delicious, but they couldn't have been more than twenty two or twenty three, which was about ten years my junior.

Maddy and the boys climbed onto the bed with me, a king sized mattress on the floor, perfect for gathering on. Maddy loaded and lit up her one hitter, knowing that a little pot always mellowed me out. Daniel opened one of the bottles of wine and we all passed it around a couple of times. On one of the passes, Maddy took a slug right before me. She pretended to be about to hand it to me, but pulled it away teasing me. She leaned over and kissed my mouth, letting the wine dribble from her mouth to mine. It dripped from between our joined lips and splattered onto our chests, running between my tits and down my belly.

Kissing Maddy wasn't unusual for me. We frequently ended up making out with each other in front of everyone at a drunken party or on the dance floor. There had even been times, at the end of long night out, when we ended up alone, standing in the hallway between our bedrooms, our mouths locked in deep kisses.

It was no big deal, but the baby boys on my bed seemed to think it was. They made noises like hungry children, giggled, watched intently and then joined in. Daniel slid up behind me on the bed, while Clark did the same to Maddy. I felt Daniel's hands slip under my night shirt, where he quickly found my bare breasts. He cupped the weight of them in his palms, kneaded them and softly pinched my nipples between his thumb and fingers. I moaned, lost in a haze of pot, wine, Maddy's kisses and Daniel's caresses.

From behind Maddy, Clark nuzzled his way between our faces, joining our kiss and then just kissing me deeply. He tasted like smoke and wine and peppermint. I let Daniel lift my nightie off over my head and pull me back into his arms. Somewhere in here Maddy slipped away. I didn't know she had gone until I realized Clark was now between my legs, where Maddy had been, and he was pulling my panties down and off.

Daniel held me up from behind, kissing my neck and continuing to fondle my breasts, as I let myself lay back against him. Clark kissed the bottoms of my feet and tickled my toes with his tongue. He began sucking them, popping each little toe into his mouth one by one. It was wet and warm, and surprising to me. I had never had a man put my toes in his mouth, but it felt way too good to even consider telling him no.

I could feel Daniel growing hard against my back as Clark worked his way up kissing up my calves to my inner thighs. Reaching his intended destination, Clark buried his face between my legs, licking and sucking at my shaved cunt. Pushing his tongue inside of me and then nibbling his way up to my tender clit. I jumped a little when he sucked me into his mouth, but Daniel held me tight.

Clark continued to suck at my clit and then slid a finger inside of me, curling it up. The feeling was so intense that I attempted to reach down and push him away, but Daniel quickly wedged his arms under mine, pinning them awkwardly in the air. As the sensation started to build inside of me, I couldn't help but to squirm and moan loudly. Daniel bit into my shoulder and began pinching my nipples hard. Unable to control myself I let go, feeling a rush of heat and wet flowing out of me. For a moment I worried I may have peed on the beautiful stranger between my legs, but quickly I decided I didn't care.

Overwhelmed by the intensity of their touch, I tried again to twist out of their grasp.

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