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A humorous take on humor (and sex).

He was so happy to see me that he hugged me for the first time. We talked and caught up. He told me he was in the midst of divorcing his wife and I told him about my string of young, deadbeat boyfriends. Thereafter, he started coming into the coffee shop most nights.

This went on until I graduated high school. Mr. Lewis attended my graduation and told me he was very proud of me. Neither of my parents came, for which, I have to admit, I was grateful. Mr. Lewis took me out to dinner and gave me a small diamond pendant necklace as a graduation gift. I was over the moon!

It was wonderful how much time I had after graduating. I was 18 and felt free. I began working day shifts at the coffee shop. Mr. Lewis preferred going there in the morning and was relieved when I no longer worked at night. I think drinking coffee at night had been keeping him up too late.

One morning, I brought Mr. Lewis his latte with whole milk. After tasting it, he grabbed my hand and said sternly, "Young lady, I wanted skim milk." At that moment, the way he said "young lady" made my pussy start to drip - I was so wet. After I brought him the correct latte, I told my manager I needed a ten-minute break. I went to the bathroom, locked the door, leaned against it and put my hand under my skirt inside my panties. I rubbed my clit thinking about Mr. Lewis saying "Young lady, bring me coffee", "Young lady, do the dishes" and "Young lady, suck my big cock". I came so hard in that bathroom. This was my first glimpse into what I wanted and needed.

When I came out of the bathroom, Mr. Lewis was still in his seat. He watched me as I came out, made eye contact and motioned me over to him. I sat down because I still had 5 minutes left for my break. He said, "Young lady, what did you do in the bathroom?" Ugh! My pussy started to drip again.

I got up and whispered in his ear, "I masturbated." I stood upright and, blushing, watched him grin. He told me to meet him at his office at 7:00 that night. I agreed and went back to work, but all I could think about was Mr. Lewis.

I arrived at the office 15 minutes early. Mr. Lewis was still on the phone when I knocked and opened the door. His eyebrows furrowed and he motioned to me to exit - to close the door and wait.

15 minutes later, at 7:00 sharp, the door opened and Mr. Lewis told me to come into his office. He told me to stay standing. He removed his silk tie, hung it on the hat rack and unbuttoned his top button. He said, "When I tell you 7:00, young lady, I mean 7:00." Again, my pussy started to drip and throb. He said, "Daddy is going to spank you for disobeying." This was the first time he referred to himself as "Daddy" and it made my pussy even wetter. He told me to bend over the desk and lift my skirt. He remained standing behind me as I did what I was told. He said, "I've been waiting for this view for a long time" as his hands caressed my bottom. He then slowly pulled my white panties down and noticed how wet they were. He said, "My baby girl's pussy is wet, just like Daddy likes it." With that he spanked my bare bottom with his hand and it was a hard smack. He told me to say with every smack: "I'm a disobedient slut."

He spanked me 10 times, 5 on each cheek, and every time I repeated: "I'm a disobedient slut!"

As I laid face down on his desk, I felt the fabric of his pants and his bulge push against my bottom. He said, "Can you feel Daddy's hard cock?"

"Yes" I said.

He smacked my bottom again and said "Yes, who?"

I gasped and replied "Yes, Daddy!"

He told me to stay where I was. I heard him walk around the desk to his big chair and sit. I heard his zipper come down and he said, "Get up, take your panties all the way off, walk around the desk and kneel in front of my cock." I did as I was told and kneeled, staring at his very large erection. He told me to kiss his balls and his cock and asked "How much do you like Daddy's cock?"

I said, "I love Daddy's cock."

He said, "Good.

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