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I'll make you feel better.

I move down to your feet and begin rubbing my fingers over your toes, moving between them and also rubbing and slightly squeezing them. I massage up around your feet and ankles, kneading them till I hear soft sighs coming from the other end of the table.

Massaging more oil into your calves, kneading and squeezing and rubbing the length of them, has made you more at ease. I can feel the tension subsiding in the muscles of your legs as I begin bending and flexing your toes, ankles and knees.

As I begin to pour oil on your thighs, your ass rises slightly, and I can actually see your pussy. You like to tease me by grinding your hips, exposing then hiding your pussy. I massage your thighs, and pay special attention to that hot spot, where the legs and the ass meet. You, in turn, raise your ass each time I massage that area, and to my surprise, pull your ass cheeks apart.

While you aren't into anal sex, you have, on occasion, allowed me to finger fuck your ass. I pour on another good amount of oil, caressing your ass cheeks and casually sliding my fingers down between them and down into your pussy lips.

You love the kneading of your ass cheeks, and have little resistance to me running circles around your ass hole with my well oiled fingers. When I press into your ass, you raise your hips to meet me, and that allows me to thrust completely into you. I hear a slight moan, but I continue to pump my finger slowly in and out of your asshole. When I feel you getting close...I pull out.

I pour on more oil, and continue caressing your ass cheeks, sliding precariously down your ass to your pussy. I continue to rub softly along your pussy lips, and paying close attention to your hardening clit. It doesn't take very long and I realize you've gotten your legs open about halfway, allowing access to your magic button. Once again, when I feel you gyrating and your breathing getting labored....I pull back.

Dee looks back and says "You are driving me crazy when you stop like that." I step back away from the table for a moment, and watch as Dee slowly begins rubbing her pussy. Running circles around her button and then dipping into her slit with her fingers is hot. When it appears she's enjoying herself a bit too much, I step up and stop her, then, pour more oil onto her back and shoulders and continue with the massage.

I work you over pretty good from the small of your back to the shoulders, then up around your neck. Dee loves to have her neck licked, fondled and rubbed, and I could hear her moaning softly as I worked there. After a good rub down of your sides, paying close attention to the sides of your breasts and back down towards your hips...I ask you to roll over.

You lie on your back and I can see your nipples have become swollen from the warmth of your body laying on them. I pour some oil on your stomach, working it down to your muff and up through your shoulders. On your back, I am able to rub your breasts and pussy at the same time. Your nipples have shrunk to about 1/4th their size and your legs are starting to open slightly at my touch.

I kiss you as I apply more oil to you chest, rubbing right up around your neck, and then returning the distance over your stomach and down to you pussy. Your tongue is very warm as it darts in and out of my mouth, and I mimic this action with my fingers in your slit. Your breathing has become labored, and I feel your hand as it touches your pussy lips.

With your legs wide open, we are both fingering your pussy, taking turns diving in and out. With your left hand, you cup your breast, making it stand up, and you feed it to me. I lick circles around your nipple, and lick and suck it, as you squeeze and feed it to me.

I can feel your fingers rubbing your clit, I lower my hand to your asshole and begin to push my finger into it. As you rub your pussy, I'm finger fucking your asshole and I can feel you tightening up. I place my thumb in your slit and keep pressuring your asshole with my finger, you rub your clit and then it happens.....

Your ass is gyrating trying to keep up with my

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