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Katrina makes her way through a provocative corn maze.

"So I'm, like, one orgasm short?"


"And you're all gonna ... ha! ... watch?"

"Yeah," Kit put in from across the room, "we're all too smart to fuck when we know we have a big run coming up."

"Thanks, jackass."

"No probs, brother."

"You can rest right after," Tara assured him. "We have lots of time. Won't take long anyway."

"For the Goddess's sake, Zia," Del spoke for the first time from her corner of the room. "Take off your clothes or you'll get them stained."

"Really, Del?" Bree asked.

"Think about it, Zia," Del rose up indignantly, "How would you feel going into your first battle with drops of come on your uniform?"

Zhair'lo was getting a bit unnerved by all the chatter. It was one thing when everyone was fucking in the same room, but quite another when they were all watching him. This made it different from doing an upgrade. In the Augmentation Chamber, there were strangers, off in dark anonymity. Around him today were his brothers and sisters.

"Just swallow it," Bree said. "I'm sure I emptied him out last night. Can't be much."

Tara hopped out of bed and knelt behind Zia.

"I'm afraid, Del, prissy as she is, is right this time," she said, unlacing Zia's top.

Zia pulled off Zhair'lo's now significant erection for a moment.

"You're saying I can't handle it?"

"No," Tara said, stripping Zia's top off and casting it aside before reaching for the skirt.

"The skirt, too?" Zia sounded irritated.

"He was naked when he did you, wasn't he?" Del put in.

Del, thought Zhair'lo, would be the only one to both remember and care about that sort of thing.

"Besides," Tara whispered in Zia's ear, "You want to do right by him, don't you?"

There was a mystified look on Zia's face as she rose up slightly on her knees so Tara could unravel her skirt.

Wearing just her white panties, Zia continued to stroke him very slowly.

"What do you mean?" her voice was suspicious.

"Um?" Bree nodded at Zia's waist. "Naked is naked."

With an impatient sigh and roll of her eyes, Zia stood up and yanked her underwear down to her ankles.

"Are we good now?" she looked at Zhair'lo, who could only shrug innocently, leaving her to redirect her ire at each of her three sisters in turn, who nodded. "So I can suck him off, then?"

"But he doesn't want to come in your mouth," Tara whispered, circling around now on the bed behind Zhair'lo. "Do you, Zhair'lo?"

She knelt, pressed her body against his back, and wrapped her arms around him so she could grope at his chest muscles.

"Do you?" she repeated.

"I, uh -"

Zia looked up at him expectantly, even as she bobbed up and down on his erection.

"He's a Seal Breaker, Zia," Tara hissed. "Didn't you know?"

"Oh," Zia mumbled around his cock. Her gaze fell from his eyes down to the base of his erection just under her nose.

"What's a Seal Breaker?" Renzi asked.

Zia was now pumping furiously at his cock, leaving only the tip in her mouth, which she lavished with her tongue.

"It means he's a guy they bring in to give Virgins their first upgrade," Tara explained, still pressed against Zhair'lo's back. "It means he comes a lot. It also means he really enjoys coming ... all over ... skinny ... little ... girls."

She leaned very close then, her lips touching Zhair'lo's right ear.

"How many faces have you splattered, huh?" she breathed, tonguing his ear lobe.

"Dunno," Zhair'lo gasped back honestly. He was well beyond being able to count.

"Would you like to come in one more?"

Zhair'lo was panting, feeling his orgasm approach. He looked down and found Zia's wide eyes looking up at him. Her eyebrows twitched, offering. He nodded his head, accepting.

She took him out of her mouth and left the tip of his erection pointing at the bridge of her nose. For one last moment, her eyes met his before falling cross-eyed to look at narrow slit at the end of his shaft. Then, in a final act of acquiescence, she closed her eyes.

With one hand gently cupping his testicles, she pumped madly with the other.

For one rapid heartbeat, Zhair'lo held back to savour the mom

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