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Hotelier continues to watch events in the Bridal Suite

"OH MY GOD!" said Lacey stunned.

Misty stopped licking and sucking Leroy's balls and looked at her sister. Leroy looked at her too.

"Come join the fun Lacey," Misty said.

Lacey couldn't take her eyes off Leroy's enormous snake, as he dropped it out of his hands and let it slap against Misty's pale forehead and it left a deep red mark imprinted on her forehead.

Lacey was memorized by Leroy's monstrous dong, as it flopped up and down on Misty's forehead. Her nipples became extremely hard and her panties were soaked with her pussy juices.

Misty got up off her knees and pulled Leroy into the bedroom by his oversized cock. She sat on the bed and resumed sucking his cock for all she's worth.

Lacey got down between Leroy and parted his ass cheeks. She slowly kissed and licked at Leroy's anus. Leroy closed his eyes as the two sisters sucked and licked his private areas.

Leroy's cock got harder, as he felt Lacey's gigantic breasts squished up against the back of his legs. He reached around with his hands and squeezed her huge tits hard. The fabric of her shirt pressed hard against her skin as Leroy squeezed her giant jugs for dear life. His large fingertips searched out for Lacey's huge nipples. He rubbed, pinched, and pulled her nipples through her shirt. The tit playing caused Lacey to lick and suck away at Leroy's asshole harder and faster.

Misty swallowed as much of Leroy's cock as possible. She cupped his giant balls in her hands and bounced them around.

After a few minutes, Leroy turned sideways so that Lacey could also get a taste of his cock. Misty sucked on one side, while Lacey sucked and licked the other side. Leroy's entire throbbing cock was covered in both girls' saliva. Lacey even dragged her tongue up and down his ball sack. She suckled one big testicle and then the other. She left both of his testicles covered in saliva.

Misty started to undress, first taking off her shirt and tank top. She then kicked off her shoes and pulled her blue jeans down off her feet. Misty stood in front of Leroy wearing only her bra, panties, and socks. Leroy threw off his wore out old shirt and stood almost completely naked except for his dirty boots.

Lacey lifted up her large shirt and freed for the first time in a male's eyes, her monstrous flesh orbs. Her areolas were large, puffy, and dark. Her big nipples stood elected from the center of both areolas. Her giant tits hung a few inches to her ribcages and sloped out like bowling balls. Her tits jiggled and bounced against each other after freeing them.

Leroy's cock was extremely throbbing and pulsing for Lacey's large boobs. Misty took off her bra and freed her C cup tits. They stretched out long wards, toppled with medium sized pink areolas and small pink nipples. They flopped around a bit after she freed them.

Leroy immediately buried his face between Lacey's ample jugs. He kissed, licked, and sucked every area between and around her luscious breasts before finally attacking them with his tongue and teeth. He sucked around her areolas and nipples. Tasting the sweetness of her breast flesh. He traced his tongue around each full tit from top to bottom. He squeezed and mauled her huge tits together as he sucked on both fat nipples at the same time. He scooped up her puffy areolas and some breast flesh between his lips while sucking hard on her nipples. He jiggled and wobbled her mammoth cannons while he feasted on them. Lacey came in her panties just by Leroy sucking and fondling her tits.

While Leroy devoured Lacey's big EE breasts, Misty devoured his cock and balls once again. She wrapped her floppy tits around his hard cock as best as she could. A lot of his cock was still showing and half his staff sticked out from the top of her cleavage.

"Damn I wish I had Lacey's huge knockers," Misty said to herself, as she slowly titfucked Leroy.

Leroy moaned with a mouthful of Lacey's breasts. He tried to swallow a tit whole and only got half of it between his lips. He used his hands to roll the other fat tit around on her chest.

Misty becam

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