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He planned to impregnate his online lover.

Melissa pocketed it, a tight fit in her current dress, and from the feel of it she suspected it was a gun. But she could see Paul's gun tucked into Lukas' belt openly.
Galan and Paul had made a second gun in total secret, Melissa bet especially for the occasion. As it was, Melissa was not going to complain, she had come to love Hermes slightly differently than a father-in-law, and she would kill to protect him. A gun made her feel safe, though she had no clue what it would shoot, she guessed not cartridges but powder and a lead bullet, it would have to be something Galan could produce himself. That would give her one shot, which was not a lot, but it might be enough to distract.

They embraced Aphrodite silently, then sat down.

'Before you leave to find my son, you need to know what you are up against. Lukas assures me he can move nearly as fast as his father, even with you along. We will follow a short time later, we will teleport to you as soon as we know a location.

Nonetheless those few moments will be very dangerous for the both of you, for our enemy is a goddess from a different civilisation. Her name is Ishtar, and she is the goddess of love and war for the Babylonians. Her own civilisation is in decline, her worshippers lessening in numbers and dedication, and she is seeking to replace Aphrodite here.

She subverted Dionysus to her cause, promising him sex better than just physical loving, involving debaucheries, depravities and total abandonment. Besides being bored and theatrical, Dionysus is not very smart, not in the mind nor in the ways of the world.

He was ensnared before he realized it, and only then found she meant him to sacrifice one of his most beloved friends, Lykos Hermeides, his herald and already called the master of love by many. He was to disappear in disgrace, and to be given to herself in servitude, to be used as she saw fit, then discarded.

It seems Dionysus couldn't face delivering his favourite to that fate, and hired the demon kind to take him and deposit him in an alien world. After a painful ordeal, Lykos ended up in Melissa's loving arms, totally out of reach.

Hermes did not give him up as lost, but asked the oracle for advice, and found him. Together they solved the next plot, subverting the satyrs, a double bill to bring Hermes and Aphrodite down, and to win the power of the satyrs' love.

Paul's ordeal was not the deprived action of a mad individual, Rhoda had been subtly abused night after night for months, as punishment for Lykos' loss, her mind lost in the process, and her hatred directed at Lykos, should he ever appear in court again, or Hermes, should she ever find him in the right circumstances.

What Ishtar wants with Hermes now is not clear, according to Dionysus she is overconfident, thinking she can subvert him, I hope this is true with all my heart.

Ishtar can subvert virtually any mortal, and Lykos is not long enough into his strength to withstand her, you can only find her and mark her for us. We'll take care of her. Aphrodite will squash her for all of us who suffered from her actions. But most of all, I want my son back!'

That scared Melissa, seeing that wise old man release his anger. She felt kind of safe, knowing he'd be behind her, but only if she could do what everyone expected her to do, find Hermes. She could only think of following his magic link back to him, if that didn't work, what was left?

Quietly, she invoked sight, and was relieved to see a thin pink line, like Paul's boundary, running away through the bedrock walls of the chamber. A bit corny, but if it worked...

'I think I can see the link, shall we try straight away? Every second counts. Let's find the closest exit.'

Lukas laughed merrily, and said: 'I think not, we're up thousands of feet, you'd faint for lack of air. I'll take you to the ground-floor exit. But what about Paul, can he come with you, or will you take him back to Ophelie's house?'

His grandfather replied: 'We will take him, he will want to see justice done

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