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Encounters of a Young Man.

.." The nails of Jordan's fingers sensually slid up the long satin smooth skin of the bound young beauty's legs to draw idle little patterns on the cream ivory skin of her inner thigh. "... Nor under your arms my dear..." As she spoke Jordan's hot moist breath bathed Angela's puffy dusky pink areola, and her diamond hard pale pink nipple.

"Lawrence the shaving kit." Jordan's fingers slowly slid higher on the bound chaste virgin's thigh, they toyed with the downy fleece that hid Angela's virgin treasure. "I shall enjoy shaving you as smooth as the day you were born, you naughty little girl." Jordan sensually hissed into the trapped beauty's ear. Jordan was kneeling between Angela's wide spread legs when Lawrence set the shaving kit before Jordan just beneath the hapless beauty's exposed little pussy. Jordan was as gleeful as a naughty little school girl as she lathered her hands in the hot water, then began to work that rich lather seductively into the tawny chestnut fleece that covered Angela's maiden's treasure. A beam of light glinted off the keen edge of the straight razor.

"Be very still baby lest I cut you babydoll." Jordan smiled maliciously as she lay the cold unyielding steel to Angela's soft supple skin. The soft tug of the razor, its rasp across the hapless beauty's delicate skin, softly seductive whisper to Angela and in its wake nothing was left but smooth bare skin. By the time that Jordan was through there was not one tawny chestnut hair left to hide the bound beauty's naked perfection from their eyes as she lay there spread eagled and as naked as the day she had been born.

"So...smooth," After each word the stunning little golden blonde gave Angela's shaven pussy a sensual little kiss. " delicious!" Jordan's little pink tongue snaked out to take a long seductive lick as she savored the sweetness of the hapless young bound beauty's shaven pussy.

"Stop... please... Why are you doing this to me?!"

Julia had watched as their sweet little prot__g__ had struggled against her bounds. She smiled as that gorgeous young body arched so seductively, as if offering its self to her, then had stilled, frozen in time, as Jordan shaved the young girl's sweet little pussy bare. The sweet musky fragrance of Angela's arousal filled Julia's nostrils with each little kiss that the golden beauty gave the hapless bound chestnut beauty.

Jordan loved having this stunning young beauty at her mercy. Her little kisses became long sinuous licks. Each one cleaving deeper and deeper in to hapless young intern's succulent little pussy and each ending with the tip of Jordan's tongue lovingly caressing the girl's throbbing clit. Yet this was not enough for the golden beauty, she wanted this proud chaste beauty whimpering in her need to be fucked. That devilish little tongue darted into the chaste depths of her pussy fluttered over the girl's sweet spot as she drove Angela's supple young body to every higher highest of sensual pleasure. One last little taste before she offered the hapless beauty to Her Mistress. Jordan smiled down into Angela's soft eyes as Julia claimed her sweet little pussy, that smile was so wicked as Jordan head lowered to the young intern's breast and she inhaled the girl's pale pink nipple.

Alex watched with a casual disinterest as Julia and Jordan began their seduction and conquest of the sweet bound beauty.

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