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After the cruise, they get revenge on Tom.

But the distraction was increasing, with more and more kids gathering to play near his apartment with the fall of the evening; it was India after all, kids love playing street cricket during these hours after school. He had ignored the fact that while this moderately quipped apartment was being sold below its market value, there would certainly be some problems that he'd have to buy along with the apartment. The most annoying of all was the undulated music blasting from the marriage hall, few blocks away until the wee hours of the night; ban of loud music in residential areas after 10:00 PM ruled as a law highly ignored. Then there were his nosy neighbors, noting the time of him leaving the apartment and returning back with dutiful grace; their irritating kids, honking his door bell and running way. The punctual power cuts, twice each day, before and after his office hours. All these things were nothing compared to what he'd have gone through if he hadn't shifted to this new apartment.

Tired of forced concentration, he closed the lid of his laptop; releasing his body from veil of his clothes, he fell flat on his bed, his brown eyes gazed the blurred circumference of a ceiling fan. Closing his eyes, his brain imagined the images of Viraj, the guy he loved.


Midnight black eyes of Viraj were staring down at him while Viraj's firm board arms were at his sides, locking him in between them. Slowly Viraj subtracted the distance between them, moving closer to him; the warmness of Viraj's breath edging closer each second, their heated naked chests ready to collide like two thundering clouds. Their lips finally brushed, sending tremors down their cocks, trying to break the confinements of cotton and denim. Viraj's tender and wide palms cupped his face, helping Viraj savor his lips with the enthusiasm of a child licking ice cream. Their mellow groans reverberated inside the room; the temperature in their chests rising with friction of their nipples rubbing into each other, the tension of fireworks ready to blast with each kiss. Slowly he parted his lips, allowing Viraj to explore the confines of his mouth, allowing his tongue to get saddled under the pressure of Viraj's tongue. They were breathing heavily now, sweating from the heat emanating from their deep kisses.

He rolled over on top Viraj, pressing the weight of his chest onto the chest of Viraj, however, their lips remained locked. His tongue trailed the outline of Viraj's lower lips, moving the trail to Viraj's ears, he nipped his ear lobe; a bout of groan emerged from Viraj, his lungs contracting to their minimum, his nails digging into the bed sheet; from his experience of their seven years of relationship, he knew, he was stimulating the weakest spot on Viraj's body, licking his ear lobe, sucking it after his tantalizing licks. His mouth now shifted attention to the Viraj's Adam's apple, sucking it, causing Viraj's lungs to falter again. His lips reached Viraj's right nipple with a trail of soft kisses before getting there. His tongue's tip played with the erect nipple, pushing the nipple inside, while his other hand rubbed Viraj's left nipple making the skin red as hot iron. Gently he moved down, his tongue leaving a wet trail on Viraj's chest; he raised his head, his eyes stared into the dreamy hooded eyes of Viraj.

He unclasped Viraj's denims and removed his underwear swiftly, smelling the pre-cum, he nuzzled in Viraj's balls, sucking the tip of his cock with soft delicacy he bit the tip, causing Viraj to dig his nails much deeper into bed sheets.

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