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Rose finds herself in college & her daddy too.

"Ho, Ho, Ho," he laughs in that Christmas pageant way. "What do we have here? A naughty, naughty girl I would say."

Who was this man? How did he get in? There was no play planned for tonight. Oh god, this was the real thing! Anna started squirming and struggling which only resulted in him lifting his leg over her and pinning her to the bed with his weight over her lower chest. Her breasts were pushed up by his powerful legs and together, where he naked his manhood would rest between them. He takes his hand from her mouth as he stuffs a wad of her own panties in. His other hand had already somehow pinned her wrists together above her head.

She shakes her head violently from side to side feeling the lace of her panties entering her mouth and tries to kick up to him, a futile effort given his position and weight. He extracts a zip-tie from his belt and uses it to hold her wrists together allowing him to retrieve a roll of duct tape from his red velvet toy bag. He went all out on this Anna thought seeing the bag, her mind clearly not focusing on what it should be.

The tape secures her hands above her head to her bed-frame, and another strip covers her mouth and keeps the panties in place. I hope they are the clean ones! His weight shifts off down her body and he grabs one of her legs. Dragging it out he tapes it to the left bed-post, then does the same to the right leg despite her thrashing and pulling. Standing beside the bed he looks down at the helpless girl bound so ready on the bed and wet for him as well. Santa had really come early this year.

He places his fingers on her inner calf and trails them up her leg, making no effort to avoid any areas he passes over her pussy and she instinctively arches, still undeniably turned on from her own fantasy a few minutes before. She shakes her head and closes her eyes, trying desperately to shut out what was happening to her by this pervert.

He reaches back into his toy bag and pulls from it a leather flogger and grins at her. "Now Anna, I know you have been a bad girl this year. And Santa has brought you a special gift." He starts to laugh again in the classic Santa fashion as he begins to flog her breasts rather hard. Under the punishment, she writhes and squirms, trying to avoid the falls of the nasty whip. Through her body the burning spreads and soon it feels though her breasts are on fire. Her nipples stand as small pebbles, taking blow after blow and sending jolts of delightful electricity to her clit. Her screams of pain are mixed with moans of pleasure as her mind reels; trying to process what is happening to her.

After what seems an eternity of abuse, the flogging slows as she feels his fingers invade her drenched passage, pushing deep into her and causing her body to arch to his touch. Her fiery-red breasts lift to meet the tails of the flogger and she moans through her gag, a feeling of humiliation running through her as she feels her body betraying her and giving in to him.

It takes her another moment for the fact that the flogging has stopped to register and only his fingers remain in contact with her flesh. She writhes more now, this time as she fights not to give into the rising orgasm. She could not cum for this man even though she feels her body tipping over that edge. He forces another finger into her and spreads her open as he moves faster; seeming to know her body and how to get the response he wants. She shakes her head violently from side to side, trying to deny herself the climax that he is drawing from her.

Suddenly her entire body goes stiff, arched and shaking. She moans and screams into the gag closing her eyes tightly to deny the sight of Kris Kringle with his fingers buried into her pussy and making her body respond against her will.

With another yuletide laugh, the perverted Christmas icon takes his fingers from her and wipes them on her cheeks and in her hair.

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